AHC: Reverse the fates of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones

With a POD no earlier than 1965, make it so that:

* the Beatles remain active touring and recording musicians well into the 21st century. Hiatuses are allowed, though.
* the Rolling Stones disband before the end of the 60s, and are remembered as trailblazing rock pioneers instead of a cross section of rock across the decades.

Bonus points if neither band seriously deviates from their OTL music.


There was the story in "The Lives of John Lennon" that Yoko Ono worked her magic to pull him back from May Tang by promising a cure for his smoking.

Apparently the 'treatment' left him hypnotised and ready to do what Yoko demanded. This was at the high point of his Solo career when he hit the Toppermost of the Poppermost with a co Production with Elton John "Whatever gets you thru the Night".

Suppose he doesnt fall for the therapy...
The Beatles were never as cohesive & 'professional' as the RS. Lennon, McCartny & to a lesser extent Harrison were artists first & musicians second, with the temperament for independent thinking & alternate creative outlets. The members of the RS were largely committed musicians with a deep affection for a specific musical genre. The Beatles were experimenters & inevitably going to fly off in different directions.
Wouldn't that entail a radical change of each Beatles personality whereby they were coming to blows in one way or another after performing together for 10+ years, so that they could somehow have a successful working relationship over 50+ years?
This is an AHC thread, not an opinion thread.
Hard for the challenge to be done though. You would need John Lennon to lead the Beatles and head the stones, and all the headlines would boost the stones and their music would change so maybe garnering more fans.

That means you need ASBs. It cannot be done without killing members of the Beatles.