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    May 16, 2019
    I'm guessing that will happen here too?
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    Free Kentucky
    Up to @OldNavy1988
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    Apr 24, 2014
    Two more rebel league teams have been revealed:

    Tampa Bay Tortugas

    Memphis Hound Dogs:

    And thus that completes the Rebel League's Eastern Division.

    Birmingham Magicians
    Memphis Hound Dogs
    New York Emperors
    Tampa Bay Tortugas

    Anaheim 55ers
    San Antonio

    The last slot in the west is still open. Now it's down to:
    - Phoenix
    - Sacramento
    - Salt Lake​
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    May 16, 2019
    You mention San Antonio twice.

    I like the Tampa Bay team jerseys. So 70's with it.

    Actually, can you make either Las Vegas or Salt Lake City a team selection as well? I can't remember if Portland already have a Driveball team anyways?

    Edit: Didn't see Portland for some reason. D'oh.
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    Apr 24, 2014

    Portland is guaranteed a team in the Rebel League.
  6. OldNavy1988 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2014
    Final rebel league team names revealed.

    Birmingham Magicians
    Memphis Hound Dogs
    New York Emperors
    Tampa Bay Tortugas

    Anaheim 55ers
    Phoenix Gila Monsters
    Portland Chinooks
    San Antonio Armadillos

    Now I just need a name for the league itself.​
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    Feb 17, 2017
    Union City-Fremont, CA
    Possible League Title: The World Driveball League
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    Apr 24, 2014
    Thanks for the suggestion, but it'll instead be called the International Driveball Alliance (IDA).

    Here's the field design that'll be used by the IDA:

    The squares serve the same purpose as face-off circles and spots in ice hockey. Instead of line-outs and scrums, an Aussie style bounce-off will restart play if the ball goes out of bounds, after a penalty, or after a time out is called.

    The new outer arc around the penalty arc is the Field Goal Arc.
    - Over (over the crossbar): 3 Points
    - Goal (under the crossbar and into the net): 6 points
    - Behind (borrowed from Aussie rules): 1 point
    - Field goal: 4 or 5 points​
  9. Threadmarks: 1970 UDA Standings

    OldNavy1988 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2014
    The biggest story for the UDA this year has been the arrival of the Baltimore Barons.

    The erstwhile Detroit Roadsters made their Baltimore debut on March 14, 1970. In front of a sold out Memorial Stadium, the Barons defeated the Washington Commanders in a 45 to 23 rout. Much to the chagrin of the fans they left behind in Detroit, the Barons would ultimately clinch a Wild Card spot in their first year in Baltimore.

    While there was excitement in Baltimore, the same could not be said in Buffalo. After winning the Frosty Mug last year, the Lakers unwisely chose not to extend the contracts of the players that helped them get to the top.

    Point differentials and key Houston losses helped the Pittsburgh Knights grab the lowest seed wild card in the Continental Conference. 1970 was also the Knights' final season at Forbes Field. They will share Three Rivers Stadium with the Pirates and Steelers, beginning in 1971.

    1970 Regular Season Standings

    National East
    Miami Flamingos 12-2
    Atlanta Aviators 10-4

    New York Heroes 4-10
    Philadelphia Brawlers 3-11
    Buffalo Lakers 2-12

    National Central
    Cleveland Mad Hatters 8-6
    Chicago Gaels 7-7

    Cincinnati Gladiators 5-9
    Milwaukee Voyagers 3-11

    National West
    Seattle Emeralds 10-4
    St Louis Showboats 8-6

    Oakland Squirrels 6-8
    San Diego Admirals 5-9

    Continental East
    Washington Commanders 11-3
    Pittsburgh Knights 9-5

    New Jersey Rogues 6-6
    Boston Unicorns 2-12

    Continental Central
    Minnesota Shockers 12-2
    Baltimore Barons 10-4

    New Orleans Revelers 6-8
    Kansas City Rustlers 6-8

    Continental West
    Los Angeles Jaguars 10-4
    San Francisco Dragons 9-5

    Houston Marshals 8-6
    Dallas Metros 6-8
    Denver Majestics 3-11​
  10. Threadmarks: 1970 UDA Playoffs

    OldNavy1988 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2014
    Wild Card Round

    Atlanta 30 - St Louis 18 at Busch Memorial Stadium
    Cleveland 27 - Chicago 9 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium

    San Francisco 42 - Baltimore 36 at Memorial Stadium
    Los Angeles 33 - Pittsburgh 27 at LA Memorial Coliseum


    Atlanta 36 - Miami 27 at the Orange Bowl
    Seattle 12 - Cleveland 6 at Husky Stadium

    Minnesota 21 - San Francisco 18 at Metropolitan Stadium
    Washington 18 - Los Angeles 15 at RFK Stadium

    Conference Finals

    Atlanta 24 - Seattle 15 at Husky Stadium
    Washington 39 - Minnesota 29 at RFK Stadium

    Twenty Third Frosty Mug at the Astrodome

    July 12, 1970

    TV: NBC
    Announcers: Curt Gowdy and Bernie Berman

    Washington 56 - Atlanta 48
    MVP: Wayne Gunther (Forward; Commanders)

    UDA All Star Game at the Astrodome
    National 42
    Continental 33
  11. Threadmarks: 1970 CDL Results

    OldNavy1988 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2014
    Eastern Division
    * Toronto Titans 10-4
    * Ottawa Lumberjacks 8-6
    Montreal Trappers 4-10
    Les Castors de Montreal 4-10
    Hamilton Maulers 3-11

    Western Division
    * Winnipeg Aces 13-1
    * Vancouver Ravens 11-3
    * Saskatchewan Stags 8-4
    Edmonton Barons 5-9
    Calgary Bighorns 4-10

    * denotes playoff team.

    Tiebreaker at Lansdowne Park
    Ottawa was awarded home field advantage due to point differentials.

    Saskatchewan Stage 27
    Ottawa Lumberjacks 39

    East Semifinal at CNE Stadium

    Ottawa Lumberjacks 42
    Toronto Titans 36

    West Semifinal at Winnipeg Stadium

    Vancouver Ravens 15
    Winnipeg Aces 21

    Dominion Cup at Ivor Wynne Stadium

    Ottawa Lumberjacks 45
    Winnipeg Aces 39

    MVP: Jacques LaFontaine (Center; Lumberjacks)
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    Jul 26, 2008
    Look behind you
    So is there any relation between the Canadian League and the UDA? As in do they ever play each other?
  13. TheMatthew25 Something, Something, On YouTube Now, Something.

    May 16, 2019
    Nope. Think it as CFL and NFL when it comes to Driveball. Would be cool to see a exhibition game between two team from each league.

    Maybe have a return match for the Toronto Titans to US Driveball in the exhibition games?
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  14. Threadmarks: Monday Night Football kicks off!

    OldNavy1988 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2014

    In the fall of 1970, the American Broadcasting Company debuted a weeknight experiment that would eventually grow to become a staple of American pop culture.

    This daring new venture in sports television made its' debut in our nation's capital.

    Art Modell (Owner of the Washington Potomacs):
    "Nobody else wanted it. Nobody wanted to play it, fearing it would die at the gate. I said 'Lemme take a chance in Washington, just gimme the Giants.'

    Largest crowd in Potomacs history. That started our sellout streak. Sonny Jurgensen put on a spectacular show that night."

  15. Threadmarks: 1970-71 Offseason

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    Apr 24, 2014
    September 23, 1970

    The UDA holds its Board of Governors meetings in Indianapolis, Indiana. On the agenda this year is a plan for where the next six Frosty Mugs will be held.

    The 24th Frosty Mug, which will be played in July of 1971, will be held in Boston at the new domed stadium that currently houses the Unicorns and NFL Patriots.

    The 25th Frosty Mug will be held in Cleveland, Ohio for July 1972.

    The 26th Frosty Mug is slated for Riverfront Stadium, the new home of the Cincinnati Gladiators. The game is slated for July 1973.

    The 27th Frosty Mug is slated for Three Rivers Stadium, the new home of the Pittsburgh Knights. The game is slated for July 1974.

    The 28th Frosty Mug is scheduled for July 1975 at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium.

    The 29th Frosty Mug will be held in Philadelphia as part of year long Bicentennial celebrations in July 1976.
  16. Threadmarks: 1970-71 Offseason Part 2

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    Apr 24, 2014
    For the 1971 UDA season, NBC and CBS began to streamline their respective announcer pairings.

