AHFA 2020 World Cup

30: Belgium 3-Patagonia 0
A Belgian super-tanker has just passed the Cape Horn (Belgium 3-0 Patagonia). The approach was certainly complicated, the ship having to retry its maneuver many times but once the right course was found, nothing could stop it and it passed the southern country from east to west as if he were alone on the water. And for lovers of maritime navigation, we tell you all about the act of Belgian piracy on the valiant Patagonians in this honest summary, once!


We're playing in the 18th minute when Patagonia's central defender Andreas Vestergaard clears his head as best he can while wrestling with Kevin Mirallas. Like any football player, he has always been told that the ball should never be thrown back in the center. He therefore releases the swell on the right side of the penalty area and then thinks of giving air to his team. But what the New York Red Bulls player doesn't know is that this ball will fall on an inspired Dries Mertens. The Parthenopean takes the ball with a fantastic volley and finally manages to break the Patagonian lock.

Belgium have just opened the scoring after having spent the beginning of the match besieging the Patagonian goal and looking for the solution, but the attackers of the flat country butted on an imperial Oliver Sortfjeld and on a very well grouped defense, honoring the historical importance of this match for Patagonia since it is the very first World Cup in its history.

The splendid goal of Dries Mertens has the merit of uninhibiting the Belgians who felt mounting pressure in the face of their consecutive offensive failures.

Despite a very good opportunity for Peter Madsen who stumbles on a vigilant Thibaut Courtois a few minutes after the opening of the score, it is the men of Michel Preud’homme who take the lead. And this is felt when Kevin Mirallas offers a soloist number in the middle of the opposing penalty area before retreating to a lonely Nacer Chadli 25 meters from the goal. The Anderlecht player hooks his first vis-à-vis before succeeding in a lovely cross from the outside of the foot which finds the head of Sam Lammers who propels the ball into the small opposite net (72nd).

That's it, Belgium has made the break and can start playing in a much more relaxed way, especially that just before the end of the match, the coup de grace falls for Patagonia. Perfectly launched on the limit of offside by Kevin Mirallas, Sam Lammers finds himself face to face with Oliver Sortfield and throws his ball over the beaten goalkeeper.

3-0, Belgium fulfilled its contract by offering itself a beautiful victory while treating goal difference to put pressure on China. A very nice meeting for the Belgians and a cruel but still successful match for Patagonia who will have fought very well but who will have lost to experience and individual quality.

United Belgian provinces 3-0 Kingdom of Patagonia

(Mertens 18’, Lammers 72’, 90’)

MATCH NOTE (66/100):

General show (13/20): This match could only be a beautiful spectacle from the moment there are occasions. And it did. Too bad the technique was not always on top.

Opportunities and goals (15/20): Just for the quality of the three Belgian goals, the score could only be good. The nugget of Dries Mertens on the opening of the score, the collective action on the second or the composure of Lammers on the last are perfect achievements. As for the occasions, Patagonia had a few frank ones and if Belgium had had another goalkeeper, perhaps even they could have saved the honor while the attackers of the flat country have missed a lot.

Technical quality (13/20): When technicians like Kevin Mirallas, Dries Mertens or Yannick Carrasco are on a football field, the quality of play immediately takes on a higher dimension. Today again, the artists were in. Unfortunately for them, Belgium's difficulties in scoring combined with the technical wanderings of the Patagonians prevent us from putting a higher mark.

Scenario and suspense (11/20): Let's be honest, without wanting to disrespect the valiant Patagonians, the scenario of the match was all drawn and the suspense only lasted one period. Enough to have fun certainly but not enough to disrupt the scenario that everyone had imagined with a good old 3-0 in the end. Nice match but not original will tell us.

Bonus / Malus of the jury (14/20): For this category, we explain to you, we start from 10/20 at each kick-off and we inflate or lower the score according to our own subjective criteria (we are the jury, we do what we want).

+2 for Dries Mertens' fantastic volley to open the score.

+1 for the assist passed from the outside of Nacer Chadli’s foot on the second Belgian goal

+2 for the very good performance of the Patagonians who held a full half before breaking down and who continued to try even at 0-3.

- 1 for the lack of efficiency of Belgium in the first period. Faced with a team like Patagonia, this has no consequence on the final result, but they cannot pretend to the final victory if they’re missing so many occasions.


If the Panama team was a film, it would be ... Cool Runnings! For their first participation, nobody knows what the team is worth, some people laugh a little and then finally the team by its admirable behavior inspires respect. In the end, they do not win, but the hearts are charmed.



