A Storm Over Okehazama Redux: A Sengoku Japan TL

Part 47: Planing the Pangahsinan Incursion
March 8th, 1575

Luzon, Sultanate of Manila

Miyoshi Nagayasu had entered the court of Suleiman of Ruson. He was one part of the Imagawa's interests in what they called the Southwest Islands. The new Shogunate had considered the audacious step of sending excess people to these new lands. The islands of Tanedaya and Sanrasaru already had small castles erected to serve as their first settlements. The Shogun had ordered a decree that the native inhabitants of these lands should not be mistreated. [1]

While the other clans were busy establishing fortresses, the Miyoshi was tasked with visiting the great lord of this island to help understand the major players of the Great Southern Islands.

Nagayasu had learned that this ruler followed the religion of the Turuko, whose adherents had come to be known as Muhanmado no Shinja. Lu’zon was far from the only state on the island. Tondo ruled by a cousin of the Suleyman, Batang Dura. The state of Pangashinan. It had appeared that some merchants of Sakai had Yamaguchi had sent prior trade expeditions. Yet that was not the most interesting news he had heard. [2]

Pirates had conquered the state of Pangashinan under a so-called lord named Hayashi Fusui. Perhaps this turn of events could serve as an opportunity if the Shogun’s anti-piracy stance would allow for it. [3]

May 3rd, 1575

Kishiwada Castle, Izumi Province

A meeting of the Right Naval Ministry had been convened upon learning of the situation in Pangashinan, from the Miyoshi. The heads of each clan that comprised the ministry arrived excluding the lords based in the Kanto region.

“Launching an invasion is one thing. Actually conquering this place and administrating it is another.” Miyoshi Yoshitoki cautioned.

“Considering your merchants have traveled there, we can at least use them to help guide us to this location?” Atagi Fuyuyasu remarked

“Getting their means nothing if we have no information on what we are fighting in the first place, we could face organized criminals that brought down a weak country or a formidable force. I advise we send spies to stay within this country for several months.” The speaker was the young Oda Nobutada

Nagayoshi expressed a look of concern. “How would you intend to make sure that this invasion goes well?”

“We gather enough information to strike next spring if no one objects.” Nobutada replied.

“If no one has any objections then I would like to make it official that we begin the expedition to Pangashinan next spring, we shall reconvene over the coming months” Kuki Yoshitaka stated he waited for an answer.

“Understood!” the entire ministry had shouted in agreement as Yoshitaka turned towards Ujizane

“Do you believe this will be acceptable Lord Ujizane?”

“That depends on the results, how many warriors are to be spared for such an invasion Lord Yoshikata?”

“At this point, we are assuming several thousand.” Yoshitaka stated.

“Then I would consider approaching the Mori and Asahina if need be.”

“I shall keep that in mind, My Lord.”

May 9th, 1575

Muromachi Palace, Kyoto

“So the Left Ministry will be conducting an invasion? I must say this was not what I expected would happen.” Yoshimoto remarked dryly.

“Shall I call off this invasion?”

“No, bandits have no place ruling a country. I want it to be made clear that our warriors are to perform under the utmost conduct, I will not let the fact we have flags be the only difference between us and them.”

“I understand, Father.” Ujizane said with a small bow before leaving

[1] Islamic rulers with the backing of the nearby Sultanate of Brunei and other Islamic powers in southeast Asia, had come to be dominant on the islands of Sulu, Luzon, and Mindanao. It is not exactly clear just how widespread it is among the people.

[2] The closest I could get to followers of Muhammad. Batan Dula was a son of Lakan Dula, or more properly Bunao Lakandula. Apparently, the Japanese among others had trade with several states in the Philippines, to what extent I'm not too sure. Trying to find information on pre-Spanish conquest rulers is next to impossible on my end.

[3] Pangasinan was attacked by the pirate Lin Feng, after his attack on Maynila failed, however, despite not being motivated by the Spanish galleon trade Lin Feng instead conquered Pangasinan to use as a base. Hayashi Fusui was the best I could come up with for a translation.

