AHFA 2020 World Cup

14: Germany 2-Turkestan 0
Match Day: Germany vs Turkestan
Gran Norte Field, Chihuahua
Attendance: 27,586

Sulzberger (Germany 67')
Roth (Küchler 82')
Thành (Šindelář 67')

10' (Ilyar 74')
Amanulı (Alıkululı 74')
71' (Jurabolı 82')


0' Kickoff between Group favorites Germany and very very heavy underdogs Turkestan. Germany will want to stamp their authority on this game quickly, expect a fast paced game from the Mannschaft.

4' Good chance for Germany after only 4 minutes of play. Sójka is brought down 27m away from goal and Roth takes the free kick. Wolff is on the trajectory at the far post but barely misses the ball .

8' Big Chance for Germany ! Sarr escapes with the ball and presents himself alone against Pokatilov ! However Krimets seems to have brought him down in the box but denies having touched him. VAR in progress.

10' After a while, the referee decides to give Germany a penalty on VAR review ! Krimets also gets a booking for good measure. Textbook penalty for Szymon Sójka who rams the ball into the left side of the net, while Pokatilov goes right, 1-0 Germany !

18' Another chance for Germany ! Another foul by Turkestan give Germany the upper hand with a free kick. Roth takes it and tries for goal directly. Pokatilov is on the trajectory though, and saves the attempt.

26' Germany look uncomfortable in the midfield. They hold possession of the ball but cannot crack open the Turkestani defense and instead rely on a controlled game to bring the ball forward.

32' Germany's Thanh finds Sójka alone however he fails to properly control the ball as it comes racing towards him, and the ball hits his knee, going wide off the left post.

38' Brutal defending from Kichin and Alip onto Thanh. The German defender is on the ground clutching his knee but no booking yet for one of the Turkestani defenders.

45' Another chance for Germany as Sarr runs on the right side, delivering the ball to Roth whose header goes over the bar.

45+3' Half-time ! Germany totally dominate this half but fail to find more than one goal. Turkestan bunker down in their defense and have yet to get a chance in front of goal.

49' Turkestan are getting ugly. Mohr struggles for the ball with Otkur and Oktur whacks the German midfielder in the face. Last warning from the referee who says he won't hesitate to book anyone from now on.

55' Another big chance for Germany ! Corner kick for Germany taken by Sarr, the ball waltzes in on D'Egidio's head who hammers it onto the goal. Another big save by Pokatilov saves his team.

62' Turkestan bite back ! A good counter-offensive by Lux finds Samuli alone against goal. However, Sulzberger comes back at supersonic speed and tackles the Tukestani striker from behind. The referee indicates a penalty for Turkestan !

63' Huge blunder by Samuli ! The Turkestani striker completely whiffs the penalty, sending it high over the bar and denies Turkestan an equalizer !

67' First substitutions for Germany. Thanh and Sulzberger come off, replaced by Šindelář and Germany.

71' Booking for Otkur as his harsh tackle on Mohr is punished.

73' Another booking, this time for Krimets as he tackles Sojka. The German striker loses his temper and also gets a booking.

74' Dual substitution for Turkestan. Krimets and Amanuli are off, Ilyas and Alıkululı are on.

80' Goal for Germany ! Germany pressure the Turkestani side into their 25m. The ball comes on to Šindelář and the Turkestani expect another pass, however, the German striker slams the ball from 20 meters into the top right corner of the net, Germany have a break !

82' Last substitution for Turkestan and Germany. Otkur and Roth are off, replaced by Jurabolı and Kuchler.

85' Germany come very close to scoring again ! Šindelář's cross finds Sarr but the striker's shot is saved by Pokatilov !

90+2' Stupid foul spurred on by frustration by Alip earns him a yellow card.

90+3' The final whistle is blown as Germany beat Turkestan ! The Germans had control of the ball all game but couldn't manage to score more than two goals against a rigid Turkestani defense.

Germany 2 - 0 Turkestan
Sójka (10, pen)
Šindelář (80)​

Shots on target: 5 - 0
Possession: 86 - 14
Yellow Cards: 1 - 4
Red Cards: 0 - 0
Man of the Match: Szymon Sójka (Germany)
12: France 1-Macedonia 0

P: Good afternoon and welcome to a new game of the 2020 World Cup. My name is Pablo Cervantes and together with my partner Carla Schulenburg we are happy to be with you today from sunny Cabo San Lucas, where today France and Macedonia will face each other in a rematch of that exciting semifinal in 1996, where the Macedonians surprised everyone by reaching that instance, but ultimately lost against the French.

