AHC/WI Islamic European culture. Turkey as a model?

How do you think European culture would have turned out like if most countries would have been successfully converted to Islam in the 16th and 17th century, following a successful Ottoman occupation?

Modern Turkey seems to be a curious mixture of German and Middle Eastern culture.
Outside of overtly religious issues, Turkey seems to follow a somewhat Central European way of life based on Germanic traditions, similar to other OTL Balkan nations like Serbia and Bosnia, while countries like Iran are much more Central Asian in their traditions and way of life.

How would you imagine say a 21st century Denmark or Netherlands in this TL? Pretty much the same as OTL Serbia, but with churches replaced by mosques?
German and Middle Eastern culture.
That is mostly because germany was ottoman and them turkey old friend and a lot of turkish emigrated to germany and keep contact with the homeland. That is a far different scenario.

For Example, an Islamic france would be a very different beast among their border, with the south region being very mediteranean/maghreb but north very different itself