Map of the Southwest Islands 1575


Orange: The State of Pangasinan ruled by Lord Lin Feng
Red-Brown: the Kingdom of Tondo ruled by Batan Dula
Light Yellow: Rajah of Maynila ruled by Rajah Sulayman
Light Purple: Sultanate of Brunei ruled by Saiful Rijal Bolkiah
Green: Confederacy of Madvas
Salmon: Cebu ruled by Rajah Bantug II
Cream: Maguindanao ruled Sultan Bangkaya
Light Brown: Sultanate of Lanao
Teal: Rajahnate of Butuan
Dark Orange: Sultanate of Sulu ruled by Sultan Muhammad ul-Halim Hashemite

Well, as far states go there wasn't much I could find without going into speculation. The rulers of Cebu and Tondo are speculative, Batan is at least a son of Bunao, with Cebu I'm using the name of a prior ruler because I have no idea if this person has children or what names I could use. Anyway please feel free to leave feedback.
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Part 48: Excerpts from the Personages, A Fortuitous Promotion
Excerpts from Os Personagems de Japon (The Personages of Japan) by Diogo de Couto

As of this writing, the current King of Japon is His Majesty Yoximoto Imagawa having only become king within the last five years. His Majesty is of 56 years of age and engages in the past times common to nobles of the Imperial Court, but is also reknowned among the people of his land with the bow. I write this entry first as his Majesty has allowed me the privilege to do so, although through be told I had managed to write a biography of the ambassador Harucata Sue. His Majesty would like his to express his intent to leave behind a factual record, that does not play up accomplishments as His majesty considers himself a ruler by circumstance and not by birth.

His Majesty was born as the fifth son of Lord Ujichika Imagawa, Duke of Suruga and Duke of Totomi in the Fifteen hundredth and. He was sent off to become a priest and the name Bygaqu Shogo and had gone to the monastery of Sentoquji. Upon the sudden deaths of two of his elder brothers, a dispute broke out between Bygaqu now Yoximoto Imagawa and his older brother Genqo Etan now known as Yoxizane Imagawa. The conflict had ended with Yoximoto triumphing over Yoxizane who was killed in the fighting.

Upon succeeding to the throne of his father His Majesty had married a daughter of the warlike Duke of Qai, Nobutora Taqueda, giving him an ally in the north, although not with his new father in law, but his brother in law Harunobu Taqueda. Both men had conspired to remove Nobutora from power and did so that in a way that had allowed Harunobu to seize power while his father visited his son-in-law. Eventually, this relationship with the Taqueda would end up causing a problem down the line as Lord Yoximoto would in a twist of fate support his son-in-law against his brother-in-law as he supported his brother-in-law against his father-in-law.


It was in the fifteen hundredth and sixtieth year of our lord when His Majesty had embarked to march on the capital of Quioto, but first had to conquer the province of Oware. Nobunaga Oda. Duke Nobunaga was seen as the Great Fool of Owari, associating with Oware’s youth of ill repute of showing great disrespect at his father’s funeral. However, a most fateful battle took place against the Duke of Owahe, which would in the His Majesty's eyes, prove that the young man was no fool.

The Duke’s campaign into Owari had largely been successful as the Duke of Owari could not hope to face His majesty’s forces in battle. Yet, His Majesty’s forces grew lax believing victory was only a matter of time, allowing most of his soldiers to drink as a thunderstorm raged on. However, His Majesty stirred to attention by a bolt of lighting setting one of his battle standards alight. Taking this as an ill omen His Majesty had one of his soldiers impersonate him while he would set up an ambush.

Some time passed and Lord Nobunaga revealed himself in a daring attack on His Majesty’s rear camp. However, His Majesty’s counter-attack and had forced the young lord to retreat as taking up a bow His Majesty shot down seven men while his vanguard had attacked the routing Oda forces. Lord Nobunaga was slain by his old friend Lord Motoyasu Matsudaira, who at present is Duke of Micawa, the Duke's last words were to urge his old friend to look after his family.

