AHFA 2020 World Cup

20: Mexico 2-Khemia 0
The Feathered Serpents earn their first victory

Great performance by Raúl Jiménez places hosts atop of their group

A sold-out crowd at Iturbide Stadium in Morelia witnessed how their national heroes vanquished Khemia in a one-sided affair and netted 3 points, which ties them with Provence in the first place of Group A and boosts their chances to advance to the knockout phase.

After the bittersweet tie against Provence during the opening match, coach Miguel Herrera decided to change things around to solve the team’s offensive problems of the previous match. This time, he sent a 4-2-1-3, benching Érick Aguirre and Javier Hernández and sending Jesús Gallardo and Raúl Jiménez in their place, the latter spearheading a trident formed by himself and Lozano and Pizarro in the wings, with Giovanni dos Santos supporting from behind and his younger brother and Edson Álvarez holding the midfield. The lineup was completed by Layún, Mier, Salcedo and Gallardo in defensive duties.

Khemia, who was debuting in this World Cup, used their classic 4-4-2 with no surprise in the lineup.

Determined to get their first win of the tournament, the Mexicans quickly started moving the ball forward, trying to catch the Khemians by surprise, before they could even place themselves properly on the field. The first chance came when Edson Álvarez headed a divided ball in the midfield, which was received by Giovanni Dos Santos, who proceeded to run for 20 meters before sending an overhead pass to Raúl Jiménez, who sent his shot wide and high after receiving the ball and turning around to shoot. Meanwhile, the Khemians seemed happy to hunker down and weather the storm that was falling upon them.

With the Khemians ceding all initiative to the Mexicans, Miguel Herrera’s pupils redoubled their offensives, whether it was left, right or center, but without too much luck, either poor accuracy, a timely header or tackle by the Khemian defense or Husniya catching crosses coming his way.

However, Mexican patience was rewarded at the 30th minute when, after a corner kick by the younger of the Dos Santos siblings, Raúl Jiménez headed the ball out of Husniya’s reach and to the back of the net to put things 1-0 in favor of the Feathered Serpents.

The rest of the first half went without too much action, with both teams seemingly waiting for the halftime to come to adjust their current strategies.

Second half began with Hamed being repaled with Tsaldaris, a taller striker, in a clear attempt by Ramzy to send cross after cross to the Mexican box hoping for a good header by his substitution. Hererra quickly responded by changing Montes for Salcedo.

A couple of minutes later, the whole stadium reminded the referee of his mother when an untimely tackle of Fathy against Jiménez wasn’t marked, much to the chagrin of both Mexican players and fans. With tempers flaring up since the beginning of the second half, everything came to a head when Ioannis Iolas lost sight of the ball and sent Giovanni Dos Santos flying through the air on the 55 minute, what came after was a group of Mexican players running to confront Iolas, who claimed he hadn’t done anything wrong, while his teammates came to his aid. What could have ended in a battle royale was cut short by the referee, who proceeded to book Montes and Álvarez for Mexico and Rabia, El Solia and Iolas for Khemia. Miguel Layún was almost booked as well, but walked away only with a reprimand and coach Herrera decided to take him out before a yellow card prevented him from playing next game. Gerardo Arteaga took his place.

After this incident, both teams were reminded that they were meant to play football and not box and resumed playing without more incidents for the rest of the match. Both managers made more adjustments trying to seal the victory or tie the game respectively, without too much success.

It wasn’t until the 86th minute, after the Khemians had thrown all they had up front, that Lozano managed to steal the ball and cruise through the open pitch, face the goalkeeper and cede the ball to Jiménez, who signed his second goal of the night by pushing the ball into the back of an empty goal.

With this victory, Mexico has now 4 points and will now have one week to rest before facing Australia during Match Day 4, while Khemia, with odds even more against them now, will play against Australia next Sunday in Querétaro.