The performance of the Patagonian goalkeeper reassures everyone! Finally ... except the Belgians

Dries Mertens after his magnificent goal

Sam Lemmens at the end of the match
29: Banat 3-China 1
Match 29 - Banat vs Republic of China - Los Soles Arena
Banat: (The Danube Lions)
Roster (23 players)
1 Dragoljub Velimirović
12 Ivan Tatarescu
23 Paul Freisler
2 Bogoljub Lazarević (Captain)
6 Risto Darković
15 Sergiu Ionesco
3 Vasile Barbu
22 Pataki Rajmund
14 Raoul Heidler
11 Eckhardt Hartjenstein
5 Ljuba Ugljanin
10 Arsenije Živanović
20 Antonio Torje
13 Wawrzyniec Wisz
4 Calin Paler
8 Fábián Adrián
19 Gabriel Stieler
7 Ilija Blagojević
9 Tiberiu Stefan
16 Antonio Hurgoi
17 Szilágyi Vince
21 Kozma Benjámin
18 Paweł Garbacz
Goalkeeper: Dragoljub Velimirović
Defenders: Bogoljub Lazarević (Captain), Vasile Barbu, Risto Darković and Eckhardt Hartjenstein
Midfielders: Ljuba Ugljanin, Calin Paler, Fábián Adrián and Arsenije Živanović
Forwards: Ilija Blagojević and Tiberiu Stefan
Republic of China: (The Dragons)
Yan Junling
Yapp Hung Fai
Zeng Cheng
Chen Ting-yang
Chen Yi-wei
Li Ang
Mei Fang
Ming Tian
Shi Ke
Zhu Chenjie
Chen Po-liang
Will Donkin
Feng Jin
Hao Junmin (Captain)
Li Hang
Liu Binbin
Liu Yun
Zhang Xizhe
Chen Hao-wei
Li Mao
Wei Shihao
Wu Lei
Zhang Yuning
Coach: Arsene Wenger
Starting 11:
Goalkeepers: Yan Junlung
Defenders: Chen Ting-yang, Chen Yi-wei, Li Ang and Mei Fang
Midfielders: Chen Po-liang, Woll Donkin, Fen Jin and Hao Junmin (Hao Junmin is captain)
Forwards: Chen Hao-wei and Li Mao
22' Woll Donkin is sent off after bad tackle on Ljuba Ugljanin.
(Referee signalling 3 min added time)
63' Li Mao is fouled in the penalty box.....
81' Another penalty is given, Could Tiberiu Stefan score an hat trick?
Match Results:
Banat 3
Republic of China 1
Banat 3
Republic of China 1
Banat: 67
Republic of China: 33
Banat: 30' 54' 82'
Republic of China: 64'
28: Sao Paulo 1-Wales 0
Match Day: Sao Paulo vs Wales
San Cristóbal Resort Field, Cancún
Attendance: 46,598

Sao Paulo:
Militao (Alves 76')
Willian (Sandro 68')
Lodi (Souza 85')

Ramsey (Iago 76')
48' (Foden 76')
Lingard (Llosgcoed 85')


0' Kick off of this all important confrontation between the two top seeds of Group E, in front of a packed San Cristobal Resort field in Cancun !

5' Sao Paulo have their foot on the ball but cannot pass through the solid welsh defense. Closest they get is a run from Avelar but his cross finds nothing.

9' Good chance for Sao Paulo as Willian finds Neymar isolated in front but the Sao Paulo striker fails to convert his chance as he gets cocky and loses the ball to Keane. Neymar drops on the field and claims foul but referee says play on.

12' Ashley Williams has to be careful when defending against Gabriel Jesus. The speed of the Sao Paulo striker surprised the welsh defender who went for a rough tackle as a result. First booking of the match for the welsh defender.

14' Free kick for Neymar due to that foul but his shot goes way over the bar.

21' First clear opportunity for Sao Paulo ! A throw-in is played deep by Arthur Melo, who finds Lodi isolated. The midfielder delivers a great cross to Neymar, but the latter fails to send the ball into the net and instead goes slightly off the left post.

26' Another free kick for Neymar, another blunder. The ball goes straight into the Welsh Wall.

34' First chance for Wales with a free kick from 32m. Bale sends it into the wall.

36' Wales seem to have caught on a little. Ramsey is wreaking havoc on the midfield and is brought down by Marquinhos who gets a yellow.

44' It comes closer for Wales ! Ramsey is untenable and delivers the ball to Rhydbrech, who finds Bale on the edge of the box. The Welsh striker's shot barely misses the right post !

45+2' Half-time here in Cancun. Both teams seem to be on equal footing but Sao Paulo hold the ball. Still no shots on target for either team.

48' Sao Paulo start off the second half as they started the first, with a foot on the ball. The Welsh are easily frustrated and Allen is handed a yellow as he shoves Neymar down.

56' Wales have control of the sides for now, Sao Paulo cannot hope for a counterattack at any point.

64' The match has died down as both teams struggle to control the midfield.

