AHC: Alternate Cold War: Democracy VS Monarchy

You could still manage to have Russia lead the side that isn't Democracy.
Super crazy idea for a POD that isn't technically ASB (if super unlikely) and hilariously dystopic whilst just being pre-1900.

Young Stalin, driven to rage when his drunken father comes home to beat his mother, ends up killing his father by accident.

Fleeing east, he ends up in Mongolia to start a new life. There he eventually comes in contact with the mad Baron Sternberg who becomes his mentor.
Having less funding and dealing with horrific terrorist attacks, the Communists fail whilst Sternberg and his protégé Stalin become the saviours of Tsarism.

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I doubt that the Russians would countenance parts of Serbia being given to Bulgaria, given that they joined the war to protect Serbian sovereignty in the first place. (At least, nothing more than border corrections, as long as Serbia is compensated handily with Bosnia and the Serbian Banat.)

More likely that Bulgaria is promised parts of eastern Thrace, with Russia getting control over the Sea of Marmara.

IIRC Russia historically *did* try to pressure the Serbs into such a deal.