    CBS (Continental Conference)
    Ray Scott and Corky Liebowitz
    Frank Glieber and Cap Maynard
    Don Criqui and Alex Montague
    Dick Stockton and Nick Harris
    Lindsey Nelson and Chet O'Donnell
    Tom Brookshier and Willard Huffman
    Pat Summerall and Rudolph Lowe
    Jack Whitaker and Everett Cooley

    NBC (National Conference)
    Curt Gowdy and George Bianchi
    Charlie Jones and Jerry Rosenbach
    Jim Simpson and Muggsy Russo
    Ross Porter and Bob Odom
    Bill O'Donnell and Milt Lange
    Merle Harmon (previously the radio voice for the Rustlers and later the Voyagers ITTL) and Gene Hood
    Jay Randolph and Cliff Potter

    For the inaugural season of the Independent Driveball Alliance, ABC Sports boss Roone Arledge rolled out the following assignments at a meeting with network brass:

    - Howard Cosell, Art Tempest and Bernie Berman
    - Keith Jackson and Jimmy Pendleton
    - Chris Schenkel and Dwight Taylor
    - Frank Gifford and Carl Tanner
  17. Threadmarks: 1971 UDA Standings

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    Apr 24, 2014
    1971 UDA Standings

    The 1971 season was the first for a few teams in new stadiums.

    In Philadelphia, the 1971 season was the Brawlers' first at Veterans Stadium. Even though the facility is brand new, there are already issues with the stadium's Astroturf surface. This caused the Brawlers' scheduled home opener against the Buffalo Lakers to be rescheduled to the end of the regular season, delaying the playoffs by one week.

    In Pittsburgh, it was the Knights first season at Three Rivers Stadium, which the team will share with the MLB Pirates and NFL Steelers. The Knights previously played at Forbes Field from 1954 to 1970.

    In Cincinnati, it was the first season for the Gladiators at Riverfront Stadium after splitting time between Crosley Field and Nippert Stadium since 1968.

    In San Francisco, 1972 will be the Dragons' first full season at Candlestick Park after about seven years of splitting time with Kezar Stadium. Dragons founder Buzz Fitzsimmons purchased the old Seals Stadium, saving it from the wrecking ball. The former baseball park is where the Dragons currently hold training camp, weekly practices, and serves as the club's corporate headquarters. The Dragons share Candlestick with the MLB Seals and NFL 49ers.

    The Chicago Gaels temporarily moved to Comiskey Park for the first seven weeks of the season. This was to allow time for Chicago's Parks Department to install AstroTurf at Soldier Field. Starting in 1972, the Gaels will now share Soldier Field with the NFL Bears, who are moving out of Wrigley Field after roughly five decades.

    National Conference
    Miami Flamingos 11-3
    Buffalo Lakers 10-4

    Atlanta Aviators 6-8
    Philadelphia Brawlers 6-8
    New York Heroes 1-13

    Cincinnati Gladiators 9-5
    Cleveland Mad Hatters 7-7

    Chicago Gaels 4-10
    Milwaukee Voyagers 4-10

    Oakland Squirrels 11-3
    St Louis Showboats 9-5

    San Diego Admirals 6-8
    Seattle Emeralds 6-10

    Continental Conference
    New Jersey Rogues 9-5
    Pittsburgh Knights 9-5

    Washington Commanders 7-7
    Boston Unicorns 4-10

    Baltimore Barons 11-3
    Minnesota Shockers 8-6

    New Orleans Revelers 6-8
    Kansas City Rustlers 4-10

    San Francisco Dragons 11-3
    Denver Majestics 10-4

    Dallas Metros 6-8
    Los Angeles Jaguars 5-9
    Houston Marshals 4-10

    Playoff teams in BOLD.
  18. OldNavy1988 Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2014
    Bordered in red below is the land purchased by San Francisco Dragons owner Buzz Fitzsimmons.
    The Seals Stadium site and surrounding buildings serve as both the Dragons' corporate headquarters and practice facility.
    IOTL, the site is currently a strip mall with a Safeway grocery store.