68' Finally a substitution comes in. Sao Paulo trade Willian for Sandro.

73' Not much is gained from the substitution. Sandro's freshness does seem to wear out Ramsey somewhat but not to the point of exhaustion.

76' Triple substitution incoming. Sao Paulo take Militao off the pitch, replaced by Alves, while Wales remove Allen and Ramsey from the pitch, both exhausted, as they are replaced by Foden and Iago.

80' Wales come close yet again ! The double substitution has worked wonders and Foden finds an opening in the Sao Paulo defense. The Welsh midfield delivers the ball to Roberts, who misses the goal by a few centimetres !

85' Last subsitution for both teams. Souza comes on for Brazil, replacing Lodi, while Llosgcoed replaces Lindgard for Wales.

90' As 5 minutes of added time are announced, Rhydbrech is given a yellow for tugging on Gabriel Jesus' shirt a bit too strongly.

90+3' Sao Paulo are still in control but do not bring the ball forward as much. It seems it is going to be a goaless draw.

90+5' What ? What a huge, massive blunder from Hydd ! Gabriel Jesus, seeing the final whistle near, launches a ball from the 35 meter line, expecting nothing as Hydd is on the trajectory. The Welsh keeper saves of course, but with his fist instead of keeping the ball between his hands. As such, the ball bounces over his head and into the goal, 1-0 Sao Paulo !

90+7' And it is over ! A huge blunder from Hydd gives Sao Paulo the win !

Sao Paulo 1 - 0 Wales
Gabriel Jesus (90+5')​

Shots on Target: 1 - 0
Possession: 67 - 33
Yellow Cards: 1 - 3
Red Cards: 0 - 0
Man of the Match: Aron Ramsey (Wales)
34: Ragusa 2-Iran 1
Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 9.47.13 AM.png

Referee: James Birch (New England)

Yellow cards:
Ignjat Sorgo ('24)
Iran: Milad Mehrani ('24); Kaveh Rostami ('87)

Red cards:

Player of the Match: Ignjat Sorgo (Ragusa)
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33: Leon-Castille 3-Rhodesia 0
from pilkarski.mm
Union of Rhodesia

Barry Groening


William Jaeger

Preston McPhillips
John L. D'Anzio
John Greig
Ryan Brown (70' Jay McLennan)

Victor MacLean
Oscar H. Kerr
Lester Addison (45' Kieth Ferguson, Jr.)

Hugh Thorpe
Thomas Hawthorne
William McNabb

Leon and Castille

: Sérgio Conceição


Ruben Blanco

José Fonte
(71' Raphael Guerreiro) Jonny

Bruno Fernandes

Diogo Jota
João Felix
(60' Ruben Neves) Iago Aspas
(90+1' Santi Cazorla) Juan Mata

Rhodesia 0 - 3 Leon and Castille

0-1 Joăo Félix (10')
0-2 João Félix (38')
0-3 Diogo Jota (54')

Referee: Takefusa Omae (Empire of Japan): Grade A-
The match was quite easy to referee, and it was correct to disallow the goal by Thorpe (29', offside) and to allow the goal by Jota (54', no offside). Also, he was consistent in dealing out yellow cards.

Both coaches fielded some of their potentially strongest starting elevens, but both managers make some changes. After an abysmal performance from Alec Henderson in the last match against the Red Stars, he was replaced by Hugh Thorpe. On the side of Leon-Castille, Lucas Vázquez, who had taken a knock in the first match against Iran, was left out in favour of the excellent Juan Mata.

And everything was as predicted: Rhodesia tried to park the bus against the star-studded and higly favoured Lions. But this approach did not work out for long. An excellent piece of linkup play was started after a half-dangerous shot by Thorpe (7') which was safely picked up by Ruben Blanco. Jonny played an excellent ball to Diogo Jota, but then, the ball got played around the box with more than 10 passes. In the end, Mata crossed the ball into the box, where João Félix just had to put the foot through it! 0-1 João Felix (10')!

The dominance of the Conceição team was all but assured, and they continued their well-known and well-feared tactics of ball possession and tiki taka. With such a tactic, they had already won Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup, and it was still successful despite the defeat at the hands of East Prussia in the quarterfinals of Euro 2016. An excellent piece of play was delivered by Leon and Castille. Diogo Jota had run forward with the ball on his left wing, and with just one touch, he passed to Bruno Fernandes. His attempt to put João Félix in the right position was stopped when John Greig deflected the ball in an excellent tackle (20')!
But the Lions do have their weaknesses - and they almost conceded. After a corner, Thiago lost the ball to MacLean, who gave the ball onto the right wing of William McNabb, who passed back to Lester Addison. Lester Addison played an excellent throughball to Hugh Thorpe, who scored nutmegging Ruben Blanco. But the linesman raised his flag! Hugh Thorpe was offside! No goal - and TV pictures confirmed Omae's decision. An excellent ruling by linesman Yamasato Shirosama!