Ochoa, Layún (Arteaga, 60’), Mier, Salcedo (Montes, 50'), Gallardo, Álvarez, dos Santos, dos Santos (Molina, 71'), Pizarro, Jiménez, Lozano

Khemia: Husniya, Fathy, Iolas, Hegazi, Rabia (Magdy, 75'), Elneny, Trezeguet, El Solia (Hassan, 80'), Hamed (Tsaldaris, 46'), Ghaly, Kahraba

1-0 Jiménez, 30’
2-0 Jiménez, 86’

Yellow cards:
Montes, 58’, Álvarez, 58’
Khemia: Rabia, 58’, El Solia, 58’, Iolas, 58’


Added England, Isle of Mann Denmark, Netherlands, Sicily and Switzerland to the map. As nations not qualified of course.
21: Celtic Union 2-CSA 1
Match Day: C.S.A vs Celtic Union
Cortés Stadium, Cabo San Lucas
Attendance: 63,620

Stuart V
Hayward (C.Lee 45')
Houston (Carter IV 88')
Wilson (Mayhew 88')

Celtic Union:
41' (O’Ceallaigh 70')
MacGeidigh (MacIomaire 58')
MacPhoil (Dughlasach 80')


0' Kickoff between the CSA and the Celtic Union. Both teams want to come out with a win here after a slow start.

3' The Celtics are playing very agressive and very deep early on into the game. This might cost them if they aren't careful

6' And it's already a goal ! The very deep play of the Celtic players pays off as MacDomhnullach finds Fearghasdan alone in front of goal. The Celtic striker crucifies Martinez at point-blank range, the Celtic Union leads 1-0 !

9' Good reaction by the CSA, Gracie has a long ball and forwards it to Edwards but his shot goes over the bar

16' Another chance for the Celtic Union ! MacDomhnullach is untenable and this time goes for the individual exploit ! He dribbles Stuart V and Joad and strikes hard into the ball, but Martinez stops the attempt !

22' The CSA looks on the back foot but still finds opportunities. Edwards finds a good cross and Samuelson is there, but his header goes wide. Goal-kick.

28' Free Kick for the Celtic Union, but MacMheinn whiffs it and sends the ball flying towards the upper stands.

33' Another Free Kick for the Celtics as MacPhoil is brought down. This time MacMheinn shoots it better but it is repulsed by the Confederate defense.

36' The Confederates have started to wake up. Samuelson finds Houston alone in front of goal but his cross barely misses the striker's foot.

41' Penalty for the CSA ! After a good counter-attack, Edwards finds Houston alone in front and delivers a superb pass. However the striker is brought down in the box by MacRaibeirt who gets a yellow and conceded a penalty !

42' Houston does justice himself and scores ! MacGilleBhrath guessed correctly to the right but he cannot stop the ball from going into the back of the net ! 1-1 !

45' Half-Time ! Both teams lock horns with each other. The Celtic Union thought it had the upper hand but the CSA reacted fast enough and holds the Celtics to a draw !

45' Before going back to the pitch, Hayward has left his place for Charles Lee after he felt pain in his left ankle.

49' Second booking of the day for the Celtic Union as MacUilleim handles Edwards a bit too roughly. The free kick gives nothing.

55' Big chance for the CSA ! Edwards once again runs wild on the right side and torpedoes his way through the Celtic defense. His cross finds Wilson but the striker's header finds the post !

58' Substitution for the Celtic Union as MacIomaire comes on in place of MacGeidigh.

63' Another good chance for the Celtics, as MacIomaire, newly substituted, finds O’Donnagain alone. His strike from 20m barely misses the right post.

68' Another booking for the Celtic Union as MacDomhnullach is fined for a brutal challenge on a corner kick.

70' Another substitution for the Celtic Union. This time MacRaibeirt comes off while O’Ceallaigh makes his first appearance on the World Cup pitch.

73' The Confederates are trying their best to push. Edwards once again tries finding Houston but the ball rebounds onto Gracie instead. The midfielder cannot convert the chance and his shot goes wide.

76' MacDomhnullach finds a cross into the Confederate box and delivers a perfect ball to MacMheinn. However, the ball is deviated by Joad. The Celtics demand a handball but after VAR review, the penalty is refused !

80' Last substitution for the Celtics as MacPhoil is replaced by Dughlasach.

82' The Celtics have found their breakthrough ! A corner kick taken by MacMheinn gives nothing as the ball is repulsed by the Confederate defense, but MacDomhnullach slams his right foot into the ball, which comes to rest inside the Confederate net ! 2-1 !

86' Oh the Celtic Union nearly puts the nail in the coffin ! MacMheinn finds an opening on the right flank and decides to exploit it, passing the ball to Dughlasach. The striker arms a shot but Martinez barely saves it !

88' The CSA puts their last cards onto the pitch. Carter IV and Mayhew replace Houston and Wilson. It's do or die for the Confederates.

90+1' The CSA are getting desperate. Samuelson gets the first booking of his squad

90+3' The Confederates are loosing their nerves. Joad strikes MacIomaire on the face, he gets a yellow as the Celtics get a free kick.

