AHC: More stable Brazilian 1960s

With a POD of 1959, your challenge is to make the Brazilian 1960s a more stable decade instead of being a recurring sequence of unstable events (such as an attempted coup in 1961 and a successful one in 1964). This also implies that you must keep Brazilian democracy alive, even in the context of the tumultuous state of Brazilian politics at the end of Juscelino Kubitschek's presidential term.

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First, Carlos Lacerda and Magalhães Pinto from becoming governors of Guanabara and Minas Gerais, respectively. Those two played a major role in destabilizing the Goulart administration, after all.

Second, Jânio Quadros briefly dropped out of the 1960 presidential election for a few days. Have him stick to this decision, and Henrique Lott might be elected president. I doubt any people in the military, save for the more radical fringe, would even think about overthrowing one of their own.