Leon and Castille held onto their lead, and, after Jaeger parried away a header from Aspas (32'), they extended it. John D'Anzio did not see another way to stop a dribbling by Juan Mata other than by a foul. And it was Bruno Fernandes to take the free kick! D'Anzio was booked. Bruno Fernandes brought the free kick into the box, and chaos ensued. Nobody had the overview, until Diogo Jota got the ball onto his foot. He hammered a shot at Jaeger, who managed to parry it - but only into the middle where João Félix was the fastest to react! 0-2 João Félix (38')!
A decisive blow to the morale of the Gazelles. Groening tried to turn this match around during half-time, bringing in Kieth Ferguson, Jr., but it was to be in vain.

As push came to shove, the Groening team made a grave mistake in defence: Not even under pressure, Preston McPhillips played a bad pass into the feet of Diogo Jota, and since the pass came from a Gazelles player, the offside rule was not in effect. Jota ran on the left wing and into the box, neither D'Anzio nor Greig able to stop him, and, from just behind the line of the penalty box (i.e. just within the penalty area), hammered a shot into the upper right corner! No chance for Jaeger! 0-3 Diogo Jota (54')!

The match was decided, and much more did not happen. Despite the Lions reducing their speed and effort, several situations still produced at least a modicum of danger: A deflection from Greig after an attempt at a cross by Diogo Jota nearly turned into an own goal (71'), Guerreiro's shot from a centre-left position was parried away by Jaeger (78'), and a header from Pepe, at the last minute after another corner was brought in by Ruben Neves, was narrowly deflected over the crossbar by Jaeger (90+2'). On the contrary, Rhodesia did not have a single shot on target after the disallowed goal which Hugh Thorpe scored.
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37: Celtica 1-Madagascar 0
Madagascar v Celtica
Monday 22 June, Centennial Stadium, Guadalajara

The Celtic Union enter their third game after a win against the CSA, Madagascar meanwhile lost their opening match to New England in a close encounter

1' Celtica win the coin toss, and take the kick-off

3" First chance of the match for Celtica, Eirdsidh MacPhaildein takes a shot from just outside the 18-yard box, which sails just over

5" Richard Wichmann takes down Daibhidh MacPhoil in a rather cynical challenge early in the match

9" Corner for Celtica, Murchadh O’Donnagain whips in a ball which MacPhoil knocks towards goal. Régis Barnier stops the ball on the line!

14" Dughlas Fearghasdan threads a nice pass through to Tomaidh MacMheinn, who curls in a low shot from the right. Andre Jefferson does well to make a block.

18" Impressive long throw from Pierre Pernet finds Lou Thatch, who heads the ball just to the left of goal. Celtica weren't expecting that!

25" Young defender Sven Arlen Erlingsson does well to snuff out a Celtic attack third time he's done that.

28" Free-kick for Celtica from a dangerous position as MacMheinn is brought down by Estienne Pernet. O’Donnagain smashes the ball over the bar.

34" The Celtic threat is growing. Two crosses cause panic in the Madagascan box.

39" MacPhoil finds himself in a one-on-one situation against Jefferson! The keeper puts his body on the line, and denies Celtica an opener.

42" Madagascar get a rare chance, as Erlingsson floats in a cross for Sebastian Hornigold who heads the ball just wide

Half-time: Celtica have dominated the game, some last-gasp Madagascan defending and bad luck has prevented them from taking the lead.

48" MacMheinn intercepts a poor pass from Francisco Yáñez and breaks towards goal, James Crabbe puts in an important sliding tackle to deny Celtica a chance

53" Wichmann tries a long diagonal pass to Thatch, who had made a smart run behind Fearghas Moireasdan. But Iosaph MacUilleim read the pass and heads it away.

57" Fearghasdan looked to have scored after receiving a through ball from O’Donnagain, but the linesman raised his flag. VAR confirmed the linesman's call, offside.

61" Corner for Celtica ricochetes off MacPhaildein and Yáñez into the path of MacUilleim who volleys the ball. Jefferson has to reach to make an important save.

66" Excellent work by Anndra MacRaibeirt and MacGeidigh to foil a Madagascan attack down the right and then launch one of their own. Erlingsson brings down MacPhoil in a cynical foul to prevent a chance for Celtica. For his effort, Erlingsson is given a yellow.

72" MacMheinn breaks down the right and whips in a cross, Fearghasdan strikes the ball and Jefferson makes another fantastic save. At this point, he's the reason Madagascar still have a chance at a result

74" Another cynical tackle from Madagascar, this time from Barnier who also receives a yellow.