90+4' The Free Kick goes wide, but the Celtics have secured an all important three points today as they beat the CSA 2-1 in a relatively controlled game. Despite being held to a draw for most of the second half, they were clearly in control all game.

C.S.A 1 - 2 Celtic Union
Fearghasdan (6')​
Houston (42' pen)​
MacDomhnullach (82')​

Shots on Target: 2 - 4
Possession: 42 - 58
Yellow Cards: 2 - 3
Red Cards: 0 - 0
Man of the Match: Tearlach MacDomhnullach (Celtic Union)
Do we add a country in this thread or in the world building thread?
I would like to add the United Emirates of the Maghreb. It includes parts of Morocco, Algeria and Andalusia.
Do we add a country in this thread or in the world building thread?
I would like to add the United Emirates of the Maghreb. It includes parts of Morocco, Algeria and Andalusia.

The world-building thread, this one will just be WC-focused. Can't wait to see more details on it, though, sounds like a great idea!
22: New England 1-Madagascar 0
Jérôme Dutertre (coach)
Roster (23 players)
Andre Jefferson
Gustave Brousseu
Aymeric Beaudouin
Régis Barnier
Francisco Yáñez
James Crabbe
Sven Arlen Erlingsson
Jebediah Nutt
Roger Somers
James Anderson Kidd (c)
Richard Wichmann
Pierre Pernet
Ludovic Brochard
Cornelius Hawkins
Ed Browne
Thomas Evertson
Lou Thatch
Estienne Pernet
Sebastian Hornigold
Marcel Génin
Philippe Allemand
Juan Olloqui
Xabier Alférez
Goalkeeper: Gustave Brousseu
Defenders: Régis Barnier, Francisco Yáñez, James Crabbe and Sven Arlen Erlingsson
Midfielders:James Anderson Kidd (c), Richard Wichmann and Pierre Pernet
Forwards: Philippe Allemand, Juan Olloqui and Xabier Alférez
Commonwealth of New England
Rick Osbourne (coach)
Roster (23 players)
Goalkeepers: Conan O’Gorman, Arsenio Estevez, Rory Wynne
Defenders: Cole Connell, Tom MacDonald, Jean-Claude Girard, Chester McGill, Chris Neville (captain), Mike Pellegrino, Osvaldo Mendes
Midfielders: Colin Tracey, Jesse Beavis, Kane Passerini, Alex Gardener, Mark Gladwyn, Toby Carlisle, Matthew Daniels, Placido Santos
Forwards: Donny Lamon, Leandro Berne, Eliot Briscoe, François Arnaud, Curtis Gray
Goalkeeper: Rory Wynne
Defenders: Cole Connel, Tom MacDonald, Chris Neville and Osvaldo Mendes
Midfielders: Colin Tracey, Kane Passerini, Alex Gardener and Mark Gladwyn
Forwards: Donny Lamon and Leandro Berne
Commonwealth of New England vs Madagascar - Centennial Field
Dan Lemon: Hello everyone and welcome to another Group D match and this time, New England vs Madagascar!
Dan Lemon: Isn't it great Jane Aslavioka?
Jane Aslavioka: Excellent! Do we get to see more action? We will see for sure.....
Jane Aslavioka: 3....2.....1..... kickoff!
1' The kickoff has just happened!
2' Madagascarian Juan Olloqui attempts a shot but it fails because it went over the stadium, these only happen rarely!
3' A new ball comes into play because of the recent fail.
38' A very serious incident has happened, as 2 (one from each side) has gotten in a brawl and seriously injured each other and they are both sent off.
The players sent off was: Tom MacDonald (New England) and Pierre Pernet (Madagascar).
Dan Lemon: The referee is signalling a 4-minute added time....
Jane Aslavioka: We might see more gruelling action, perhaps?
Dan Lemon/Jane Aslavioka: You know what, we will see.....
Dan Lemon: Well what the first half was..... Amazing.
Jane Aslavioka: I know right?
47' New England nearly scores! But only the Madagascarian goalie Gustave Brousseu saved it because Leandro Berne has done the shot and it goes in for a corner.
48' The corner fails.
81' Oh my god, Leandro Berne is running for the goal and the shot is done.....
Dan Lemon: The referee is now signalling a 2-minute added time..
Jane Aslavioka: We could potientially see a stoppage time equaliser...
Jane Aslavioka: Wow what a match it was!
Dan Lemon: It was indeed, because 2 sent off and a 82-minute goal by Leandro Berne.

