A Storm Over Okehazama Redux: A Sengoku Japan TL

Part 24: The Imagawa Unite Honshu and Shikoku, The Muromachi Conference
February 12th, 1570

Shizuki Castle, Nagato Province

Sue Harukata had gathered his remaining allies, to discuss their plans, as it appeared victory in any sense of the word would be unlikely.

"Lord Okimori, Lord Fujikane, I am thankful for you sticking by me all these years. I feel it would only be appropriate that I support you. As it stands to continue to fight with Yoshinaga is pointless, we are better off trying to secure our own futures with the Imagawa."

"You want us to surrender to the Imagawa?" Fujikane had asked.

"Yes, if anything it would us a chance to retain our power outside of the Ouchi."

"What of your lands in Suo."

"If Yoshinaga offers it back after the war, I will accept, but with an army at my back,"

June 25th, 1570

Muromachi Palace, Kyoto Province

'It had come to this,' Yoshinaga had thought. Harukata and his allies had surrendered to the Imagawa along with, the Mori, while his brother Sorin and the Otomo had submitted to Imagawa rule. The Shogun had requested his presence at the Capital, as the Imgawa's authority comprised all of Honshu and Shikoku, and with the submission of his brother, the Imagawa's rule looked to be absolute.

Yoshinaga had made his way towards the main chamber, where various lords were in attendance, divided into seven regions. Yoshinaga had sat near his fellow lords of the Chugoku regions as Shogun Yoshimoto, sat in front of them.

“I am pleased you all could attend, we have much to discuss with the future of the country. Regardless of the fact, there a few areas not under our control, the age of conflict between clans is over, and a new age of peace will be upon us. However, we have remained too isolated and divided, for far too long. There is a larger world that we must be aware of, and ready for, these foreigners from the far west describe their lands as torn apart by religious violence and competition from other states." Yoshimoto stated

"The One Castle, One Province system is to remain law. All temples are to have registries of their members, and the people who pray at them, their defenses are to be provided for by the feudal lord," I also want more than just your individual loyalty. Each of the seven regions of this land will hold rotating councils every three years and shall be hosted in a different province each time." Murmurs had come from the crowd, but none dared to voice discontent.[1]

"The other pressing need at home is that of a unified currency system. From now on, all mints are to be under control of the state, and a triple monetary standard of coins, with gold, silver, and copper denominations." [2]

"While I have a firm vision of what I wish to see happen with this land, I want your opinions on what should be done with these foreigners." Yoshimoto had asked the delegation of lord present.

"My Lord, my clan has dealt with these foreigners for quite some time, I would advise keeping them isolated to certain areas." Yoshinaga said, deciding to speak up.

"I've heard rumors that they take slaves, not just from other lands but from our people as well." Mimura Iechika, the Lord of Bitchu said in response,"

Murmurs of disbelief and anger began to break out among the assembled lords.

"I have heard their priests all report back to some higher authority. I say we expel them. we have their weapons and ships, they serve no purpose here." Matsunaga Hisahide had said to approval

"If that is so, we will investigate this matter. Until then a proclamation shall be made, those who trade in slaves from our people or otherwise are to be executed. These foreigners and their places of worship are to also be registered with the state, and their places of worship must be approved as well. If this slave trade is widespread, or they prove troublesome then they are to be expelled." [3]

"My lord if I may bring a suggestion?" The speaker was Mori Takamoto.

"You may Lord Takamoto." Yoshimoto had replied.

"The ship designs of the foreigners are quite promising. I would like us to invest in using them more frequently. Our current naval forces and tactics are only good for local waters and against each other if we are looking more into the outside world."

"An interesting proposal, but who is going to ensure, that this extends to more than just the Western clans?" Yoshimoto asked?

"The Ouchi and Mori clans, are to share their naval secrets with several other clans. Perhaps it is time we start the process of creating an Imperial Navy?" Ujizane had suggested.