C: Thank you very much, Pablo, it is a pleasure to be with all of you in this match that has effectively reminded many of that game in which Zinedine Zidane established himself as one of the best in the world. However, today things look very different, with a French team full of stars, a combination of young players and veterans, and definitely one of the favorites to take the title this year, while Macedonia is going through a generational change that made them miss the last two editions of the World Cup.

P: Hopefully it will be a good game, which will start in 10 more minutes, while the anthem ceremony will begin in 5. Today we have the honor of having the presence of the Duke of Oaxaca, Agustín Hapbsburg, uncle of the current emperor and one of the main promoters of Mexico's candidacy to host this World Cup.

C: And the opening ceremony begins, let us respectfully listen to the national anthems of the French National Union and the Macedonian Empire.

P: There is loud applause from fans at the stadium, including a large group of French and Macedonians who are trying to be louder than their rivals.

0 ’ And we start! Da Costa passes the ball back to Wijnaldum, who quickly begins to advance into enemy territory, with his teammates spreading out across the field.

10’ The French pressure is felt on all the lines of play of the Balkan squad, or is it an Anatolian squad? Whatever the case, they need to pay attention to every move they make, unless they want one of the three Mbappés in the opposing team to score.

15’ First dangerous approach by the French: Hakimi escapes on the right wing, crossing the ball towards da Costa, whose header goes far up. He shouldn't have jumped that much before heading.

23 ’ What a shot! Kylian Mbappé cuts from the right side towards the center and takes a left-footed shot that Saveski sends to a corner kick with his fingernails. If that ball had gone two centimeters higher we would be talking about the first goal of the afternoon.

Ionski cleans the field with a break on Wijnaldum and sends a filtered pass to Kuber, who is about to shoot, but a very timely sweep by van Dijk ends the Macedonian attack.

30’ After half an hour of play French domination is evident, but their attack has been nullified by the Macedonians, who are not risking anything, clearly trying to get away with a draw and try to get enough points to go on to the next round in their remaining three games.

42' France wants to close the first half with the advantage and launches an offensive again, this time coordinating an attack in the middle with Napoleon Mbappé sending a filtered pass to Da Costa, who shoots, but the ball crashes into the goalkeeper and goes out with a corner kick awarded.

46 ’+2
The first half is over! 45 minutes without many emotions in which France had two clear options, while Macedonia is still determined not to go beyond their side of the field and defend until the 90th minute arrives.

50 ’ First change of the game, Ionski is replaced by Popov, a more defense-oriented player, in a clear sign that Macedonia will not change its approach in this second half.

56’ Van Dijk leaves the field and is replaced by Agoume, who will try to find the combination to break the Macedonian lock.

60’ Hakimi sweep against Kuber!, who wanted to leave the French defender behind to face Donarumma. The referee signals a free kick on the edge of the box and shows a yellow card to the defender of the Méditeranée Marseille. Dardan will be in charge of taking the shot, in what could be the Sunbursts' clearest option of the game.

Dardan crashes his shot into the wall and the ball goes out for a throw-in for Macedonia.

63' Macedonia's second change: it seems that Kuber cannot continue after Hakimi's sweep and will be replaced by Lukić, who will occupy the same position.

70’ Corner shot in favor of Macedonia. The kick of Pellas is bad and goes directly into the hands of the French goalkeeper.

74' New attempt by France! Starting from his own field, Hernandez runs the entire left wing and crosses the ball to Mbappé, who is waiting in the center. However, the cross is a bad gone and goes long to the other side of the court.

76’ Last change for Macedonia: Attikaski leaves for Limnios. Obviously Siovas wants to park the bus for the last 15 minutes of the game.

81’ It looks like Macedonia is going to get away with it and will get the 0-0 draw they have looking for the whole game. Wait a moment! The referee signals a free kick after a tackle by Limnios on Da Costa. Brašković, an expert in these situations, will take the shot.

82 ’GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Nothing to do for Saveski. A masterful free kick from Brašković, who places the ball on the angle, where the spiders weave their nests. No one could have stopped that shot. France's patience is rewarded and they go up 1-0.

85 ’Macedonia is now trying desperately to launch attack after attack but without much success. France's defense is almost as good as its attack and its discipline disarms any attempt by the rival to reach their goal.

89 ’Change for France: Camavinga for Brašković who, with his masterful goal, is giving his team the victory.