75" Celtic players shout for a penalty, as the ball hits Crabbe's arm as the defender slides down. The referee says no penalty, and VAR seems to have confirmed his decision.

80" MacDomhnullach bisects the Madagascan defence with a nice turn and pass to MacMheinn who strikes the ball powerfully. It hits the crossbar. Celtica cannot believe their luck.

82" Celtica are looking desperate for a goal, Green-Blue shirts flood into the box for a corner, but the ball sails over.

86" Goal! Celtic finally has their lead! You can't say it hasn't been coming. The attack began with MacUilleim delivering a cross to MacPhoil whose shot was blocked by Yáñez. The ball went into the path of O’Donnagain, who scores with a flick into the net. It's the goal that the Celts have been waiting so long for!

90" Madagascar almost make it even! Ludovic Brochard beats Anndra MacRaibeirt and delivers a powerful strike. Lachlann MacGilleBhrath makes his first proper save of the game.

Full time: Celtica dominated the match and deserved a win today. Still have to feel for Madagascar, who showed some real bravery in their defending. It's an important result for the Celtic Union who now have six points as they enter their last match against a confident New England. Final Score: Madagascar 0 - 1 Celtica

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36: Provence 2-Tibet 0


Provence marches on!
And he did it.

Lloris had just one job...

It was an almost effortless endeavour as Provence beat Tibet 2-0. Provence maintained possession for most parts of the game.

Provence striker Ludovic Ajorque would put his team in the lead after 20 minutes. From that point onwards, the fate of the match was never really in doubt.

Tibet’s only chance came from Dechen Wangchuk heading the ball into the lower corner of the net, only barely being saved by Provence’s Hugo Lloris.

The game was played while it was morning in Provence, with most of its population waking up early to watch the game before the normal day began. Surprisingly many fans had also travelled to watch the game live in Veracruz. There were however little to no Tibetan fans.

If there ever was any suspense in the game, it would die when Jordan Ferri made it 2-0 following a rather embarrassing drop from Tibetan keeper Dawa Wangchu. In a rather unusual reaction, Wangchu was actually subsequently substituted by 84-year-old coach Lhamo Dhondup, a move almost universally criticised as making no sense.

While Provence would continue to dominate the game, they would never get the chance needed to expand their lead. And they didn’t need to either, as the Tibetan team was mostly absent from the Provencal penalty zone.

Tibet is now all but out of the tournament, while Provence looks to advance along with Mexico.

Tibet 0-2 Provence
Ajorque 20'
Ferri 64'
38: Antarctique 2-CSA 0
Match 38 - Confederate States of America vs Antarctique - San Cristóbal Resort Field

Confederate States of America lineup:

Pierre Gustave Toulant Beauregard Dominique Valle

Roster (23 players)

Shaun Martinez
Brian Wilson
Robert Lee V

JEB Stuart V
Tom Joad
Henry James

John Samuelson
Peter Hayward
Robert Gracie
Samuel Lee
Charles Lee

Don Johnson, Jr.
Thomas Gracie
Robert Edwards
Walter Houston
Peter Jackson
Samuel Wilson
Howard Roscoe Russell IV
Peter Mayhew
John Carter IV
Marsh Rice IV
Thomas Carter
Robert Ross

Starting XI:

Goalkeeper: Shaun Martinez
Defenders: JEB Stuart V, Tom Joad and Henry James
Midfielders: John Samuelson, Peter Hayward, Robert Gracie and Samuel Lee
Forwards: Robert Edwards, Walter Houston and Samuel Wilson

Antarctique Lineup:

1. Alcide Becker (27, Liverpool)
16. Fernand Muselier (33, Galatasaray)
23. Serge Romeyer (33, Manchester United)

2. Gabriel Marchand (RB, 33, Al-Rayyan)
3. Jacques Laxalt (LB, 27, AC Milan)
4. Jacques Godin (C) (CB, 34, Internazionale)
5. Joseph Simon (CB, 25, Atlético Madrid) (Suspended)
12. Nicolas Autemande (CB, 32, Manchester City)
13. Alexandre Tellès (LB, 27, Porto)
14. Gaulthier Kannemann (CB, 29, Guilde de Port Alègre)
15. Emmanuel Maman (CB, 24, Zenit)

6. Léandre Pariède (CM, 25, Paris Saint-Germain)
7. Mathias Vexin (CM, 28, Internazionale)
16. Rodéric Bétancourt (CM, 22, Juventus)
17. Lucas Thorez (CM, 24, Arsenal)
18. Jean Le Cel (CM, 23, Tottenham)

