AHC: Ireland remains completely in the United Kingdom and Irish spoken more


My challenge would be, how would one make Irish a more widely spoken language in Ireland (greater than at least 500,000 native speakers, or better, over 1 million), including more media (newspapers, tv shows, movies) natively in the language or broadcast in translation in Irish. The PoD would be after 1850.
well uping the population who speaks native irish/gealic, is not that hard really...nowadays in the republic its learned at school, so you could just really have more empahsis on promoting the launguage within the united kingdom, mabye making it a offical reigional dialect taught in schools

the problem ofc is keeping ireland in the united kingdom....as many have said before, butterfly away the potato famine and itll be alot easier
the best and easiest way would be to get rid of the potato famine, or change the british response to it. The famine killed and/or drove out a huge number of Gaelic speakers. Also have the language used in school and in church. Also maybe give them some earlier home rule.