AHC Screw Russia as hard as possible.

There are still a few things that could have gotten worse :

- worse harvests a few years in a row during the bad years, causing worse famine
- the incident in the North Sea between the second Pacific Squadron and British fishing boats result in a war with Brittain.
- conquest of a large part of Siberia by Japan in 1905 (mostly ASB, but who knows)
- the civil war between Reds and Whites last a lot longer and causes millions of dead and intense destruction in the infrastructure

- Rasputin really being unkillable 🤣
Russia goes to war over the annexation crisis, performs even worse, permanently losing territory in the west, and has a much worse revolution that spirals into China style warlordism. The eventual victor is a Pol Pot/Francisco Macías Nguema tier psychopath who implements sui-genocidal policies.
Have a rough idea for a not!Kaiserreich.
Itwly ststs neutral til 1916 -> no Izonzo campaign-> Brudilov Offensive fails -> France collapses -> Russia implodes into Chinese warlords, leading to an invasion by an Imperial Germany who are a nasty Mashup of OTL Nazis and Imperial Japan. Considering that Britain probably goes fascist under an alt Mosley and pro German/anti Communist Edward I don't favor their chances even if the US gets involved and eventually covers Europe in nukes and marines....
Frequent famines
Losing Vladivostok and nearby areas to Japan, due to a more deadly Russo-Japanese War.
No military victory for Russian Empire in WW1.
German Empire soldiers marching on Petrograd (ASB)
A more deadly February and October Revolutions
Much deadlier Russian Civil War

If we extend it, here is my insight:
A much worse version of Stalin presiding, with extended purges and extensive holodomor events
Winning WW2, but with more damages and casualties, inciting instability
Coups and countercoups
2nd Russian Civil War (Nuclear Edition)
Thermonuclear Russian Warlords
Have the 1905 Russian Revolution be slightly less successful/bloody, giving them less leverage with which to pull concessions out of Tsar Nicholas. Even less satisfied than IOTL, political violence is even more overt in the lead up to WW1 with more instability, leading to an even earlier collapse that the Germans can capitalise on. Germans still lose WW1 but there’s a semi-independent Ukraine with a type of force Publique that can hold their own against Socialist/Soviet attacks leading to widespread starvation

Challenge accepted. Oh, I'm, sorry, I thought, you meant, something, else.