AH Challenge: Earlier Eurpean Printing Press

By 1250, how could we get a fully-functioning printing press in Europe?

IIRC something similar was in China round that time, but fell out of disuse due to the massive number of symbols/characters present in the language. Perhaps a merchant or traveler sees plans for one of these, and brings them back to Europe.
Wasn't there a printing press established in Khancampe, the Mongol HRE's first capital, in 1250, after the first embassy to the Great Khan returned. If my memory serves the legend is that John of Naples, a monk, saw one while in Mongolia, built it and that it was the bible printed on that first printing press that was used to convert the first Mongol Emperor, Batu I Khan. I know that the legend isn't all that well known, but this is alternate history, and I know how much everyone loves Mongol WIs, I figured that you'd know this story . . .


Well then, simple solution:

Have the Chinese-perhaps a noble impressed by the potential of the printing press- develop a mcuh simplified Chinese alphabet that is reasonably suited to use by printing press. Have it become widespread. Then have that technology spread through the ME into Europe.

One early knock-on effect... the effects that the printing press had in Europe in its golden age occur in China instead... so perhaps we could see major revolution in Chinese culture....and even an industrial revolution occuring in China before Europe may be plausible.

The printing press technology would also reach the Islamic world and "Russia" before Europe proper, and it hadn't been so long ago that the Islamic world experienced its golden age... the Monglos were devestating the region around that time, but if they spread the technology the decline they caused may be reversed in the long term.