  19. Threadmarks: 1971 UDA Playoffs

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    Apr 24, 2014
    1971 UDA Playoffs

    July 10-11, 1971
    At War Memorial Stadium
    Buffalo Lakers
    over St Louis Showboats

    At Riverfront Stadium
    Cincinnati Gladiators
    over Cleveland Mad Hatters

    At Mile High Stadium
    Denver Majestics
    over Pittsburgh Knights

    At Rutgers Stadium
    New Jersey Rogues
    over Minnesota Shockers

    July 17-18, 1971
    At the Orange Bowl
    Buffalo Lakers
    over Miami Flamingos

    At the Oakland Coliseum
    Oakland Squirrels
    over Cincinnati Gladiators

    At Candlestick Park
    Denver Majestics
    over San Francisco Dragons

    At Memorial Stadium
    New Jersey Rogues
    over Baltimore Barons

    July 24-25, 1971
    At the Oakland Coliseum
    Buffalo Lakers
    over Oakland Squirrels

    At Rutgers Stadium
    Denver Majestics
    over New Jersey Rogues

    August 1, 1971
    At the South Boston Dome
    Announcers: Ray Scott and Corky Liebowitz

    Buffalo Lakers over Denver Majestics

    MVP: Dexter Rooney (Forward; Lakers)

    With their victory over Denver, the Lakers win their second Frosty Mug in three years.

    August 8, 1971
    At the South Boston Dome
    over National
  20. Threadmarks: 1971 IDA Season

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    Apr 24, 2014
    1971 IDA Season

    The Independent Driveball Alliance made its debut roughly one month after the start of the UDA season. ABC carried most of the marquee IDA matchups in prime time, at a time when the UDA played the majority of its contests on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

    In an attempt to give the IDA a little bit of legitimacy, ABC assigned the upstart league to be part of the network's long running sports anthology series:

    Birmingham Magicians 10-4

    Memphis Hound Dogs 8-6
    New York Emperors 6-8
    Tampa Bay Tortugas 4-10

    Phoenix Gila Monsters 10-4

    Anaheim 55ers 7-7
    Portland Chinooks 6-8
    San Antonio Armadillos 5-9

    1971 IDA Grand Final
    Anaheim Stadium
    Anaheim, California
    August 15, 1971
    Announcers: Howard Cosell, Bernie Berman and Art Tempest

    The story of the IDA season had been the attempt by two of its franchises to land Driveball's biggest star at that time period. The Anaheim 55ers and New York Emperors both wanted the services of Australian born attacker Tony Malcolm. The problem was that Malcolm, 27, still had three years left of an extension he barely signed last season with the Cleveland Mad Hatters. Fearing the loss of their current marquee star, the Mad Hatters took the IDA to court, filing suit in Columbus with the Supreme Court of Ohio. A judge ruled in the Mad Hatters favor, leaving the Fivers and Emps to leave Ohio empty handed.

    On the field, the fight to keep Malcolm under contract was a clear distraction for his Mad Hatter teammates. After starting 1971 at 4-0, the Hatters would drop seven straight and win only three more games. The Hatters slipped to second place while their cross state rival Cincinnati Gladiators grabbed the National Central crown. For the Emps and 55ers, the broken promises of trying to lure Malcolm to their side took the wind out of both team's sails.

    The Phoenix Gila Monsters fought through adversity all season. The club was expected by many to finish dead last in their division. Others predicted the Gilas would run out of money before season's end. The hot weather forced the Gilas to play their home games exclusively in prime time. The only facility available to them was Sun Devil Stadium on the Arizona State Campus. Still, the Gilas used the heat to their advantage in a season that would see them win the West and qualify for the Grand Final.

    The Birmingham Magicians thought they had stable ownership under the control of Birmingham native Marvin L. Warner. Born in Alabama, Warner had actually made much of his fortune in Ohio. He, along with George Steinbrenner, the Gund Brothers, Nick Mileti and Vernon Stouffer, was among many Ohio businessmen that attempted to purchase the Mad Hatters from the Scarfiotti family. When that didn't come to pass, he was briefly involved with the Cincinnati Gladiators until selling his minority stake to Taft Broadcasting last year.

    The Magicians and Gila Monsters met in Anaheim for the first IDA Grand Final. It would turn out to be a sloppy, defensive struggle that was not decided until after the siren. When the horns blared, Phoenix forward Declan O'Shaugnessy, former Gaelic footballer of GAA side Limerick, kicked the over that won the premiership for the Gilas.

    Final Score:
    Phoenix Gila Monsters 18
    Birmingham Magicians 15

    Declan O'Shaugnessy
    (Forward; Gila Monsters)​