"This proposal has merit. However, I want all lords present to realize that aside from the One Castle system, I want surveys conducted of your provinces populace, any peasants or civilians who are in a militia or guard are the only ones allowed to carry arms. To help remedy this situation people may not leave their villages until five years after their coming of age." [4]

"Lord Yoshimoto I have an idea, I would like to suggest." This speak was Miyoshi Yoshitoki, of Settsu.

"Very well, let us hear it."

I would like to suggest the formation of these mercenary companies, that the foreigners have talked about. Our skills should not dull because we are not fighting each other. Each Province can contribute its own force."

Whispering began to break out among the assembled lords until one voice spoke.

"Lord Yoshitoki, Do you wish to turn us into honorless sellswords?" The speaker was the Uesugi Kenshin himself.

"Lord Kenshin, If that is your concern we will create standards for recruitment, any peasants who are surveyed and belong to large households could join as well as Samurai. Their conduct would be that of any respectful army worth its skill," Yoshitoki said.

Anegakoji Yoshiyori then stood up to make his voice heard. "What of the smaller or poorer provinces, are we simply supposed be marginalized if this new system is created?

"No, if this system is more than just a dream, all provinces are to be a part of it. Provinces with limited resources can work with each other. Contracts are to be managed by each lord, or group of lords as necessary." Yoshimoto had said trying to settle this debate, the idea was unusual but it had its uses.

The Muromachi Conference had ended a few days later, and the laws passed were to be known as the Tensho Laws, as the era of Tensho was proclaimed. [5]

[1] This a modification of the regular attendance system of the Tokugawa which saw each lord have them and their families spend time in the capital at their own expense. Temple registration was another Tokugawa law as well.

[2] Another Tokugawa law, as prior to it Japan's currency largely varied by lord as several lords could mint their own currency, namely the ones with gold and silver mines.

[3] There was a slave trade but it's extent was unknown, and this is before the port of Nagasaki was established, and lent to the Portuguese.

[4] This is a mix of Hideyoshi's land surveys and sword hunts that are slightly restrictive here the peasantry is not baring from carrying weapons entirely. While the idea of Japanese Condotta or contracted troops is an original idea, the Japanese did have a few instances of being mercenaries OTL.

[5] The Era name after the Eiroku period in OTL.

Map of Japan by the Muromachi Conference.

Sengoku nearfin.png

Next update, which is going to be brief I'll provide a more detailed list of who governs what province.
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Now that the ATL Sengoku Era is over, will Japan under the Imagawa Shogunate expand outwards: first to the north by colonizing Ezo (i.e. Hokkaido) then to Karafuto (i.e. Sakhalin Island) though they might need to displace any Russians already living there, then to the entire Kuril Island chain (i.e. the Kuriles) followed by expanding south by "conquering" the Ryukyus (including Okinawa) a tributary state of China much like the Shimazu did in the OTL, then further south to Taiwan and later Hainan? Will Japan under the Imagawa also colonize the Ogasawara Islands (i.e. the Bonin Islands)? Will there be a war between Japan and Joseon (i.e. Korea) much like the OTL Imjin War?

Please let me know. Thank you. :)
Part 25: The Unification of Japan, An Opportunity Arrives
Now that the ATL Sengoku Era is over, will Japan under the Imagawa Shogunate expand outwards: first to the north by colonizing Ezo (i.e. Hokkaido) then to Karafuto (i.e. Sakhalin Island) though they might need to displace any Russians already living there, then to the entire Kuril Island chain (i.e. the Kuriles) followed by expanding south by "conquering" the Ryukyus (including Okinawa) a tributary state of China much like the Shimazu did in the OTL, then further south to Taiwan and later Hainan? Will Japan under the Imagawa also colonize the Ogasawara Islands (i.e. the Bonin Islands)? Will there be a war between Japan and Joseon (i.e. Korea) much like the OTL Imjin War?

Please let me know. Thank you. :)
The Japanese had already started to colonize Hokkaido, but yes there will be expansion. The Russians have not arrived in Sakhalin yet. Colonizing Taiwan is a possibility, but the Ryukyu's could agitate the Ming. Hainan depends on what happens with the Ming as well. There will not be any thing like the Imjin War at least for the foreseeable future.

