AH Challenge: President Franklin

here is a challenge. i hope this hasn't been done before.

alter history in such a way so that Benjamin Franklin is still as he is in OTL. but make him president of the US at some point. and for a more difficult challenge. make it so that every other president in US history was still elected.

and to make it more complex, make it so the US doesn't start a policy of undeclared genocide against the Amerindian population.
Maybe he can sneak in as a VP who comes to gain the Presidency for a short period of time due to the death of the incumbent President. Then he either doesn't stand for election, in his own right, or is defeated when the next Presidential elections come along.
The only hope is to make him the first President, since he died in 1790. Now maybe you could create a more effective Articles that includes powers for the President of the US in CA.

Otherwise, you'd have to somehow preclude the election of Washington, which probably involves killing him at some point before he's President. In which case fulfilling the rest of the terms plausibly is in my opinion impossible.
What if the US constitution comes about after Yorktown? Since the major fighting is over (still a British presence and still fighting out west), the stability brings about the desire for a more perfect Union.

Give 1782 for organising the new gov't plan for greater unity for the states and another to ratify it (1783). It goes into effect in 1784. Ben Franklin is elected first president and only serves one term. George Washington decides to retire for a few years to Virginia, is elected the second president.
There wouldn't be much purpose to having Franklin become President and then having all the rest of them become President as well. Besides, that conflicts with having Franklin's only addition to the office being the non-genocide policy of the Natives.

It's possible, of course. But that means you would have to do what DMA said and make him a VP, have the President die, and Franklin lose the next election or just not run. But you can't have him do much or that would disrupt the next 43 Presidents in line.

IMO, sounds kind of boring. Alternate Presidents are pretty fun to think up, perhaps to make a more interesting TL, you could make an earlier Revolution with Franklin at its political head. Franklin becomes first President and leads a more democratic American Republic than in OTL.

Or perhaps have him become a President in a revolution that occurs when the Dominion of New England revolts against the crown and unites with the middle colonies for a larger and more organized revolution.