AHC: More Guantánamo Bays

How can we get more Guantánamo Bay situations (where one nation exercises perpetual jurisdiction and control over a territory and has a military base there, while recognizing that another nation retains ultimate sovereignty) to arise?

One idea I had was Mers El Kébir (and possibly Bizerte) being retained as a French Guantánamo (due to France's nuclear program being delayed, and more importance being put with the Navy and retaining Northern Med. Bases).

Is this idea plausible, and does anyone else have some suggestions for Alternate Guantánamo Bays?
The UK has a couple of weirdo legal things - Sovereign Base Areas - in Cyprus. There was a suggestion that similar legalities be put in place for Faslane and Rosyth naval bases should Scotland vote to secede from the United Kingdom later this year. Edit - although that was mostly trolling by the "vote No" campaign, not a realistic proposal from the RN.

There were some Treaty Ports left for the use of the RN in the Irish Republic, but they were returned in '38. If you can find a way to not have a trade war in the 30s, they might persist through WWII.

A different (and fairly Francewanky) end to the Indochina War might have left Cam Ranh Bay as French.

More resistance to the US occupation of Japan (post-surrender) might have led to a repeat of the Guantanamo situation with Kadena on Okinawa.

If Denmark had been seen as more Axis than victim, the same might apply to Thule in Greenland (US) and Vagar in the Faroes (UK).

A successful British defence of Malaya in WWII, with a more Far Eastwards-looking (and less destitute) FCO, might lead to an SBA in Singapore.

Not merely a POD but a whole host of butterflies are necessary to get the extraterritorial concessions granted by China to the European powers turned into permanent ones - like, Mao not winning, because he's not going to respect those, what with a political power growing from the barrel of a gun, as he put it.

If this sort of thing was more commonplace for the US, then subsequent bases in Kuwait post-Desert Storm and Iraq post-Iraqi Freedom might be possible. Actually, you could probably put one in Iraq for the British in the 40s - maybe RAF Habbaniyah or a naval base at Basra.
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