OTL there is only one self-identified non-Arab nation-state, Israel, in Levant today (defined here as the lands between Anatolia in Turkey, the Suez Canal in Egypt, the Iranian Plateau, and the Arabian Peninsula).

The challenge is to figure out how to maximize the number of non-Arab nation-states in the Levant. Valid timeframe for state formation is between the end of WW2 and the year 2000. The list below is not exhaustive. The states formed don't necessarily need to have a non-Arab majority, but they need to self-identify as a not-Arab state:
  • Israel (Jewish nation-state)
  • Kurdistan (Kurdish nation-state)
  • Assyria (Syriac nation-state)
  • Jabal al-Druze (Druze nation-state)
  • Phoenicia (non-Arab Lebanese / Maronite identity)
  • Aramean Nation (basically these guys, another non-Arab Lebanese / Syriac identity)
  • any other non-Arab states you can think of
Bonus points for also creating one, some, or all of the following independent Arab states:
  • an Arab Alawite state
  • a pan-Arabist / Arab nationalist or Islamist Sunni Arab state that isn't part of a non-Levantine state
  • a Shia Arab state that isn't part of a non-Levantine state
  • any other Arab states you can think of
You can have as many PODs as you feel is necessary without going completely ASB.
You could have a state lead by the Syrian Social Nationalist Party
A pan-Levantine political movement that was explicitly secularist, anticommunist, anti-ethnic nationalism, antisemitic, and anti-separatist (read: against all competing Levantine nationalisms).

That's certainly one state! How could it come into being?