AHFA European Championship 2020

Austro-Bavarian Federation

Austro-Bavarian Federation
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Capital: Vienna

Type: Federal republic

Head of state: President Pieter von Helmuth

Head of government: Prime Minister Wilhelm Brauer

Language(s): German

Currency: Deutsche mark (DM)

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Flag of the Austro-Bavarian Federation

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Football team crest

Team: Austro-Bavaria National Football Team

Nickname: Goldene Adler ("Golden Eagles")

Home Stadium, City: Nationales Verbandsstadion, Munich

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Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 7.47.29 PM.png

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Batavian Republic
Team: Batavian Republic

OTL Netherlands and dependencies plus Flanders, Suriname, Baleshwar and Malacca
Nickname: The Oranje
Home Stadium, City:
Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam (55,000)
Home Kit:

Away Kit:

Coach: Marco van Basten

Roster (23 players), Bolds for starters
Dylan Van Baarle (Real Madrid)

Cees Bol (FC Groningen)
Wilco Kelderman (AZ Alkmaar)

Fabio Jakobsen (Ajax Amsterdam)
Dylan Groenewegen (AC Milan)
Mike Teunissen (Manchester United)

Piotr Havik (AS Roma)
Jos Van Emden (Paris Saint-Germain)
Danny Van Poppel (Southampton)
Antwan Tolhoek (Newcastle United)
Arvin De Kleijn (Sporting Antwerp)

Mathieu Van der Poel (Liverpool)
Niki Terpstra (Marseille)

Tom-Jelte Slagter (PSV Eindhoven)
Sebastian Langeveld (Liverpool)
Timo Roosen (Napoli)


Bauke Mollema (Ajax Amsterdam)
Tom Dumoulin (Lyon)
Steven Kruijswijk (Ajax Amsterdam)

Wout Poels (Sporting Antwerp)
Jeroen Meijers (Ajax Amsterdam)
Boy Van Poppel (Feyenoord)
Martijn Budding (Arsenal)
Anybody have an preferences one which of these I do?
I have a lot of ideas for a second nation.

- Varangian state in Thrace
- Britain with a weird government (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_forms_of_government) maybe a technocracy?
- An Esperanto state
- Some state where a deposed monarchy is reinstalled
- An Islamic state somewhere weird in Europe (since TTLs Europe is much more Muslim, it appears)
- A Romani state

I'm not claiming anything right now because I don't want to constrain anyone on their first nation, but just letting everyone know if I do a second nation it'll be wacky.
I would like to see a technocracy, or some weird Islamic nation. Thrace and Britain are already occupied, as you can see on the maps above.
Kingdom of Hungary
Well, I think I'm going to enter a second team after all

Kingdom of Hungary (Magyar Királyság /Regatul Ungariei /Uhorské kráľovstvo )



Capital: Budapest
Other Cities: Szeged, Szabadka, Debreczen, Pozsony, Temesvár, Arad

Languages: Hungarian (Official), Romanian, Slovak, German, Serbian (Recognized but not official.)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch: V. Károly (in Austria known as Charles II)

FA: Transzleitán Labdarúgó Szövetség (Transleithanian Football Association)
Nickname: The Saints (a Szentek)
Headcoach: Marco Rossi
Home Stadium: Puskás Aréna, Budapest
Best Ever European Cup Result: Third place in 1964
Squad Ranking: TBD
Rival Teams: Austro-Bavaria, Illyria, Romania
Domestic Competition: Nemzeti Bajnokság I (National Championship)
Notable Clubs: Ferencváros, MTK Budapest, Debreceni VSC, I.SŠK Prešporok, TTS Trenčín, Kolozsvári VSC, Chinezul Timișoara


Tekengebied 1-8.png





Starting XI

Full Squad


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Czech Confederation
Here's my second team.

Czech Confederation
Český spříseženstvo
Confoederatio Bohemica

  • none (de jure)
  • Prague/Praha (de facto as the Federal City/Federální město)
Major Cities: Brno, Plzeň, Olomouc, Ostrava, Kutná Hora, Tábor, Liberec, Budějovice
Population: 10,693,939
Official Language: Czech
Major Religions:
  • Christianity: 75.9%
    • Unified Church of Czech Brethren [1] - 36.8%
    • Czech Reformed Church [2] -28.4%
    • Roman Catholicism [3] - 8.6%
    • Evangelical Protestant churches - 1.1%
    • Other Christian churches - 1.0%
  • Irreligion: 20.3%
  • Judaism: 2.2%
  • Other religions: 1.6%
Government: Federal semi-direct democracy under a multi-party parliamentary directorial republic
Members of the Federal Council (Spokolvá rada):
GDP per Capita (PPP in US$): $40,585
Currency: Czech dolu (CZD)

