AH challenge: Timor, Tyrol... tomato, tomato

When I was becoming interested in history a misreading caused me to think that Italy acquired South Timor, instead of Tyrol, after WWI. Your challenge, should you choose accept it, is to have Italy obtain just that from the Great War with a POD no earlier than 1850. The Great War can start at anytime after 1900 and end at anytime before 1930. (Further World Wars are completely optional.)
Germany could acquire it when they divide the Portuguese colonies together with Britain.
Did you mean that the Italians don't get South Tyrol? They'll be even more pissed off than IOTL.
So, perhaps we include the Dutch in the Central Powers, or in Germany itself. Or, the Dutch side with the Entente, and lose, but ITTL, Italy sides with the Central Powers.