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    Challenge: Have the seat of the Pope/Catholic Church be in Canterbury instead of Rome, without schisms/antipopes.
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    Only one I can think of is a successful Muslim invasion of France, followed by Italy. The Pope, chooses Britain over Germany as the best place to set up shop, and establishes the Papacy-in-Exile in Britain.

    Whilst not very powerful, it would be interesting to see a Free Papacy that tries to organise Crusades. Whilst I'm not sure it WOULD lead to this, it'd be interesting if a Free Papacy was subordinate to the Ecumenical Patriarch (thus avoiding the Schism as Roman political support would be deeply useful). It might also be interesting if the Latin Church had people leaving to join the Pope in Canterbury, forming a sort of exodus population that sought to retake their homelands.
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    Well the Umaayad collapse will be interesting. France will likely become a battleground between the two faiths and Italy could see total conversion given it's closer proximity to the Muslim core and the smaller population
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    Make the plague in Europe worse, have it hit the Papal city especially hard such that the only way out is by sea. Then make the rest of France and Italy undesirable (maybe the entire population of the ports they land appear dead or dying?). Get Edward III to abandon the siege at Calais and stall the arrival of Black Plague to England with Pope Clement VI arriving not long after the Plague erupts, especially if Limousin (Clement VI's home province of France) falls under English control shortly before the Plague hits. This becomes easier of the 1328 homage visit garners a response from Edward III and the two build a friendship or at least working relationship.
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    Beckett becomes Pope, but also is still Henry's chancellor - so an early Avignon Papacy in Canterbury.