90 ’+3 End of the game! France takes its first three points despite the heroic defense of the Macedonians, who now will have to go against the current for the rest of the tournament. We are Pablo Cervantes and Carla Schulenburg, thank you very much for joining us and see you next time.

Brašković 82'

France: Donnarumma, Hermandez, Mbappé, Van Dijk (Agoume, 56'), Hakimi, Mbappé, Wijnaldum, Brašković (Camavinga, 89'), Mané, Mbappé, da Costa

Macedonia: Saveski, Trajkovski, Aleksov, Solun, Pellas, Spasovski, Attikaski (Limnios, 75'), Ionski (Popov 50'), Dardan, Kuber (Lukić, 63'), Korab

1-0 Brašković, 82’

Yellow cards:
France: Hakimi, 60’
Macedonia: None

Red cards:
15: China 1-Patagonia 0




18' Bad tackle on Li Mao sees Bastian Berg sent off.



76' After an brawl 3 Patagonian players and 2 Chinese players are all booked and one of them was booked once this game and received another booking and sent off: It was Patagonian forward Halfdan Aftenvind.


Attendance: 43,051

Man of the Match: Li Mao

Sent off: Halfdan Aftenvind and Bastian Berg

Moctezuma Imperial Stadium
16: Viti 2-Banat 1
Hello, and welcome everyone to this interactive live report on thatsfootball.com !
Today takes place, in the San Ildefonso Arena, the first ever match between two small nations: the Banat Republic and the Kingdom of Viti. That’s why we love the World Cup so much, this is the only place we can see such kind of exotic matches!

As those teams never played against before, we don’t know what to expect! Those two teams don’t know each other so they will probably spend the beginning of the first half gauging each other.

For the squads, Raul Cosmescu, the coach of Banat opted for an offensive 4-3-3 with Tiberiu Stefan as a striker.

Starting XI:





On the other side, Alipate Kepa keeps the same starting squad as during the Qualifiers, organized in a 4-4-2 Diamond with Qera as an “enganche”:







The San Ildefonso Arena is far from full today, I guess this match between two of the smallest nation doesn’t drive too much attention. There are small but loud delegations of fans from both countries, at this game, it seems the Vitians are the most demonstrative, let’s see if it can help their team today.

The artists make their entrance in the Arena.

1’ – And it’s OOOOOOOON !!!!

3’ – Qera is already losing his temper, the referee has to tell him to calm down.

6’ – I’m very curious about all these players, I have to say I’m not familiar with any of them, except Živanović and Stefan.

7’ – Nice turf in San Ildefonso, at least that goes well.

8’ – The first strike in the match by Adrián. It’s far and wide. Banat starts well this match, they play high on the pitch and force the Vitians to stay back on defense.

9’ – I don’t appreciate the vice of Barbu. He’s been too rough with the poor Raiwalui.



Viti 1-0 Banat
A real striker goal for Dolokoto. Bolawaqatabu’s strike, slightly countered by a Banatian defender, is hardly pushed back full axis by Velimirovic. And here is Dolokoto who appears to score closely, it's 1-0 and no one saw it coming.

13’ – Viti’s goal helped them to get in order. They play better, a step forward.

14’ – Qera received his first kick from Lazarević. The Banatian wing-backs are not here to play jokes.

15’ – The same Lazarević tries a weird shoot, ends up in the wrong side of the net of Sigarara’s goal. Vitian defense doesn’t look very serene.

17’ –Vitians for a while just stay on the defensive, grouped around the box.

20’ – A nice Vitian move: Qera delivers a nice tense cross to Dolokoto but Ionesco does a perfect interception right before him.

21’ – A bit of a shy attempt from Garbacz, no problem for Sigarara.


Barbu unbalances Raiwalui as he escaped alone towards the goal.
He had played very well on control to gain the upper hand over Barbu.

It may sound severe at the replay, but I think in live it makes the difference.

24’ – Unsurprisingly, the Vitians wake up and push hard. But it lacks precision in the last few meters, especially in the very frustrating Qera.

25’ – Banat doesn’t give up for so little, and Garbacz was not far from being able to arm his strike.

28’ – @Rivellino

I have the right not to like Barbu, haven’t I ? And you seem blinded by the multiple replays to say that he did not touch it.

30’ – Oh I can tell you that I am anything but frustrated this weekend, my good @Rivellino. We will say that it was a bit exaggerated, that's all;)

35’ – Free kick for Banat. Qera has tackled Lazarević too roughly and gets booked a yellow card. The free kick doesn’t lead to anything.

