I've never been able to understand why noodles aren't a bigger fixture in North Indian cuisine. You'd think bordering a bunch of regions that really like noodles (East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and South India) would mean they'd be pretty prominent, but for some reason, they're not all that big in North India.

Regardless of the reason for their relative unpopularity, your challenge is to change it. Have noodles feature more in North Indian cuisine.
In India which thing can't be eaten by bare hands, will never popular for the main cuisine. If you can make a version of noodle which can, it will be popular like Maggi is popular as two minutes snacks, in India.
Also interested in a scenario to make Noodles more popular in North India, quite like the idea of a Noodle Biryani let alone the prospect of Aromatic Rice Noodles becoming a thing. The same goes for the likes of Chickpea-based Burmese Tofu, Seitan / Wheat Gluten and a fermented Barley-based Soy Sauce analogue called Murri all becoming more popular in India.

Another would be a local Indian analogue to the vegetarian Cheese-based Glamorgan sausage
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There’s a theory that despite the fork having been introduced to Europe from the Middle East earlier, it was only the rising consumption of pasta in Italy that popularized its use.

So maybe as noodles become popular, Indians either adopt chopsticks or forks to eat it. This in turn makes new types of foods popular.