AHC: Most Powerful Chile

IOTL Chile was one of the most sucessful south american states but still fell victim to the revolutions and economic troubles they all suffered. Dispite this it was prosperous the briefly be a major naval power and own a colony (Easter Island). What I want to know is how could they be made stronger ? Chile had plenty of minerals and potential for rapid development - surely they could have managed more.

Could they perhaps have gained more land of their neighbours in the wars - perhaps all of Tierra de Fuego or more of Arica ?
I'm not sure if you initial assumption is quite correct...

Chile flirted with imperialism after the War of the Pacific, even sebding troops to Panama City in 1885. After the disastrous 1891 war, however, the wibdow of opportunity was closed for Chile to become a regional power.
Perhaps if the 1891 war is averted, this might change.