38’ – Raul Cosmescu makes a substitution: Wawrzyniec Wisz enters for Fábián Adrián. I don’t get it, he was most certainly one of the best players of the match on the Banatian side.

42’ - What a control-strike sequence from Dolokoto, mamma mia! Fortunately, Velimirovic saves his team from sinking.

43’ – And another save in front of Naqelevuki ! Banat seems close to break.



Viti 1-1 Banat!!

What a wonderful show from Živanović on the left, who deposits Waqaniburotu and then sneaks into the surface. Sagarari pushes the ball away, but Garbacz follows through to push it to the bottom.

45’ – It is unexpected as Viti seemed better from the goal and the red card. The Banat will have had the merit of not letting go and we can say that it rewards their good start to the match before the expulsion.

45’ - Živanović is a really surprising player: able to be ghostly during an entire match, then to release a genius show.

45’ – Houla, Heidler who is losing his nerves. Beginning of a fight.

45’+6 – The referee distributes cards: a first yellow for Heidler.

45’+6 – Another yellow for Naqelevuki. This is not over yet.

45’+6 – RED CARD!! IT’S A RED CARD!!!

Second yellow card for Qera, who came to participates in the brawl against Heidler.

45’+7 - What a genius Heidler, the dude had everything planned.

45’+8 - At rest, it was time.

After eight minutes of added time, the first period ends at 1-1. Same result for the red cards, Barbu and Qera are already in the shower. Looking forward for what’s next, we meet again in 15 minutes.


47’ – Good luck to analyze this match now. Anyway, I see Banat prevail in the end.

48’ – It's so messy up front, Viti. I'm having trouble with Naqelevuki, who was presented to me as a crack.

49’ - Viti tries to keep the ball, by circulating it. I have the impression that they are counting on Raiwalui to ignite all this.

53’ – The blows are multiplying on both sides, I feel that this match will not end at 10 against 10...

55’ – Viti is better at the start of the second half. Nice opening of Bainimarama for Raiwalui, but Dolokoto is too short to get his second.

56’ - The coiled shot of Naqelevuki, I saw it already inside.



Viti 2-1 Banat

What a beautiful Vitian movement, finally. A breakthrough by Naqelevuki in the axis, which shifts to the right for Raiwalui, whose cross is perfectly cut by the inevitable Dolokoto.

59’ – Second substitution for Banat: Lazarević out, Pataki Rajmund in.

60’ – I just remembered that I put Osea Qera in the main picture of the live. The That's Football curse, over and over again.

66’ – Waqaniburotu is really impressive. Very strong dude.

69’ – First substitution for Viti: Bolawaqatabu out, Volavola in. A midfielder out, replaced by a defender. I guess Viti will try to hold on their advantage from now on.

71’ – Third substitution for Banat: Kozma Benjámin enters in place of Garbacz who was playing well and scored today. I really don’t understand the Banatian coach.

72’ – Yellow card for Voka. It has been a while since the last one.

73’ – OH! what a counter-attack wasted by the Vitians ! That was the 3-1 ball.

75’ – What a ball from Stefan over the Vitian defense, but it was badly taken up by Raimund at the far post. Banat struggles to ignite the match to return.

76’ – Freshly booked, Voka leaves the pitch for the 2nd Vitian substitution. He is replaced by Bulitavu. A midfielder who replaces a defender now. Either I don’t understand a thing about the coaches’ decisions, either my sheets are all wrong!

78’ – Bainimarama just removed the ball of 2-2 from Benjámin. That was close.

80’ – Banat settled in the Vitian camp, circulating the ball patiently while waiting to find a fault to crack the defense.

83’ – Viti has not proposed anything since 2-1, it's depressing. They stay back and defend, defend, defend only.

85’ - Ohhhhhh the post for Naqelevuki after a hell of a number. Velimirovic was beaten! Lucky Banatians!

86’ – The header of Heidler which brushes against the right post of Sigarara... It's tense in this end of the match, in a good way this time.

88’ - Third change for Viti : Dolokoto, who scored twice, is replaced by Murimurivalu. What a match from Dolokoto !

90’ – Viti’s ball losses are sometimes criminal. 3 more minutes of tension at the Arena.

90’+2 - A cross completely screwed from Blagojević, that was it, last cartridge for Banat?

90 +5’ – AND IT’S OVER !!!!
Viti win their first match in this World Cup against Banat! The two teams battled (sometimes literally) through the whole match, but we’ve seen nonetheless some very nice football. Banat seems screwed, as they lost against the least-favorite team. Their chances for the rest of the competition look grim.
As for Viti, they can be proud of themselves, winning in their first ever World Cup Match! We don’t expect much more from them, but they managed hell of an achievement today, and their World Cup is already a success! Let’s hope this is the beginning of a fairy tale for them, and I hope that Dolokoto and al. will perform as good in the next matches.

Viti 2-1 Banat

(Dolokoto 10’, 58’ - Garbacz 44’)
19: Provence 2-Australia 0
Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 7.06.13 PM.png

Referee: Viktor Rašić (Ragusa)

Yellow Cards:
Ludovic Ajorque ('36)
Australia: None

Red Cards:

Player of the Match: Benjamin Andre (Provence)
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Here's a little world-building exercise I created that builds upon TTL, and I encourage others to follow suit! It's always more fun and interesting when the fictional world is detailed and well-established, and with so many different nations of this world, I think it would be a shame if this potential were to be unfulfilled.


Here's a little world-building exercise I created that builds upon TTL, and I encourage others to follow suit! It's always more fun and interesting when the fictional world is detailed and well-established, and with so many different nations of this world, I think it would be a shame if this potential were to be unfulfilled.
Do some for Iran and Turkestan's figures, please? Because this is good

Updated for the second round of results. Correct me if im wrong but in the report for Milan-New Holland there doesnt seem to be an actual clear result?
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It didn't have to be Andrea Belotti who took the shot: Gagliardini feinted toward Cutrone, after all, and if the Canaries hadn't shifted to cover him the attack would have been even more auspicious from his position. But it was Belotti who took the pass, and Belotti who fired the ball into the upper right corner of the net for the only goal of the match, without even having his other foot on the ground.
Basically 1-0 for Milan. Due to the lack of pictures working, the result is only indirectly mentioned.
Here's a little world-building exercise I created that builds upon TTL, and I encourage others to follow suit! It's always more fun and interesting when the fictional world is detailed and well-established, and with so many different nations of this world, I think it would be a shame if this potential were to be unfulfilled.

Great initiative, John_Smith! I'll try to come up with something for my nations.

And I know it isn't the intention of this thread, but a TL (even if veering into ASB territory) on how all these countries came to be in the same world would be interesting.
Great initiative, John_Smith! I'll try to come up with something for my nations.

And I know it isn't the intention of this thread, but a TL (even if veering into ASB territory) on how all these countries came to be in the same world would be interesting.
Yeah that would be really cool!
18: Caribbean 2-Rhodesia 0
from pilkarski.mm
Federation of Caribbean Socialist Republics

: Jorge Moreno


Ricardo Phillipe

Carlens Arcus
Jacob De La Côte
Adrian Mariappa
Frank Léger

Paul Beauvais
Antonio Rubalcalba (56' Mateo Paredes)
Oscar Romero (80' Vladimir Bloncourt)

Raheem Sterling
Pierre Colas
Leon Bailey (90+1' Kwame Jordan)

Union of Rhodesia

Barry Groening


William Jaeger

Preston McPhillips
John L. D'Anzio
John Greig
Ryan Brown

Victor MacLean
Oscar H. Kerr
Lester Addison

(45' Hugh Thorpe) Alec Henderson
Kieth Ferguson Jr.
William McNabb
Caribbean Socialist Republic 2 - 0 Union of Rhodesia
San Felipe Stadium, Leon de los Aldama

Goals: 1-0 Raheem Sterling (62')
2-0 Raheem Sterling (88')

Referee: Wawrzyniec Polcyn (Miedżymorze) - Grade C
The match was easy to referee, but he was too lenient. He should have booked at least Brown (29') and MacLean (72'), and a booking for McPhillips (44') would have been justifiable.

The Brigadiers had stated their intention to get out of their group with a 2-0 victory overRagusa, meanwhile, the team from southern Africa had sat out the first matchday. The Gazelles' coach Groening had used the opportunity to observe the Red Stars' match - and he sent a less defence-oriented side onto the pitch than Ragusa. Of course, defending would still be top priority, but Rhodesia wanted to at least try shooting goals themselves.

From kickoff though, the Caribbean Brigadiers dominated this match and launched attack after attack, but surprisingly, the Rhodesian defence managed to hold them off. For the first fifteen minutes, although Jaeger caught a shot from Colas (8'), no Brigadier attack seemed dangerous enough to make supporters jump from their seats. But this was to change: A well-played move over Rubalcalba, Beauvais, Rubalcalba again, and Romero ended with the latter passing onto the right to Leon Bailey. Bailey outran McPhillips and only a tackle by John D'Anzio stopped Sterling from getting into an ideal position (17').
D'Anzio was lucky that his tackle, instead of resulting in a corner, brought the ball to John Greig. But over Greig, McLean, Kerr, and Lester Addison, Rhodesia started a counterattack - Caribbean goalkeeper Phillipe seemed insecure, but caught the ball at his second attempt. McNabb and Kieth Ferguson Jr. had already positioned themselves and barely missed the opportunity to shoot it into an empty net.

Not too many dangerous moves occurred before the half-time whistle: Ryan Brown unfairly stopped a brilliant dribbling by Raheem Sterling, but the referee's whistle remained silent (29'), and soon after, Jaeger had to deflect a shot by Raheem Sterling (36'). On the other side of the pitch, the Gazelles counterattacked, however, their most successful attempt was a shot from the distance of approx. 24 metres by Addison - Phillipe safely parried it over the crossbar (39'). The resulting corner was harmless.

For the first time in this tournament, a player was substituted out during the break as Barry Groening left Henderson in the dressing rooms, sending out Hugh Thorpe. But it was to no avail. The Red Stars resumed their dominant style of play with a high percentage of ball posession, and so, it was a question of time that the Rhodesian defence would be broken up.

After a nearly perfect cross into the penalty area by Leon Bailey, Colas' header was caught by Jaeger (54'), and Leon Bailey's dribbling attempt was thwarted by Greig in a way that resulted in a goalkick (59'). But then, a grave mistake - and an excellent move - led to the Red Stars' next attack: Rubalcalba passed the ball at what seemed just the right moment to Mateo Paredes, who passed it onto the left wing to Raheem Sterling. He outwitted and outran both Thorpe and Brown, and William Jaeger came out of his goal expecting a cross. However, Sterling did not mean to cross the ball at all, instead, he left Greig in the dust and chipped the ball over Jaeger into an empty net. A brilliant goal, but of course a big mistake of Jaeger not to reckon with a chip! 1-0 Raheem Sterling (62')!

The Gazelle's morale was broken, and the Caribbeans wanted to exploit this with relentless forward play. Jaeger indeed saved the Gazelles when he parried a long shot by Raheem Sterling (68') and tightened the angle against Leon Bailey (70'). But the Gazelles weren't shocked for long. Instead, they did try to initiate some attacks of their own. For the first time in the entire match, Carribean defence was seriously tested. Carlens Arcus secured the ball from Hugh Thorpe (73') after an, admittedly unfair, tackle by MacLean had brought back possession to Rhodesia from Paul Beauvais. Again, the referee's whistle remained silent and VAR was not allowed to intervene...
The next attack, though, came on the heels: After a goalkick, D'Anzio got MacLean involved, who gave the ball to Kerr. Kerr passed the ball to Addison, who played one-two with William McNabb. Addison's dangerous shot was parried away to the right by Phillipe, resulting in a corner. The corner, taken short by McPhillipps onto MacLean, resulted in a cross into the box onto the head of Thorpe - and in chaos. Thorpe was left far too open, but it was a joint effort by De la Côte and Mariappa to deflect the header and clear the ball out of the dangerous zone (81'). Meanwhile, Jorge Moreno had clearly substituted defensively, bringing on Bloncourt for Romero.

Rhodesia clearly wanted to score an equaliser here, however, another attempt at it was stopped when Mariappa won the ball back from McNabb in a centre-right position, more than 20 metres away from goal (86'). And now it was him who started a counterattack. Mariappa gave the ball to Carlens Arcus, who chipped it to Sterling at just the right moment not to have him offside. With Sterling's hard and fast shot, Jaeger was fortunate to deflect it for a corner. The corner itself was cleared away by MacLean, but again it was Sterling who got to the ball first. He dribbled back into the penalty area and, again, shot. And this time, the ball found the back of the net! Jaeger stood no chance to save this shot aimed at the near post! 2-0 Raheem Sterling (88')!

Of course, this goal was decisive. Rhodesia did not manage to create even one more dangerous situation. This strengthens the position of the Caribbean Socialist Republic with now six points, who sit out the next matchday. Meanwhile, Rhodesia - whose next match is against group favourites Leon - comes under even more pressure should they aim to advance into the knockout stage...