The Sword-King Yoxiteru had fallen at the battle of the Yodo River, the Ashiqaga Kingdom was no more. His Majesty had entered the Quioto to meet with the Emperor Ogemachi. The Emperor had appointed Yoximoto to the rank of King, by virtue of the fact he had descended from the blood of the house Minamoto through the Emperor Saywa. Yoximoto had then pledged to restore order to the land and bring the wayward lords Japon into line. Yet His Majesty would be plagued by a crisis close to home.

The young heir to the duchy of Qai, Yoxinobu Taqueda had rebelled against his father, being back by his many brothers who were clan heads, as is the custom of Japonese. Yoshinobu being married to one of His Majesty’s daughters had brought the newly established Kingdom into a succession struggle that was The Shinano Disturbance, which is a misleading name, for this was a war that brought in the four great powers of Western Japon, The Imagawa, Taqueda, Hojo, Uesugi.

In the fifteen hundredth and seventeenth year of our Lord, His Majesty had finally united all of Japon under his rule and had proceeded to reorganize the country. As the land of Japon was plagued by Dukes whose powers had no limits, other than strength, His majesty had gone about attempting to limit their ability to wage wars and made sure that they would devote their time to governance. It did not stop what was called Red Seal units from being established, contracted soldiers similar to what exists in Italy. It was Red Seal Warriors who had driven the Spanish out of the land of Peru, to no small annoyance of His Majesty who disdained the circumstances of such events.

August 6th, 1575

Agoo, Kingdom of Pangasinan [1]

Two figures dressed in Japanese style armor were in a small house within the town of Agoo. The house had sparse furnishings and was otherwise unremarkable. Its occupants were apart of a merchant ship from Owari, the brothers Hashiba Harushita, and Hashiba Harunaga.

“Harushita, why did you bring me along for one of your crazy schemes!”

“Oh, Harunaga you said coming here in the first place was crazy, besides my crazy scheme with the Rokakku boosted our fortunes. By advising the Rokakku to join the Shogun’s advance against the Hojo, they regained their status as lords and gave us their name in recognition, and praised us to Lord Nobutada.” Harunaga only sighed in response.

“Acting as spies is one thing Harushita, becoming an official for a pirate lord and plotting a rebellion against that same lord is another.”

“Think of this as taking the initiative to complete our mission. Besides it is not our fault we can pass as noble warriors forced into a sad life as merchants.” Harushita said, exaggerating his sadness much to Harunaga’s annoyance.

However, a sudden knock had come to the door, causing both men to keep their hands on their swords. Harunaga moved first to open the door slowly. It was a man wearing a mix of robes and armor who they knew as San Bin a captain of Hayashi Fusui’s fleet.

“Lord Hashiba, His Majesty wants you to take up more day to day affairs of this port. You left quite an impression on him at the local banquet, and the people here speak highly of you for your fairness and willingness to peacefully resolve conflict.” Bin said in a polite but annoyed tone.

“Oh! I am humbled, that His Majesty would consider me for such a”

“Listen you pretentious bastard!” Bin shouted cutting Harushita off. “Accept the position, I know you want it and if I wanted to hear false modesty I could have stayed home and dealt with local officials. I’d rather be stealing from these dogs than acting like one.”

“Fine, is that all?” Harushita replied annoyed.

“No Lord.” Bin replied with an insulting bow before leaving as Harushita went inside.

“Hmph the nerve of that son of a whore, even if you are too ambitious for your own good, brother.” Harunaga remarked.

“At least we can move from this small hut into something larger, the journey of a thousand miles does begin with a single step after all.” Harushita said imitating a scholar

“Perhaps but you seemed to want to people to carry you there.”

“Only at least the last one hundred miles.’ Harushita gave a small smile. “I will go write up the report. Do you wish to head back with the ship when it returns to Owari?” Harushita said in a rare moment of concern.

“Someone has to look out for you.” Harunaga remained unwavering.

[1] Agoo was an important port of Pangasinan which had contacts with China and Japan.

I wonder if anyone can guess who Hashiba Harushita and Hashiba Harunaga are? Anyway as always I appreciate any feedback.
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