AHC: Alternate Crimean War.

I had an idea: the Crimean War does not happe until the 1880s, and at that point it is really a war over Central Asia, with the Crimea as an excuse. The war has Russia,Austria, and Austrian-Influenced Southern Germany pitted against France, Britain, Sweden, the Ottoman Empire, and North Germany. The main fronts are in Central Europe, the Balkans, Crimea, Finland, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Balkan nationalists will rise against the Ottomans also.

My question is, in this universe what would the war look like, and what would the result and post war world look like?
So why does Nicholas not press the issue when Napoléon III forces Abdülmecid to accept the Roman Catholic Church as supreme authority over the Christian places in the Holy Land?
The Crimean War was about the Danubian principalities as much as it was about anything - the British and French landed in the Crimea because they couldn't work out where else to get at Russia after chasing them out of what is now Romania.

I can easily accept a delayed war, since the circumstances that led up to Russia's invasion of the Principalities can be played out differently, especially if they had sensible understanding of Britain's position in Constantinople.

The problem with just delaying it and then say lets have it a decade later, is what's happened in the interim? There was a hell of a lot going on in the late 1850s and early 1860s and some of this was a direct consequence of the effects of the Crimean War - without it, do you get the first wars in Northern Italy, or does Sardinia remain stuck inside itself, with no French support? Is there an Indian Mutiny? Does France get involved in Mexico? Do Prussia and Austria go to war with Denmark? Does Spain get itself involved in a pointless and long war in South America?

Without the answers to these, its difficult to see how we can just jump to the mid 1860s because we have no idea what the mid 1860s is going to look like

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