AHC germany-led allies VS Soviet union

I would like for you beautiful people to actually make the soviet union the aggressor in WW2 and then make the europeans(+the brits) ally SPONTANEOUSLY with nazi germany(if you need to remove Hitler from power and put someone else in charge, then do it, less, or even no jews killed=more manpower and less hatred for the germans, and yes, I know that without hitler nazi germany is not nazi germany) and then beat up the soviets(the entire soviet union has to be conquered, from european russia to the easternmost beach in siberia). To not overpower the allies, the US doesn't have to be part of the allies, if they have to fight something, be it the Japs.
P.s.: if you need the US to join the allies to entirely beat the soviet union, so be it, but it would be more interesting if they stayed out of them.
No one, really? C'mon!
First off bumping is considered rude. So I take you saying duck off to me and return the sentiments to you.

You posited an unlikely scenario requiring amoung other things no Hitler and no Stallin and asked us to write it.

There would be a huge amount of butterflies and it would take a huge amount of work to explore the scenario. It's perfectly fair that people wouldn't be interested in it.
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I didn't know that you could be offended by this "buying" thing (whatever this means in this specific context), but if you don't have any intention of working on this, then just don't even bother with replying
Hi Clodenjoy,

First off, a thought or two, from my (somewhat limited) experience here: I've never seen a discussion start with "here's a timeline idea, somebody figure out how to make it work". An AHC is usually about how to change one or two little things. Sometimes the OP has an idea for a timeline around the idea, sometimes it's just a scenario they think is interesting.

So, if your initial post said something like "What could change to make the USSR the aggressor in WW2, and Germany allied with the western powers against them?", then people might offer ideas. If you want to write that into a whole timeline where the USSR gets conquered, that's going to be your own project.

So, here's one idea about how it could start: Suppose that President Hindenburg doesn't appoint Hitler as chancellor in 1933. As a result, the Nazis don't seize power, and Germany remains divided politically. So then, it's the Soviets who cross the line, sometime in the late 30s, perhaps invading the Baltic states, or one of the other eastern European countries. As in OTL, France and Britain honor their treaty obligations and declare war. And they're off to the races....


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With a POD early enough you could end up with a softer Nazi germany. The Jews had a hard time throughout Europe at the time so it can still be harsh - maybe cultural rather than ‘racial’

Austria and Chekeslivacia can still happen but Poland is a no no.

U.K. and France rearm as they did IOTL.

Soviets occupy the Baltic’s and invade Finland. But more Soviet forces are deployed facing unoccupied Poland - or maybe in a fit of unrealustic madness Stalin goes for both.

French and British want to support Finland and Poland but can’t really without Germany.

Somehow they agree to work together and Russia ends up facing most of Europe and the British and French empires.

maybe Japan sees an advantage to trying to seize the resources they want whilst the Europeans are distracted

somehow America sits it out

very ASB but it’s all I have off the top of my head.