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Some interesting VTOL aircraft that could have been...
INSS Glorious Archer, first of it's class. Built for the express purpose of outgunning and outfighting anything in anyone else's arsenal, the Archer class received enourmous criticism for it's cost, nearly twice that of the previous class. With 6 twin and 4 tripple 700mm pulse ion plasma turrets for a total of 24 main guns, backed by 400 anti-ship missiles, it's secondary batery consists of 8 twin 155mm mounts (half retractable), 16 quad 54mm CIWS (some retractable) and 160 short range missiles. At almost 300m lengh, and with a displacement of close to 190k tons, it dwarfs all other INSS classes, even the carriers. Parliement has allready preassured the government to cancel the procurement of the class, specially after news of severe problems with the retractable mounts and two near catastrophic events with the missile autoloaders, so construction will stop after #12

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"Speed kills, and the recoil is something to see, too"
Not so ambitious, but here the roundels of South African Republic and Orange Free States air forces:

Zuid-Afrikaansche Luchtmacht / Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag

Oranje Vrijstaat Luchtmacht / Oranje-Vrystaat Lugmag

As I was developing my timeline (signature), as I way to resolve the apartheid issues, I worked in a scenario where South Africa broke apart and therefore I made some maps, demographic stats and the roundels just in case I followed this path.
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