AHC/WI: Mexican invasion/conquest of Thirteen Colonies/America

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  1. Zuvarq Pinche pendejo güey

    Oct 27, 2009
    Many times in history, a very skilled leader leads a nation to conquer a much more powerful one. This scenario is unlikely, but not ASB.

    What if Mexico conquers the Thirteen Colonies? They could have lost the Revolutionary War and are revolting again, or their war was much more bloody than OTL, or the Articles of Confederation remain in place and the nation falls apart. Or a combination of those.

    If not even a Mexico with, say, Bonaparte on its side could conquer even a divided Articles US that fought a bloodier revolution--what are the effects of a Mexican invasion that occupied about half the country and is then pushed out?
  2. Tobit Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2008
    The Mexicans would hold onto the colonies for a little while and then sell them back to Britain for a huge amount of money.
  3. Sucrose Bitter

    Jan 10, 2011
    I'm not saying a one-off invasion couldn't take significant cities or control a large area, but the Spanish crown taking the 13 Colonies after 1750 or probably earlier than that is pure ASB.

    It'd be like the United States annexing all of Central America in 1820. Huge and populous territories can't just be swallowed up in one gulp like that. Marching on a capital and forcing the opposing government to concede defeat or sign a treaty is a far cry from conquest of a country.
  4. Zuvarq Pinche pendejo güey

    Oct 27, 2009
    Not the Spanish crown, Mexico/New Spain.

    But actually, the United States could probably occupy and attempt to annex Central America in 1820. Somewhat easily, actually. Central America didn't have many people. The biggest issue is making the US want to invade them and acquire the territory in the first place. (But all that requires is a Kingdom of America with an ambitious king, or a different American perspective on natives and Manifest Destiny).

    EDIT: Here's a scenario that I think could lead to a Mexican conquest of America.
    - The American Revolution is bloody.
    - The Articles of Confederation are not replaced by the Constitution and the nation falls apart.
    - During a big war between a New York led alliance and a Virginia led alliance, Britain attempts to reconquer the Eastern Seaboard. New England or some area in the South may be British loyalist.
    - The British invasion is repulsed.
    - Mexican Emperor decides to invade with the help of a powerful Tecumseh-like Native American chief.
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    Mar 28, 2011
    Former Confederate Republic of Virginia (FCROV)
    If the US is divided, assuming that they are divided enough, it seems plausible.
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    Mexico would need one of two things

    A navy capable of transporting and supporting at least 20,000 troops indefinitely, while fending off any US naval forces

    Or would need an overland route through over 500 miles of rough terrain with no infrastructure, more likely we are talking about 1500 miles from the Mexican center of power, that can support over 20,000 troops indefinitely

    Troop numbers are likely to be closer to 50,000 than 20,000 which makes things worse

    Neither of these are very likely, you probably won't get more than a small chunk of the western border, or a few ports and environs occupied, the logistics won't support any more
  7. Malta Kirked

    Jul 2, 2007
    Unless they give the people what they want. Thousands of Americans moved to Canada AFTER the Loyalists had done so because the British offered Free Land and Lower Taxes then the US. When the War of 1812 came around they didn't lift a finger much to help the US or the British. The majority of people just wanted to be left alone.
  8. Zuvarq Pinche pendejo güey

    Oct 27, 2009
    1776-1785: Bloodier American Revolution
    1787-1788: Shay's Rebellion is barely defeated
    1787: No Constitution
    1790s: More rebellions, unravelling of Union
    1791-1804: Haitian Revolution
    1803: Louisiana not sold.
    1805-1815: New York-Virginia War (involves almost all American states)
    1808: Peninsular War begins. French do slightly better.
    1810: Mexican War of Independence begins
    1811: Natives win Tippecanoe
    1812: British Reinvasion of America
    1813: Tecumseh does not die.
    1815: Agustín de Iturbide proclaimed Emperor of Mexico.
    1815: Napoleon exiled from France.
    1816-1817: Mexican Anarchy
    1816: Tecumseh dies, Tenskwatawa survives.
    1817: Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Emperor of Mexico.
    1819: Napoleon Bonaparte expels the Spanish from Mexico.
    1820: Emperor Napoleon I, Prince Napoleon, and Mexican Patriot heroes invade America. Tenskwatawa is promised the Midwest. Americans who support the Mexicans are promised free land and payment. Slaves who support the Mexicans are promised freedom.
    1821: Anglo settlers invited to Texas and Louisiana. Most are outlaws or Catholic.
    1821-1822: French Canadian revolt
    1823: British invasion repulsed.
    1824: Napoleon I dies.
    1825: Napoleon II Bonaparte crowned Emperor of North America.
    1826: Mexican-supporting American troops granted land in West and in Texas. Mexican-supporting slaves freed.
    1827: The capital becomes New Orleans.
    1831: Tenskwatawa, Chief of "All Indians", dies. To appease American enemies, Napoleon II invades the falling Confederacy and gives land grants.
  9. Falastur Fighting Swiss-wank since 1291

    Jan 16, 2009
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    In all likelihood, the British would likely step in to stop this from happening at an early stage. Even though the Americans had been somewhat antagonistic towards Britain and Canada in particular, there was a fairly widespread understanding that Britain and the US' common heritage meant that they were destined to be fairly close - and for a long time the US was so tied into British trade that no matter how many times they attacked Britain they would always come back to more amicable terms eventually. Indeed I believe that Napoleon himself, or one of his advisors, has left written quotes stating that the view of the French was that within 50 or 100 years of writing (can't remember which), the US would somehow come back into a political union with Britain. Obviously with hindsight this was never going to happen, but it shows how common the belief was that the two countries were bound at the hip. I just can't see the British allowing such a political partner to be walked over.

    Besides which, this begs the question - if Britain couldn't hold the 13 Colonies, what's to say Mexico could?