AH Challenge: Republic of Texas Presidential List

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    Nov 23, 2004
    Your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to come up with a list of Presidents for an Independent Lone Star State, with a POD no earlier than 1836. May the Games begin...
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    May 20, 2009
    A "Republic of Texas" that actually wants independence and doesn't immediately and repeatedly try to become part of the US, as it did IOTL, is unlikely.

    Perhaps under the scenario I suggested here, a Haiti like uprising of a massive and growing slave population.

    If it succeeds, as I hope it would, then your first TX president is a slave revolt leader, Toussaint L'ouverture II.

    Under the compromise the freed slaves enact with the Tejano population, the second president is Juan Seguin.

    If the revolt fails, exepct the most brutal of Texan Anglo insurgents to be
    president, an ethnic cleanser like Mirabeau Lamar or a slave trader like Bowie. Someone seeking co existence, as Sam Houston did with Indian tribes, has little chance of being elected.
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    Nov 23, 2004
    Ok here is my new list for a possible "The Republic of Texas" Survives to the Present Day TL after I’m done with my Ronnie in '68 TL. I must admit I was reaching toward the end, Because I believe butterflies would have radically different political figures who weren’t even born IOTL be President

    The Eyes of Texas are upon You…

    1. Samuel “Sam” Houston (I-Huntsville): October 22nd 1836-December 10th 1838
    2. Mirabeau B. Lamar: (I-Laredo): December 10th 1838- December 13th 1841
    3. Samuel “Sam” Houston: (I-Huntsville): December 13th 1841-December 9th 1844

    4. Barnard E. Bee Sr.(N-Houston): December 9th 1844-December 9th 1847
    5. Mirabeau B. Lamar (N-Laredo) December 9th 1847-December 9th 1850
    6. Abner S. Lipscomb (N-Brenham): December 9th 1850-December 9th 1853
    7. Thomas J. Rusk (H-Nacogdoches): December 9th 1853-December 9th 1856
    8. Hardin R. Richards (N-Bowie County): December 9th 1856-December 9th 1859

    9. Elisha M. Pease (H-Lampsas): December 9th 1859-December 9th 1862
    10. Louis T. Wigfall (N-Galveston: December 9th 1862-December 9th 1865
    11. Elisha M. Pease (H-Lampsas): December 9th 1865-December 9th 1868
    12. Andrew J. Hamilton (H-Austin): December 9th 1868-December 9th 1871
    13. Edmund J. Davis (H-Austin): December 9th 1871-December 9th 1874

    14. Hamilton P. Bee (N-San Antonio): December 9th 1874-December 9th 1877
    15. Richard Coke (N-Waco): December 9th 1877-December 9th 1880
    16. Richard B. Hubbard Jr. (N-Tyler): December 9th 1880-December 9th 1883
    17. Richard Coke (N-Waco): December 9th 1883-December 9th 1886
    18. Lawrence S. “Sul” Ross (N-Brazos.): December 9th 1886-December 9th 1889
    19. John Ireland (N-Seguin): December 9th 1889-December 9th 1891
    20. Lawrence S. “Sul” Ross (N-Brazos): December 9th 1891-December 9th 1894

    21. James S. “Big Jim” Hogg (P-Houston): December 9th 1894-December 9th 1897
    22. Charles A. Culberson (P-Dallas): December 9th 1897-December 9th 1900

    23. Joseph D. Sayers (N-Austin): December 9th 1900-December 9th 1903
    24. James S. “Big Jim” Hogg (P-Houston): December 9th 1903-March 3 1906*
    25. Roger Q. Mills (P-Corsicana): March 3rd-December 9th 1906
    26. Thomas M. Campbell (P-Longview): December 9th 1906-December 9th 1909
    27. Andrew J. Houston (P-Independence): December 9th 1909-December 9th 1912

    28. Oscar B. Colquitt (N-Daingerfield): December 9th 1912-December 9th 1915
    29. John Morris Shepard (N-Texarkana): December 9th 1915-December 9th 1918
    30. William P. Hobby (N-Houston): December 9th 1918-December 9th 1921

    31. James E. “Pa” Ferguson (P-Salado): December 9th 1921-December 9th 1924
    32. Miriam A. “Ma” Ferguson (P-Salado): December 9th 1924-December 9th 1927**
    33. James E. “Pa” Ferguson (P-Salado): December 9th 1927-December 9th 1930
    34. John N. Garner (P-Uvalde): December 9th 1930-December 9th 1933

