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    Jan 1, 2004
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    Dixie Victorious, An Alternate History of the Civil War
    edited by Peter Tsouras
    Greenhill Books

    Ten AH essays by various authors. This is the first book of Greenhill Books Alternate History series that I have read and was very much impressed with the scope and execution. For the most part the PODs were original, plausible and well thought through from start to finish. Only a handful of the essays gave any detail of life after Southern independence.

    Table of Contents

    1. Hell on Earth
    Anglo-French intervention in the Civil War
    Andrew Uffindell

    2. Ships of Iron and Wills of Steel
    The Confederate Navy Triumphant
    Wade G. Dudley

    3. What will the Country Say?
    Maryland Destiny
    David M. Keithly

    4. When the Bottom Fell Out
    The Crisis of 1862
    Michael R. Hathaway

    5. We will water our horses in the Mississippi
    A.S. Johnston vs. U.S. Grant
    James R. Arnold

    6. Absolutely essential to Victory
    Stuart cavalry in the Gettysburg-Pipe Creek Campaigns
    Edward G. Longacre

    7. Moves to Great Advantage
    Longstreet vs. Grant in the West

    8. Confederate Black and Gray
    A Revolution in the Minds of Men
    Peter G. Tsouras

    9. Decision in the West
    Turning point in the Trans-Mississippi Confederacy
    Cyril M. Lagvanec

    10. Terrible as an Army with Banners
    Jubal Early in the Shenandoah Valley
    Kevin F. Kiley

    Several of the essays did had Lincoln losing reelection and McClellan getting into office. One, Hell on Earth, included McClellan leading a military coup that ousts Lincoln. In Terrible as an Army with Banners Lincoln is killed while visiting the fortification around Washington (the same POD used by Turtledove for a short story) tho here Hamlin is replaced by Seward as the Republican candidate for president, but all for naught.

    The two most interesting essays are Hathaway's When the Bottom Fell Out. Here the Union basically goes bankrupt and can't continue the war effort. Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania basically triggers a run on banks, as well as government contractors demanding that the US pay in gold rather than greenbacks. The other one is Tsouras' Confederate Black and Gray. In this one Jefferson Davis follows through with Major General Patrick Cleburne's suggestion that slaves that agree to fight for the South will receive their emancipation. An interesting other twist that happens is Secretary of State Benjamin's proposal that the Confederacy secure a loan from Britain to finance the emancipation of all Southern slaves and the reimbursement of their owners.

    What is presented, at least, are workable PODs that greatly differ from WI the Confederacy had seized Washington after First Bull Run? I certainly suggest that the likes of ConfederateFly read this book for some plausible PODs that are easily within the range and capability of the historic Confederacy.

    AH Review: 5 hourglasses (out of a possible five)
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    Jan 2, 2004
    I bought this book from my local bookstore and it is awesome. My favorite short story was Ships of Iron and Wills of Steel The Confederate Navy Triumphant I always was wondering what would happen if all the ships that were at Gosport were converted

    5 hourglasses
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