AHC: Have the Second Great Awakening lead to a American Reform Party

1) In otl, the Second Great Awakening was an extremely large religious revival that took place in the early half of the 19th century. It spread across the entirety of the United States at the time, and affected people of all walks of life, frontiersmen, southerners, northerners, and even slaves.

2) The goal of this challenge is for the Great Awakening to lead to a religious/moralistic political movement that would create a "American Reform Party". This party will need to meet the following requirements for the AHC to be successful:

A. Must be formed between the years 1816 and 1832.
B. Must win at least two presidential elections between 1816 and 1840.
C. Must at one point have at least 1/3 of the seats in Congress.
D. Must have at least half of the following ideas/beliefs in its party platform:
- Government funding of mental institutions and prison reform
- Wants to get rid of the death penalty
- Either Abolition of slavery, limiting the expansion of slavery, or federal funding for the American Colonization Society
- A "positive assimilation" of Native Americans into American society for those who already live in US claimed territory
- Against westwards expansion (No wanting Texas, Mexico, Oregon, Great Plains, or the Rockies).
- Prohibition of alcohol.
- Public Education for all American children.
- National University that funds scientific and medical studies.
- More religious wording put into the Constitution and laws
- National Public Decency Laws