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    Feb 3, 2017
    Lumos, Confederation of Councilist Republics
    Age of Equilbrium is a fantasy setting of my own creation. The known world currently consists of the landmass of Kontinent (highly creative, I know), but despite several daring expeditions no one has yet to find anything across the sea. That hasn't diminished interests in new attempts, though.

    Political Worlda.png
    Map of the Known World in the year 1624 of the Scholarly calendar.
    Quick facts about continent:
    Size: Roughly relative to IRL Africa
    Climate: Varied, ranging from the mediterranean in the south to Scandinavia in the far north.
    Sentient Species: Many, Including but not limited to: Humans, Orcs, Dragons, Kobolds, Driders.
    "Tech Level": Also varied, ranging roughly between Iron age and early industrialization.
    Magic: Present in the form of Crystialline Old Magic and Telepathy-like Soul Magic.
    Deities/Religion: Exists culturally, but actual deities died at the beginning of time.

    Overall, this setting leans more towards the Ursula Le Guin type of fantasy than either LOTR or ASOIAF, at least intentionally.

    Nations of Importance

    Kingdom of Orcnea (Light green, western coast):

    A rapidly industrializing Orcish Monarchy intent on uniting the Orcish species and avenging the historical abuses committed against it.

    Titenfisca (Orange, southeast islands):

    A multi-species confederation of republics. What anyone from OTL would likely call "a bunch of hippies" based on their collectivist lifestyle, lack of gender norms and egalitarian mindset.

    Cimyra (Green, just to the west of Titenfisca):
    Primarily Human feudal Monarchy currently undergoing a war of succession, with more radical elements being funded by Titenfisca.

    The Dragondoms (Red, far north and far south):
    "Here be dragons" in a very literal sense. Not so much coherent political entities as much as a common designator for territories ruled by Dragons who have "married" into local noble families to avoid Death by Questing Hero and tend to be less stingy about using their massive hoards of wealth nowadays.

    Empire of the Skull Throne (Grey, center of map):
    Empire of nomadic warriors that control most of the steppe-like interior of central Kontient. Definetly doesn't have an OTL historical equivalent.

    Eternal Empire (Dark Red, east coast):
    Theocratic Elven Empire presiding over an enslaved populace of Orcs and more recently, humans.
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