Transition from Tsarism to democratic constitutional monarchy : Possible ?

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Lets assume, that before or with 1st January 1917 there's a peace treaty signed between the german empire and the russian empire. Conditions :
  • 1 billion Goldmarks reparations (or however named) to be payed over a 10 years period Payment in "goods" as well as "assets" (i.e. mining/railway/port/land/etc. concessions) possible.
  • lithunia and congress-poland become a "reunited", independant" state (under acknowledged german "influenc") as a security "buffer"
  • (maybe "Duchy of Kurland" with its harbors Windau and Libau become "associated" to the german empire with Wilhelm II/the Hohenzollerns as its head-of-state)
  • Romania gets Bessarabia (with or without Odessa ?)
  • army garrisions in european russia (including Finland, the "rest" of the baltics, Ruthenia and the Ukraine) are to be reduced/limited
So far (at first) for the conditions regarding the "direct" german-russian points.
Further stuff like other Balkan- or Caucasus"regulations" are open to further discussion/personal thoughts.
Take your pick.
Also the question, if the paece is a peace between the CP and russia alone or part of a "general" peace arrangement including the other Entente-powers also ... like a "2nd Vienna Congress".
Take your pick.

With the Tsar still in "power" end of 1916, though his empire is at that point already short of domesctic explosion :
would it be possible, that without further war a transition of the autocratic tsarist regime, as even Nicholas II still executed it to a much more democratic (esp. a goverment responsible to the parliament for all of its actions) form of goverment of the russian empire (with the/a Tsra still at least nominal head of state) occurs ?
Please elaborate your vote and what might happen.

THX in advance :)
Tsar Nicolas the second abdicates earlier and a much more competent brother or cousin takes the throne.

As a condition for still supporting the monarchy the prime minister and Duma force the Current Tsar to abdicate to ether his son his cousin or nephew or brother the Nicolas and Alexandria would quietly be retired to an estate in Crimea.