August 20th, 1570

Sakai, Izumi Province

Several foreign ships had docked in the harbor, of Sakai

"To think it has come to this, back to this land again, not for glory but for trade. The colonies are a damn mess, and the Philippines may as well be a failure and insult to our king," The old man had said with a weary sigh.

"Grandfather, while it is a tragedy that New Spain had attempted to oust the Cortez brothers and that the Count of Nieva's foolishness saw poor Hernando killed by the Inca, we at least have a chance to head back to those islands again." [1]

"What would happen if we were to win? I get to say to his majesty that his loyal subject Miguel Lopez de Legazpi managed to gain another land for corruption to spread, and angry godless natives to fight?" Miguel saw that his grandson remained quiet. "Prince Carlos leads a rebellion in the Low Countries and the Moriscos have rebelled with Turkish aid. I do not know if God has seen fit to humble us, but for now, we have our mission."[2]

Both men and their guards were escorted to see the Lord of Izumi, Miyoshi Yoshitoki.

"My Lord, wants you to know he is pleased to see you are both safe after, the last time you were here."

"Yes, he has my eternal gratitude for offering us refuge. I have come before your lord to ask for passage to your capital, My King, wishes to open trade with your land."

"Very well, I will let him know."

August 27th, 1570

Excerpt from the journal of Filipe de Salcedo, Kyoto, Yamashiro

We had arrived at the Flower Palace of King Yoximoto, after meeting once again with the Duke Yoxitoki of Izumi. He had welcomed us and we had stayed for several days. The King was interested in trading with our nation but had warned if we had attempted to enslave his people, like the Portuguese we would be forced from the country. In this land, they as well have had problems with religious turmoil, some of their clergies have no religious authority but operate their own temples, with no state religion. In the past they had made war upon each other with their own armies, now the king had demanded their disarmament, and did so by force. The King had made clear that if our priests or the heretics were to cause trouble among the people they would risk expulsion.

The King had agreed to trade with us provided, any priests did not stir up trouble, nor did we participate in enslaving his people. The King is also curious as to what our side of this world is like and expressed the desire to send his own embassy to our lands and others.
The King himself was a cultured man fond of the arts including this land's tea rituals, poetry, and playing a game called Quemari, where a bunch of players would keep a ball up in the air, by not using any part of their body save their hands. The King had given us a tea kettle to present to His Majesty as a gift.

The King's son and heir Prince Oujizane was also with us, he had a young child with him, presumably his son. The Prince had frequently kept an eye of suspicion on us but was interested in how mercenaries where used in our lands. Apparently, all the lords of the realm were organizing their warriors into smaller companies, and to offer their services as warriors abroad as they did not need so many, with peace having been brought to their land. I could only tell the Prince of how they were organized by contracts, as the warriors of this land do no fight in the same manner as ours, and at one point even their preists had marched to war carrying all manner of arms. They have even adopted firearms and have started to build ships similar to our own.

Map of Japan at Unification under the Imagawa Shogunate.

Sengoku fin.png

Kyushu: South to North
Satsuma Province: Shimazu Clan
Osumi Province: Kimotsuki Clan
Hyuga Province: Ito Clan
Higo Province: Sagara Clan
Bungo Province: Otomo Clan
Buzen Province: Kii Clan
Chikuzen Province: Tachibana Clan
Chikugo Province: Kamachi Clan
Hizen Province: Ryuzoji Clan
Tsushima Province (Island): So Clan

Shikoku: From East to West
Iyo Province: Kono Clan
Awaji Province (Island): Atagi Clan
Sanuki Province: Sogo Clan
Tosa Province: Chosokabe Clan
Awa Province: Asahina Clan

Honshu Main Island
Regions from West to East

Red, South to North
Suo Province: Ouchi Clan
Aki Province: Mori Clan
Bingo Province: Sugihara Clan
Bitchu Province: Mimura Clan
Bizen Province: Ukita Clan
Mimasaka Province: Miura Clan
Inaba Province: Morishita Clan
Hoki Porvince: Tachihara Clan
Izumo Province: Amago Clan
Iwami Province: Honjo Clan
Nagato Province: Naito Clan