New England 1
Madagascar 0
New England 1
Madagascar 1
New England 59
Madagascar 41
New England 82'
Madagascar N/A
Man of the match: Leandro Berne
25: France 2-Siberia 0
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 4.32.09 PM.png

Referee: Shahab Raab (Iran)

Yellow cards:
Misha Matvey ('72); Ivan Stanislov ('89)
France: None

Red cards:

Player of the Match: Kylian Mbappé
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26: East Africa 2-Philippines 1
from pilkarski.mm​


Stephan Schröck-Cabizares


Arturo Palalin

Óscar Canellas
Rafael Vidal Zuñiga
Zulficar Ali Dimasangca

Omar Abubacar Minandang-Cader
Alfredo José Ibañez
Miguel Tañag
Alejandro Lim (45' Augusto Siluco)
Arturo Malingenán

Felipe Younghusband-Placer (89' Francisco Duana-Duarte)
Javier Patiño (24' Manuel Leandro Galura)

East Africa:



Denis Onyango

Erick Oumar Otieno
Abdul Rwatubyaye
Bevis Mugabi
(90' Joseph Okumu) Herbert Bockhorn

Victor Wanyama
Michael Azira
(56' Djihad Bizimana) Elvis Kamsoba

Saido Berahino
(64' Uche Ikpeazu) Mohammed Amissi
Mbwana Samatta
Monterrey Grand Field, Monterrey
Phillippine Republic 1 - 2East African Federation

Goals: 0-1 Elvis Kamsoba (14')
0-2 Mbwana Aly Samatta (24') (p)
1-2 Felipe Younghusband-Placer (66')

Referee: Serge-Baptiste Veronne (Antarctique) - Grade E:
Insecure and inconsistent. Needed a lot of help from the VAR which disrupted the game, and even then, he was harsh in some situations and lenient in others. Sending off Dimasangca was acceptable, if very harsh (24'), on the other hand, he should have booked at least Otieno (49') and Rwatubyaye (73'). A second penalty to East Africa could have been awarded, too (87') - debatable.

After East Africa's excellent start against the minnows of Siberia, Francis Kimanzi did not see any reason to change anything. Kamsoba was given another chance in the starting eleven, this time replacing Miya. Stephan Schröck on the other side fielded his nominal best starting eleven, too.

Seemingly invigorated from their match against Siberia, the Kimanzi team immediately started offensive play, trying to exploit the Phillippine weaknesses on the wings where Miguel Tañag and especially Alejandro Lim are very offensive-minded players. And immediately, Arturo Palalin was involved: An excellent long pass from Abdul Rwatubyaye found Mohammed Amissi, who tried a shot from about 30 m, centre-right position in front of the goal! It wasn't successful, however, Arturo Palalin had to stretch himself and just managed to deflect it to the side for a throw-in (2')!

And it became more and more apparent that East Africa intended to score early - they probably wanted to avoid the mistake of initially underestimating a team like they did Siberia. And indeed, the Mighty Beisa scored: Wanyama won the ball back in his own half from Malingenán and initiated himself. He passed onto the left to Berahino, who quickly and brilliantly changed sides to Mohammed Amissi on the right wing. Amissi, from the right and just before the penalty area, crossed the ball in - Samatta let it through for Kamsoba, who just had to put his foot in! 0-1 Elvis Kamsoba (14')!

This just cemented the Mighty Beisa's dominance. The Phillippines gave away posession again just seconds after kick-off and East Africa was even able to play many short passes and one-twos as is otherwise known from Antarctique or Leon-Castille.
East Africa was again short-passing around the penalty area when a gap for Samatta opened up - Canellas had left him relatively free. Berahino passed towards Samatta, but as he was shooting, Dimasangca tackled him!
He did tackle fiercely, and immediately, Veronne pointed to the spot and sent Dimasangca off with a straight red! Veronne did recieve a signal from the VAR, but his decision remained intact after reviewing the pictures. Yes, Samatta would have been through so it could be seen as a professional foul, however, Zuñiga might have stopped Samatta, and the tackle wasn't strong enough to constitute a severe offence. A harsh, but after all acceptable decision!

Despite what superstition says, the fouled player was to take responsibility. And thus, it now was Samatta vs. Palalin. Samatta aimed to the left, Palalin was successfully decieved! A safe penalty! 0-2 Mbwana Aly Samatta (24')!