    35. Sam Rayburn (N-Bonham): December 9th 1933-December 9th 1936
    36. James V. Alfred (N-Corpus Christi): December 9th 1936-December 9th 1939
    37. Sam Rayburn (N-Bonham): December 9th 1939-December 9th 1941
    38. Thomas T. “Tom” Connally (N-Waco): December 9th 1941-December 9th 1944
    39. James V. Alfred (N-Corpus Christi): December 9th 1944-December 9th 1947
    40. Thomas T. “Tom” Connally (N-Waco): December 9th 1947-December 9th 1950

    41. Wilbert L. “Pappy” O’Daniel (P-Dallas): December 9th 1950-December 9th 1953
    42. Coke R. Stevenson (P-San Angelo): December 9th 1953-December 9th 1956
    43. Allen Shivers (P-Austin): December 9th 1956-December 9th 1959
    44. Marion P. Daniel Sr.(P-Liberty): December 9th 1959-December 9th 1962

    45. Lyndon B. Johnson (N-Stonewall): December 9th 1962-December 9th 1965
    46. Ralph W. Yarborugh (N-Austin): December 9th 1965-December 9th 1968

    47. John Tower (P-Houston): December 9th 1968-December 9th 1971
    48. John Connally (P-Houston): December 9th 1971-December 9th 1974

    49. Lloyd M. Bentsen (N-Houston): December 9th 1974-December 9th 1977
    50. Dolph Briscoe (P-Uvalde): December 9th 1977-December 9th 1980
    51. Lloyd M. Bentsen: (N-Houston): December 9th 1980-December 9th 1983
    52. George T. Leland: (N-Houston): December 9th 1983-December 9th 1986**
    53. Eligio de la Garza (N-Mercedes): December 9th 1986-December 9th 1989**
    54. Ann Richards (N-Austin): December 9th 1989-December 9th 1992**

    55. Robert D. “Bob” Bullock (P-Austin): December 9th 1992-December 9th 1995
    56. Ross Perot (I-Texarkana): December 9th 1995-December 9th 1998
    57. James R. “Rick” Perry (P-Austin): December 9th 1998-December 9th 2001
    58. Ron E. Paul (P-Lake Jackson): December 9th 2001-December 9th 2004
    59. James R. “Rick” Perry (P-Austin): December 9th 2004-December 9th 2007

    60. Richard S. “Kinky” Friedman (N-Medina) December 9th 2007-???**


    24. Died in office due to a Railroad accident.
    32. First Female President
    52. First African-Texan President
    53. First Tejano President
    54. Second Female President
    60. First Jewish-Texan President.

    N: Stands for the Nationalist Party, established in 1843 by Lamar, representing the anti-annexation, pro-slavery and pro-expansion political wing. Essentially the same as OTL Democrats, until the Great Depression and Dust Bowl which enabled them to become the big government and was able to pull away significant minority votes. The Nationalists in 2009 are a left to center party where the strong holds are border towns and the big urban areas.

    H: Stood for the Houstonian Party, After Henry Clay’s victory in 1844(POD), The Pro Annexation wing that supported the nation’s 1st President eventually coalesced into the namesake party. Essentially the same as OTL 19th Century, the Houstonians wanted friendly relations with Native Americans, Abolitionists and generally Ameriphile. They also kept Texas neutral during the War of Secession, but were unable to win an election against Coke’s new Nationalist Party.

    P: Populist Party, after the dissolution of the Houstonian Party in the 1890’s, many of the Pro-Farm faction of the party were caught up in the growing Populist movement in the US. The Party from the 1890’s to arguably the 1960’s, the party was a fiscally conservative, Pro-Farm, Pro Civil Rights for blacks that capitalized on the Progressive era of the early 1900’s. After the New Age policies of the Nation lists under Rayburn, the Populists shifted to the Center to Right Party it is today.

    Two Term POTROT’s: Sam Houston, Mireabeau Lamar, Elisha M. Pease, Richard Coke, Sul Ross, Big Jim Hogg, Pa Ferguson, Sam Rayburn, John V. Alfred, Tom Connally, Lloyd Bentsen, and Rick Perry.
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    Any other takers?
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    The Left side of the State.
    Kinky Friedman! He must have succesfully courted the middle-finger vote. I remember watching him on 60 minutes years ago saying something about that.
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    Wasn't Kinky born in Illinois though?
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    Which Texas would we see?