8. Ange De Marie (RW, 32, Paris Saint-Germain)
9. Edouard Chavanne (ST, 33, Paris Saint-Germain)
10. Lionel Messie (LW, 32, FC Barcelona)
11. Louis Souaret (ST, 33, FC Barcelona)
19. Maurice Picard (ST, 27, Paris Saint-Germain)
20. Serge Aguerre (ST, 31, Manchester City)
21. Paul Dybala (ST, 26, Juventus)
22. Douglas Lacoste (LW, 29, Juventus)

Starting XI:

1. Alcide Becker (27, Liverpool)
2. Gabriel Marchand (RB, 33, Al-Rayyan)
3. Jacques Laxalt (LB, 27, AC Milan)
4. Jacques Godin (C) (CB, 34, Internazionale)
12. Nicolas Autemande (CB, 32, Manchester City)
6. Léandre Pariède (CM, 25, Paris Saint-Germain)
7. Mathias Vexin (CM, 28, Internazionale)
8. Ange De Marie (RW, 32, Paris Saint-Germain)
9. Edouard Chavanne (ST, 33, Paris Saint-Germain)
10. Lionel Messie (LW, 32, FC Barcelona)
11. Louis Souaret (ST, 33, FC Barcelona)

Callum Pokaret: Welcome to the game between Confederate States of America vs Antarctique!
Pam Edwardia: Let's hope for a thriller as there can be a expection for qualification.


5' A quick penalty has been given to Antarctique!




(Referee signals 5 minute added time)


Callum Pokaret: 2 goals, is this gonna feel like insane?
Pam Edwardia: Will CSA attempt to take a shot successfully and make it an goal?


68' A shot by Samuel Wilson, goes over the bar.

(Referee signals 7 minute added time)


Callum Pokaret: How is that possible?
Pam Edwardia: 7 minute added time.... interesting!

Antarctique 2
Antarctique 2
Antarctique 68
CSA 32
Goal Times:
Antarctique 6' and 28'
35: Australia 1-Khemia 0

Australia takes a big step towards the knockout round
An impeccable free kick by Nagoya forward Ashley Kennedy gives the Socceros the victory against an inoperant Khemia

The beautiful colonial city of Querétaro witnessed a match that promised much but didn’t deliver in the end. Even though neither team is among the favorites to win the tournament, fans still expected them to put up a good show. With the two teams coming from a defeat in the previous match day, the game promised to be an open one, with plenty of opportunities, as both sides try to get the victory and keep their World Cup hopes alive.

However, caution is the word to best describe what happened during the match. It appeared both teams were more concerned with not losing than with winning, as none of them attacked much for almost half an hour after the start of the match.

If it hadn’t been for an untimely tackle by Ioals, who was booked and will miss Khemia’s next game against Tibet, the match would probably would’ve ended 0-0. However, Australia boast one of the best freekick-takers in the tournament in the person of Ashley Kennedy, who gave the ball such an effect that it overcame the barrier on the outside and curved to enter the post opposite the goalkeeper.

After Australia’s goal, not much changed in the Soccero’s tactic, who now had a goal they hadn’t really been looking for, while the Khemians suddenly realized that they had to attack as well, if they ever wanted to achieve something in the tournament. However, the Australians simply bunkered down and weathered the storm, which was more akin to a calm breeze, as the opposing side never managed to piece their ideas together or threat Ryan’s goal in a meaningful way.

Australia will play its last game of the first round against Mexico next Saturday in Monterrey, while Khemia will need to win its two last matches against Tibet and Provence and pray the stars in the whole galaxy align or go back home.

Australia: Ryan, Daly, Cahill, Kennedy, Shah, Killy, de las Cuevas, Tusveld (Soolia, 53’), Posner, Kennedy, Perichon (van Spijk, 73’)
Khemia: Husniya, Fathy, Iolas (Hegazi, 46’), Hegazi, Rabia (Tsaldaris, 66’), Elneny (Hassan, 74’), Trezeguet, El Solia, Hamed, Ghaly, Kahraba

1-0, Kennedy, 28’

Yellow cards:
Australia: Tusveld, 33’
Khemia: Iolas, 26’, Elneny, 71’
39: Gran Colombia 2-Nova Catalonia 0
Match Day: Gran Colombia v Nova Catalonia
Monterrey Grand Stadium, Monterrey
Attendance: 81,589

Gran Colombia:
Saez (Yepes 70')
de la Cruz
Sainz (Tassis 82')

Nova Catalonia:
Romeu (Companys 46')
Mfeketo (Nokwe 70')
Sibeko (Crosas 82')


0' Kickoff of this all important game between Gran Colombia and Nova Catalonia ! With a win here, Colombia could take a huge step towards the Round of 16!

10' Gran Colombia have a firm foot on the ball for now. Sainz gets the first opportunity for Colombia but his cross is deflected into a corner kick which gives nothing.