Several further chances for East Africa arose before half-time, but none as convincing as the moves that saw the Kimanzi team lead with two goals. Palalin had to save a shot from the distance by Kamsoba (34') and picked up a cross by Berahino just before Samatta could get to it (45+1').
The Phillippines, on the other hand, could not register a single shot anywhere near the target during the first half. It was looking like victory for the Mighty Beisa was never endangered. The Phillippines already made their second substitution, and another defensive one at that, during half-time.

And it would never become endangered, despite the Kimanzi team focusing on defence and ball posession more than on creating even more chances and goals. Kamsoba was substituted off for Bizimana, and soon after, Ikpeazu replaced Berahino - East Africa switched to a 4-4-2 formation.
The Phillippines never quite gave up, and their morale was to be acknowledged: After Galura stopped a shot by Ikpeazu, they initiated a counterattack over Minandang-Cader, Siluco and Miguel Tañag. The latter passed the ball back again to Malingenán, through to Younghusband-Placer, who found the back of the net! 1-2 Younghusband-Placer (66')!

But it was not to be enough. East Africa continued to dominate and even increased its resolve to score in the last fifteen minutes. Palalin once again had to intervene against Ikpeazu's dangerous header (80') and a Samatta shot (84'). But the most dangerous move was Amissi dribbling into the penalty area and not being stopped by any Filipino player from doing so, until Canellas tackled him! Veronne's whistle remained silent! One could argue that contact was "too little", however, it was clearly not diving on Amissi's part - a debatable situation once again.

However, this did not prove game-changing. East Africa is now in an excellent situation regarding advancing to the knockouts, with six points, while the Schröck-Cabizares team has come under significant pressure.
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24: Freedonia 2-Gran Colombia 1
Surprise! If you thought that Gran Colombia would win its first match of this World Cup, well, you were wrong. The Revolucionarios bowed to an enterprising but clumsy Freedonia (1-2). Reduced to 10 from the 10th minute, the Colombians were unusually harmless. A result which confirms that this group C (with Venice, New Catalonia and Britain) will be tight until the end. We tell you everything, always very honestly!


The first match of a very tight Group C lived up to its promise. In this group, Freedonia is nevertheless ranked 4th according to the bookmakers. And on the contrary, Colombia is the favorite. A style opposition between a very serious and diligent Freedonian team against a more fanciful and spectacular Colombian team. In addition, the Colombian selection has the advantage of having already beaten Freedonia in a friendly match in 2014, logically winning 4 goals to 1. The Colombians play without its technical leader, Ramon Manzanedo, not quite 100% and is therefore preserved for the moment.

Once the start of the match was blown, no one would suspect this scenario, the one where Freedonia opened the scoring from the 12th minute. How is it, you tell me? Well, it's simple, the referee shows the penalty spot from the 10th for a hand in the Colombian area, on the first Freedonian offensive. And the double penalty shows the tip of his nose. The Macedonian referee shows a red card to Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, whom he considers that his hand interferes with a goal action. The penalty was obviously transformed by Benjamin Gilead Hamilton, taking on the wrong foot a Guillermo Cicerón who was at ease during this match. Here it is, the 12th minute and the match seems already folded, so much the Freedonians impress by their moves and their desire on the lawn.

A few minutes later, push very strongly in order to achieve a feat: that of beating for the first time a South American team in World Cup. It is done thanks to Doctor's head on a corner (26’). They can also say thank you to a Colombian defense totally out of touch today.

But the Colombian genius has not said its last word. Colombians are more enterprising with sometimes dangerous flashes, but Often badly inspired or rather clumsy in front of the goal.

In the second half, Jesus Diego Aguayo places a malicious free kick flush with the ground, also taking advantage of an error from goalkeeper Gerald Beauvoir. (76’) So there it is a good reaction.

But the score will remain the same until the end of the match, and the Freedonians will get their surprise victory. A victory not undeserved either, but the Federals were well helped by the Colombians, who scuttled themselves. Pending the result of Venice-New Catalonia, two other teams of this group C, this Freedonian victory gives the feeling that this group C will be very interesting to follow during this World Cup.

Gran Colombia 1-2 Freedonia

(Aguayo 76’)(Hamilton 12’, Doctor 26’)

MATCH NOTE (54/100):

General show (7/20): Good, apart from this totally unexpected start to the match, we will not hide, this match remains a purge. The Freedonians were very clumsy while the Colombians tried to defend as best they could.

Opportunities and goals (11/20): Despite the sublime and treacherous free kick from Aguayo, the Freedonian goals remain fairly "basic" with a penalty and a header on corner. And especially that we did not have the chance to see many opportunities on both sides, despite some attempts by St. Clair and Davis on the Freedonian side.

