AHC: Have Britain go to war with *every* country

Fashoda goes differently, UK forces invade French colonial holdings in Africa. Guatemala decides to make a move on Belize, Britain solves two problems at once and later expels German investors from Guatemala after taking it over. Paraguay proves a refuge for Germans escaping Europe who flee in a small group into Bolivia who protests the British army 'invading' to capture them.
So many of y’all have probably seen some iteration of this map on the bottom of the post, which is a map of countries Britain has yet invaded.

So the challenge is to make Britain invade or declare war on the countries named.
AFAIK, the map shows the countries (adjusted to the modern borders) with which in OTL Britain had some form of a military conflict over the centuries. So, there is no challenge. 🤗

Needless to say that most of the European countries are relevant to WWI and WWII and even in the earlier cases Britain was acting as a part of a coalition.
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