19' First real chance for Gran Colombia ! Another run by Sainz sends the catalonian defense packing and the midfielder can arm a strike. Unfortunately for him Bartra catches it before it goes into the net.

24' It's Nova Catalonia's turn to come close ! A good counter-offensive sends Figueras on a wild run on the right side of the pitch. Before getting caught he does manage to cross it for Sibeko but the Catalonian striker heads it just over the bar !

26' Another good counter-offensive by Catalonia gives nothing. Sebe attempts to run off with the ball but fumbles execution. Throw-In.

35' Great chance for Gran Colombia ! Ordonez runs off with the ball and delivers a perfect pass to Japon in front ! The striker has a perfect shot but is brought down in the box by Mpofu, it's going to be a penalty !

36' And Bartra saves it ! The Nova Catalonian goalkeeper gets it right and goes to the right, where Japon's shot was going, and saves the penalty, score stays level !

42' Gran Colombia are not done as they pressure ever forward. Sainz gets a good ball, which he delivers to Aguayo. His shot goes slightly wide.

44' Goal right before half-time ! Colombia's insistance pays off as Aguayo makes a run for it in the Catalonian defense. He dribbles two defenders before delivering a perfect pass to Manzanedo who scores for Colombia ! 1-0 !

45+3' Half-time as Colombia lead despite missing a penalty. Nova Catalonia have yet to get a shot on target this game.

46' Only one substitution at half-time as Romeu comes off, replaced by Companys.

54' Gran Colombia still have total control of the game. Another run by Sainz finds Aguayo but his shot goes wide.

68' Nova Catalonia cannot come even close to Colombia's 20 meter line. The closest they've come is Vila charging forward but losing the ball on the edge of the box.

70' Double substitution. Saez comes off for Colombia, replaced by Yepes, while Nokwe takes Mfeketo's place for Nova Catalonia.

74' Booking for Nkhulu as he defends roughly onto Aguayo who finds himself on the ground. The referee takes no chances with that one.

82' Another double substitution, this time Sainz is replaced by Tassis while Sibeko is replaced by Crosas.

89' It seems as Nova Catalonia have given up. They cannot mount any sort of offensives into the opposite side of the field.

90+3' And Japon seals the deal for Colombia ! After another great run by Aguayo, the Colombian winger edelivers a perfect cross for Japon, who sends it into the back of the Catalonian net ! 2-0 !

90+5' It's all over ! Gran Colombia take 3 crucial points and are very close to securing a spot in the Round of 16 !

Gran Colombia 2 - 0 Nova Catalonia
Manzanedo (44')
Japon (90+3')​

Shots on Target: 4 - 0
Possession: 68 - 32
Yellow Cards: 0 - 1
Red Cards: 0 - 0
Man of the Match: Jesus Diego Aguayo (Gran Colombia)
40: Britain 1-Venice 0
from pilkarski.mm
Co-Operative Republic of Britain

Alan O'Harper


Vishnu McCall

Oswald Merriman
Benito Mussolini Anderson
Lamont Anthonisz
Johnny Wright

Connor Davidson
George Fernandez
Vihaan Dismukes (58' Brian Kishore)
Oswald Parr (89' Lionel Chaudhury)
Lintorn-Orman Williams

Haymitch Xander (80' Jesse Stansfield)


Guido Brunetti


Alvise Vianello

Giovanni Scarpa
Andreas Kapodistrias
(90+1' Silvestro Favaro) Angelo Rizzo
Sebastiano Tiozzo

Carlo Ballarin
(50' Enrico Frigo) Cristoforo Budinić
Paolo Tiepolo
Francesco Liveralis

Giovanni Marulić
(76' Pietro Lorenzon) Domenico Dal Corso
Co-Operative Republic of Britain 1 - 0 Venice

1-0 Haymitch Xander (34')

Referee: Habib Azizi Kamara (Mande National Union) - Grade: A
A superb performance in a match with many difficult situations. Correctly allowed the goal by Xander (34', no offside), with goals by Marulić (70', offside) and Frigo (78', offensive foul) correctly disallowed. Not awarding a penalty (64' - Kapodistrias played the ball) was confirmed by VAR. Consistently lenient in booking players, but all decisions were justifiable.

Both coaches sent their best starting elevens, with the notable exception of G.S.T.K. Fernsby being rotated out. Lamont Anthonisz came in. Some claim that Fernsby had taken a knock, however, the most common explanation was that Anthonisz was thought to be faster and stronger than Fernsby against several technically gifted Venetian players.