Technical quality (9/20): Between a Ramon Manzanedo on the bench, a Juan José Espiga who goes out in the first half and a Benjamin Gilead Hamilton quite absent, the match was not crazy on a technical level. Even more surprising that it is one of the Colombian strengths.

Scenario and suspense (16/20): You have to raise the score for this match! More seriously, the scenario is extraordinary as long as Freedonia defied all the statistics highlighting a Colombian victory. When Freedonia scores its first goal, we tell ourselves that Colombia is finished. When Colombia scores, we tell ourselves that they will eventually come back. But ultimately, it is Freedonia which wins against all odds. We like this genre of typical scenario of the World Cup.

Bonus / Malus of the jury (11/20): For this category, we explain to you, we start from 10/20 with each kick-off and we inflate or lower the score according to our own subjective criteria (we are the jury, we do what we want.).

• -5 for boredom before this match we expected
• +3 for this malicious Aguyao free kick which shows he has brains.
• +3 for the performance of the Freedonians who showed good things despite approximations in the game and around the South American surface.


If the Colombian defense was a video game hero, it would be ...

BOO. No, I don't want to scare you (sorry if that's the case) but it's the ghost character you never take on Mario Kart. Well, the Colombian defense was particularly invisible and stupidly at fault on the two Freedonian goals. Advice is pro Mario Kart, do not take Boo and take a beefier thing like Donkey Kong.


If Benjamin Gilead Hamilton was a video game hero, he would be ...

SOLID SNAKE. The hero of the Metal Gear Solid saga particularly likes to remain discreet by wandering around in a box (which, we can tell, is pretty flashy anyway) and going out at the last moment in order to take you back by eliminating you from a chiurgically placed bullet. Exactly Hamilton’s match.


If Jesus Diego Aguayo were a video game hero, it would be ...

KIRBY. This little pink ball is, apparently, too cute it is true. But when you don't expect it, it can be particularly treacherous and formidable. Like this free kick, a real master stroke.



This very clever Quintero free kick

The clumsy Freedonians faced a very good Guillermo Ciceron

When you’ve bet on Gran Colombia’s victory at 3.50



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27: Transylvania 1-Novorossiya 0
Transylvania puts Novorossiya against the ropes
The Carpathian times now commands group E

In a match devoid of much emotion, the Transylvanian Confederacy claimed its second victory of the tournament at the expense of Novorossiya, a team that fell again, now on the edge of elimination.

The game was played in Veracruz, where the weather decided to forgive players and fans, as a fresh sea breeze allowed the game to develop in optimal conditions. Most of the fans were Mexicans, with slightly greater support for Transilvania, who have their camp in the Boca de Río neighborhood and have managed to win over the jarocho fans.

The Bears, determined not to jeopardize their aspirations, quickly went on the attack against the bewildered Transylvanians, who were just getting settled on the playing field. In a lightning attack, the Russians reached the rival area and Sokolovsky fired a powerful shot that Kapolcs could barely send to a corner kick.

However, the surprise did not last long, as the Transylvanians soon launched their own attacks and annulled any offensive attempt by their rivals, completely nullifying their forwards.

Transilvania's goal fell in the 28th minute, in a corner kick taken by Apród, who sent the ball to the near post, where it was combed back by Halász, disconcerting the entire defense of Novorossiya leaving István alone in the box, who only had than to push the ball to the back of the net.

The rest of the match went on without much more incidents, with Transylvania having two other clear opportunities, but with Ivanov responding each time. On the Novorossiya side, their offense crashed every time against the wall commanded by Apród and company.

With this result, Transylvania takes the lead in Group E with 6 points, while Novorossiya goes to the bottom of the group and will now have to play it all out for their games against Wales and Canada. Later today on this group Sao Paulo, trying to keep up with the Transylvanians, will face Wales, who will debut in the tournament, at the San Cristóbal Resort Field in Cancún.

Novorossiya: Ivanov, Havrylyuk, Krupin, Zima (Fedorov, 80’), Gavrilyuk, Holub, Vasilev, Viktorov (Romanov, 54’), Borysov, Lagunov, Sokolovsky (Sobol, 71’)
Transylvania: Kapolcs, Péter, Simon, Kogalniceaunu (Gering, 75’), Apród, Halász, Dezső (Christmann, 56’), Landau, Bârladeanu, Gulyás, István

István, 28'

Yellow cards:

Red cards: