AHC/WI/PC: A non colonial European power uses anti-racism to undermine its enemies

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  1. VadisDeProfundis Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    With a PoD after the Congress of Viena, could a European power without any colonies try and use anti-racism and anti-colonialism to undermine its opponents?

    Personally I think a likely candidate would be Germany: it was late to the colonial game IOTL, perhaps it never acquired anything Bar a couple of almost uninhabited islands and some port concessions, could such a Germany, say, be more open to blacks or Asians in order to undermine France or Brutain? Maybe offer a select few access to education or universities in Germany, or try and actually help them instead of oppressing them? Now, it wouldn’t be done out of sheeer goodwill, of course, but Berlin could reason that by helping the locals, maybe arming them, educating them, it would be far more difficult for the British and the French, as well as other colonial powers, to keep them pacified and subjugated, thus conjuring up problems etc.; the stumbling block here being that much of German society at the time seems to me to be, well, well within the standards of the time as far as racial beliefs are concerned.

    Could something like this be at all plausible? Would GErmany, or any other European country without any colonies try to do something like that?
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  2. LostInNewDelhi Anarcho-Shaivist

    Oct 30, 2014
    The USSR more or less fits your bill, with its "Patrice Lumumba University" in Moscow being one of the more visible signs of a fairly consistent anticolonial (as long as you weren't a Balt or Central Asia) policy in Africa and Asia.

    A far-left country that managed to be a major power (but without a frontier like Russia's) would probably try taking up an anticolonial banner as well.
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    Sep 9, 2018
    I actually completely forgot about the Soviets, guess that pretty much answers my question. Could a capitalist country do something similar, seeing that it could not access those closed markets?
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    May 28, 2018
    With the economic difficulties and lack of international cooperation in the 19th Century, even the anti-colonial faction would desire territorial acquisitions themselves as compensation for the war.

    It would probably end up like the Japanese Empire where their anti-colonial doctrine ironically, evolves directly into having colonies like the rest.

    Every empire described itself as starting off defensively. And look at how the French sister republics turned into Napoleonic client states.
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  5. Sol Zagato Well-Known Member

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    Germany did exactly that in China after WWI. Until they switched sides to the Japanese.