Blue, Counter Clockwise South to North
Harima Province: Bessho Clan
Settsu Province: Udono Clan
Izumi Province: Miyoshi Clan
Kawachi Province: Hosokawa Clan
Kii Province: Suzuki Clan
Yamato Province: Matsunaga Clan
Iga Province: Morita Clan
Ise Province: Kitabatake Clan
Shima Province: Kuki Clan
Omi Province: Azai Clan
Yamashiro Province: Imagawa Clan
Wakasa Province: Awaya Clan
Tango Province: Isshiki Clan
Tajima Province: Yamana Clan

Black, Counter Clockwise South to North
Mino Province: Saito Clan
Owari Province: Oda Clan
Mikawa Province: Matsudaira Clan
Totomi Province Imagawa Clan
Suruga Province: Imagawa Clan
Kai Province: Takeda Clan
Shinano Province: Suwa Clan
Echigo Province: Uesugi Clan (Adpoted from the Nagao)
Etchu Province: Jinbo Clan
Hida Province: Anegakoji Clan
Noto Province: Hatakeyama Clan
Kaga Province: Sena Clan
Echizen Province: Asakura Clan
Sado Province (Island): Honma Clan

Green, East to West
Izu Province: Rokakku Clan
Sagami Province: Hojo Clan
Musashi Province: Edo Clan (A Branch of the Hojo)
Kozuke Province: Nagao Clan (The parent clan of Uesugi Kenshin)
Shimotsuke Province: Utsunomiya Clan
Shimosa Province: Yuki Clan
Kazusa Province: Satake Clan
Awa Province: Masaki Clan


Orange, South to North
Dewa Province Mogami Clan
Mutsu Province Date Clan
Rikushu Province: Kasai Clan
Ugo Province: Akita Clan
Sannohe Province: Nanbu Clan

Ezo (Speical Territory)
Kakizaki Clan

[1] Okay there are a bunch of Spain-related POD's I'm making here the first part covers the colonies The Cortez brothers were the sons of Hernan Cortez who were accused of plotting to gain power in New Spain, allegedly in protest of the New Laws. The New Laws would have weakened the power of the American-born Spanish landowners. In the Spanish colonies, importance was determined by both where one born, and what race they were, as Cortez son's where either born in the Americas or mixed-race their status would be lower than Spanish people from Spain, but still high up in authority.

The Count of Nieva, Diego Lopez de Zuniga, was the fourth viceroy of Peru, and quite corrupt. He is not assassinated, and Titu Cusi, of the Incan state in Vilcabamba, continues his war against the Spanish which did have some success. I've also have had the Spanish colonization of the Philippines fail, in OTL Legazpi manages to take Cebu, and from there the rest of the island chain eventually. They get driven off TTL and end up in Japan.

[2] Don Carlos was the first son of Philp II of Spain, and as befitting the Hapsburgs quite erratic in behavior. He was supposed to be governor of the Netherlands, but an accident saw that go to The Duke of Alba. After the accident, he was worse and had eventually conspired to go to the Netherlands, and join the rebels. His father locked him up and he died. The Morisco Rebellion was a result of the crackdown on Muslim conversos in Spain, as Philip II was firmly Catholic and against heresy, both of these rebellions were bound to happen.

However Carlos was sent to the Netherlands with the Duke as an advisor, they clashed against one another and it led to Carlos trying to stab him as in OTL, he succeeds and is left with no option take refuge among William the Silent, and his conspirators. The Morisco Rebellion has managed to do slightly better, but I'm not going for a complete Spain-screw here.

I hope no one minds the Journal format it just came to me as an idea.
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Map of the World 1570
After plenty of painstaking work, I've managed to make a world map. I hope it is suitable considering it's a mix of several map templates of some EU 4 where applicable when those templates were not all that suitable. I've kind of let some POD's run wild, and I hope my choice of map palette and borders are not too bad, and I know for a fact I could put more states in Africa, while the bits of Green are Portuguese bases. Title names are a mix of localized and English.

