AHC - Normalise steroid usage in regular society

Steroids and other PEDs are looked down on by society and outlawed in fitness and sports (even if people get caught doping all the time). The cause of this ranges from the idea of unfair play, cheating, the negative side effects.

What would cause this negative perception not only not form but make injecting some juice be as common as taking ibuprofen (within sensible limits of course)?
AFAIK it was pretty common in cycling and other sports until the 60s* but it changed when Tom Simpson died on the slopes of the Mont Ventoux in 1966 due to a combination of exhaustion alcohol and drugs.
In the 70s and 80s women athletes of the GDR had a bad reputation and were suspected to heavily use drugs, which turned out to be true. There's a story of Heidi/Andreas Kreiger, who was drugged so heavily that she got masculine traits. He said he was glad to be a man, but that him getting hormones without his consent robbed him of the chance to find out for himself what sex he wanted to be.
In the 80s there were several heartfailures in professional cycling, linked to doping.

So what's got to change is that people use them responsibly, and avoid the deaths and scandals. But since athletes want to win, they'll try to get to the limits and will cross those lines.

Sidenote: If you don't ban the use of steriods and other drugs, you will make it necessary for any athlete to take them if they want to compete in a sport. Otherwise they'll won't stand a chance.

*and arguably still is, judging the regular occurance of athletes getting caught.
In addition to making steroid use safer, you need to address cultural attitudes toward drug use in general. In the War on Drugs era, taking steroids seemed too similar to recreational drug use for cultural gatekeepers to tolerate "role models" being open about steroid use.
The argument I've heard about steroid usage is that people want to see athletes perform at their best, and athletes already do everything they physically can to do so which in today's age is damaging to the body over the long term (i.e. how common Tommy John surgery is for pitchers in baseball now). And I think this is true, but the counterargument is how you'll end up with high schoolers (or even younger) using PEDs just so they can compete with their peers and perform at their best, or otherwise do so in imitation of the pro athletes. And inevitably this leaves you with a lot of teenagers who won't make the pro leagues and will thus have spent years of steroid use for nothing.

I think you'd probably need to have society treat it as a natural part of sports medicine, but something to be administered only under the supervision of trained doctors which would prevent some of the worst side effects and limit/ban it for people under 18.


More Pumpkin-headed exathletes, left with damage to their bodies and plenty of left over Roid Rage
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