Anthem: Kde domov můj

Territorial Map: (territorial map unnecessary as the country is effectively coterminous with OTL's Czech Republic)
Cantonal Map:

Team Information

Football Federation: Fotbalová asociace České spříseženstva
National Stadium: Stadion Letná, Prague [4]
Nickname: Stříbrné Kalichy (the Silver Chalices; unofficial)

Football Kits:

Left: Primary Kit (Home)
Right: Secondary Kit (Away)​

Current Roster:
(bold indicates starting roster, * and † indicates both Captain and Vice-Captain respectively)


1 - Tomáš Vaclík (Sevilla)
23 - Jiří Pavlenka (Werder Bremen)
16 - Ondřej Kolář (Slavia Prague)




Typical Formation:

[1] Essentially comprised of the more moderate Hussite forces (mainly Praguers, nobles, and the few Catholics and Ultraquists in Bohemia
[2] Basically, the more radical branches of the broader Hussite movement (mostly Taborites and some Orebites) that gravitated towards Calvinism, eventually becoming a Hussite-flavored version of it.
[3] Mostly from the country's German minority
[4] Typically the main stadium
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Could you add the actual rosters to your national teams, please, @Uebeltank and @Capibara ?

It would be interesting for sure. Any ideas how it would have come about?
Still working on the concept, but I was thinking on perhaps either an ambitious general from Al-Andalus taking advantage of a fractious Ireland and conquering the island or a Brian Boru-like figure converting to Islam, unyfing the country and then a centuries-long process of islamization with many remaining Celtic elements.
Padanian Technate
Padanian Technate
(Technato Padano)


Team: Padanian Technate
Nickname: The Technos.
Home Stadium, City: Giacomo Carducci Stadium, Città della Monade (Milan)
Home Kit: A green shirt with an inverted color Padanian monad in the center. Black shorts with a Padanian monad in the corner.
Away Kit: White shirt and shorts with a Padanian monad in the center of the Jersey and on the bottom of the shorts.
Umberto Angelis

Roster (23 players)

Zenebio Fioravanti
Enrico Lamberti
Giacomo Chiarella

Howard d'Antonio
Alessandro Ventura
Antonio de Lenucci
Olimpio Sandri
Hubbert De Pascale
Scott Sandronio
Carlino Regina
Massimiliano Aveni

Alessandro Barbagallo
Michael Salucci
Gianfranco Ducci
Gonerio Ventura
Giacomo Rossi
Fausto de Nunzio
Howard Procopio
Giacomo Grillo

Paulo Amelia
Benito Bozzo
Bruto Giovanno
Enrico Abela

Form of Government: Single-party technate
Head of State/Government: Controller Vittirino Allesi (Padanian Division of Technocracy Inc.)

History: Lombardy had been an industrialized country since the 19th century, but it was never a prosperous one with an equitable division of wealth. In the aftermath of the First World War, in which Lombard soldiers died for minimal gain, a number of radical ideologies gained traction including fascism, communism, and syndicalism. The 1920s were years of streetfighting and bomb-throwing, and Lombardy was in turmoil. Enter Giacomo Carducci. A middle-class journalist, Carducci had fought with the Lombard Army in the First World War and later gone on to study in English-speaking countries. While in the Western hemisphere, he travelled in the same circles as Howard Scott, an enigmatic man who devised the concept of Technocracy. Carducci was enamoured and returned to Lombardy, where he set up the Lombard Division of Technocracy Inc., a group that both agitated for technocracy and was involved in electoral politics.

Giacomo Carducci

The Lombard Technocrats took the country by storm. Technocratic streetfighters (members of the Society of the Monad, an oath-bound fraternal organization) patrolled the streets and brawled with socialists. Adopting socially conservative policies, they made inroads in working class neighborhoods that mistrusted the communists. When the Depression hit, Carducci was catapulted to celebrity status and made speeches before thousands. In the 1934 elections, Technocracy Inc. won a majority in parliament and set about to reform the country along techcnocratic lines. The monarchy was abolished and Giacomo Carducci was installed as Controller of the Padanian Technate. Carducci was, unfortunately, gunned down in 1937 by monarchists, and succeeded by Filippo Carboni. The Technate has survived to the present day and has moderated somewhat. It is not wholly free and can be classified as a single-party democracy.


Flag of Padania. A white field with a green and white Padanian monad in the center.
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