From kick-off, it was Venice dominating, but they did not quite do enough to truly endanger the goal of Vishnu McCall. A shot from the distance by Budinić (13') and a well-executed free kick by Liveralis (21') did require intervention by McCall, but the subsequent corner after the Liveralis free kick proved harmless. However, it was clear that Venice was the superior side in this match...
At least until Liveralis lost the ball to Benito Mussolini Anderson. A speedy player himself, he ran forward with the ball until an opportunity to pass the ball perfectly into the feet of Haymitch Xander opened up. At first, many thought it could have been offside, but - keeping to the new AHFA guidelines - the flag was not raised. And indeed, Xander outmuscled and outwitted both Kapodistrias and Tiozzo and scored! Kamara allowed the goal and the VAR only confirmed this decision! Haymitch Xander was on side! 1-0 Xander (34').

Domination on the part of Venice became stronger, not weaker, however, the Lions were somewhat shell-shocked by this successful counterattack and switched to a somewhat more defensive tactic in order not to run into more such counterattacks. Nothing much happened in front of any goal before half-time, the most dangerous opportunity being a shot from a tight angle on the right by Marulić (45'), easily saved by McCall.

The second half once again saw offensive moves by the Brunetti team. At first, success was limited though. And every Lions supporter was to panic soon after: Benito Mussolini Anderson, this time retrieving the ball from Dal Corso, ran forward again! He passed onto Kishore, from there out onto the left wing of Connor Davidson, who excellently crossed it to Haymitch Xander! Kapodistrias took him down, and immediately, Kamara pointed towards the spot! Penalty for Britain's Blackshirts (64')! Xander is pepared!
But Kamara shows the screen - VAR intervention! And after thoroughly reviewing the scenes, Kamara reverses his decision: No penalty for Britain, the game proceeds with a corner instead! Kapodistrias' tackle was fair and he had played the ball!

With the penalty decision reversed, it became a question of time when Venice would break through the British defence who put a valiant effort in. And six minutes later, it happened. Marulić outran Anthonisz and, having recieved the ball from Tiepolo, scored. However, Mohamadou Niane raised his flag immediately, and this time, no assistance was needed! The offside position was more narrow than many thought, but the decision was entirely correct!
The Blackshirts' lead lasted, but only eight more minutes. A corner was brought in by Tiepolo. The ball was cleared away by Vishnu McCall, but it landed with Tiepolo again, in a position too central and too far from the goal for a direct attempt at scoring. Tiepolo passed it towards the centre-right, where Frigo seemed open! The latter found the back of the net, taking down Fernandez in the process. And again, Kamara disallowed the goal. No video assistance was needed, but replays showed that the decision was correct once again: Frigo had committed an offensive foul.

After having two goals correctly disallowed, and several other chances stopped by the Blackshirts' defence (Vishnu McCall rarely had to intervene), the Brunetti team's morale plummeted. Another shot by Frigo was positioned too centrally and easily picked up by McCall (80') and Marulić's attempt from a distance of over 30 metres was deflected over the crossbar (87').
Thus, despite having fewer chances and fewer shots on target, due to a valiant defence in excellent form and a good refereeing performance, the Co-Operative Republic of Britain retained all three points! Venice, with just one point after three matches, has to win its last fixture against Colombia and most likely also hope that the group is not decided when they rest. Meanwhile, both New Catalonia and Gran Colombia are able to exploit the lapse...
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41: France 1-Philippines 0
Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 8.25.17 AM.png

Referee: Joao Saraiva (Sao Paulo)

Yellow cards:
Virgil van Djik ('36), Sadio Mané ('79), Breel Embolo ('82)
The Philippines: Miguel Tañag ('55)

Red cards:

Player of the Match: Javier Patiño (the Philippines)
44: Canada 1-Novorossiya 1


Canada and Novorossiya left with scraps, face elimination

It was not the game that anyone had wanted. But it was what most observers had expected from two of the worst teams in group E.

It can very well be argued that the match did not have the quality to deserve to be played at the Aztlán Arena in Mexican prime time. Nevertheless, the game did deliver in entertainment. Plenty of chances were created by both teams, making it a thrill to watch. Especially from the start, when Canadian Peter Roger made it 1-0 after 10 minutes.

The game stayed pretty even as Novorossiya dominated the last ten minutes of the first half. Nazariy Lagunov came close to scoring, but hit the post despite being one-on-one against Canadian goalkeeper John Tremblay.

The story was pretty much the same after the break. That is until Novorossiya, in the form of midfielder Grigoriy Vasilev, made it 1-1 on a penalty given for handball after 54 minutes.

From there on both teams struggled to take the win, but neither succeeded despite the efforts. Both teams needing a win made it entertaining, but also made it sadder knowing that the incoming result would likely eliminate both teams.

As the clock ticked away it became clear that the result would stay. Novorossiya would be eliminated from the tournament. Canada meanwhile needs to win their remaining two games to even have a theoretical chance of qualifying.

Canada 1-1 Novorossiya
Roger 10'
Vasilev 54'