Okehazama World.png

Red: the Kingdom of England ruled by Queen Elizabeth Tudor
Medium Blue: The Kingdom of Scotland ruled by Queen Mary Stuart
Blue: The Kingdom of France ruled by King Francis II de Valois-Angouleme [1]
Yellow: The Kingdom of Spain ruled by King Filipe II von Habsburg
Lime Green: The Kingdom of Portugal ruled by King Sebastiao Avis
Brown: The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway ruled by King Fredrick II von Oldenburg
Dark Blue: The Kingdom of Sweden ruled by Erik XIV Vasa [2]
Dark Red: the Kingdom of Poland ruled by King Sigismond August Jagiellon
Orchid: Grand Duchy of Lithuania ruled by Grand Duke Sigismond August Jagiellon [3]
Light Salmon: The Duchy of Prussia ruled by Duke Albert Fredrick von Hohenzollern (vassal of Poland)
Dark Green: Tsardom of Russia ruled by Tsar Ivan IV Rurikid
White: Circassia (held by various chieftains with Ivan's father-in-law Temyruk controlling most of the eastern parts)
White: Shamkalte of Gazi-Kumukh ruled by Shamkal Chopan
Forest Green The Ottoman Empire ruled by Sultan Selim II Osmanli
Cyan: Khanate of Crimea ruled by Khan Devlet Giray (Ottoman Vassal)
Dark Sea Green: The Kingdom of Hungary ruled by King Janos Zapolya (Ottoman Vassal, Claim Contested by the Hapsburgs)
Dark Sea Green: The Principalities of Wallachia/Moldavia ruled by Voivode Petru I and IV (Ottoman Vassal) [4]
Crimson: Possessions of the Austrian Habsburgs ruled by Maximilian II von Habsburg (includes the Archduchy of Austria, and the Kingdoms of Croatia, Hungary, and Bohemia,)
Turquoise: The Serene Republic of Venice governed by Doge Alvise Mocengenio
Beige: The Papal States ruled by Pope Puis V

Notable States of the Holy Roman Empire
(The rest of the Empire is in gray.)
Sandy Brown: The Margraviate of Brandenburg ruled by Margrave Joachim II Hector von Hohenzollern
White: The Duchy of Pomerania ruled by Duke Johann Frederick Griefen
White: The Duchy of Mecklenburg ruled by Duke Johan Albert von Mecklenburg
White: The Electorate of Saxony ruled by Elector Augustus Wettin
White: Prince-Bishopric of Munster ruled by Prince-Bishop John of Hoya
Slate Blue: Duchy of Bavaria ruled by Albert V of Bavaria
White: Swiss Confederation
Fuschia: The Grand Duchy of Tuscany ruled by Grand Duke Cosimo d'Medici
Olive Drab Green: The Duchy of Savoy ruled by Duke Emmanuele Filiberto di Savoia
Pink: The Republic of Genoa governed by Doge Paolo Guistani Monegila



Firebrick: Sultanate of Morocco ruled by Sultan Abdullah Al-Ghalib Saddi
Dark Sea Green: Bey of Algiers governed by Bey (Ottoman Vassal)
Dark Goldenrod: Hafsid Sultanate ruled by Sultan Ahmad III Hafsid
Dark Sea Green: Bey of Tripoli Yahya Pasha (Ottoman Vassal)

West Africa
White: Kingdom of Wolof ruled by Buur-ba Jolof Lat Samba (Technically an empire, but mainly a rump state.
Indian Red: Empire of Kaabu ruled by Mansa Saraffa Nyaaling Jeenung
Orange Red: Great Fulo ruled by Gelaajo Tabara Denianke
Maroon: Empire of Mali (Malian Interregnum)
Cornflower Blue: The Empire of Songhai ruled by Emperor Daoud Askia
Sky Blue: Kanem Bornu ruled by King Idris Aluma Sayfawa
Yellow Green: Hausa States of Gobrir, Katsina, Kano and, Zazzau
Sandy Brown: Mossi States of Yatenga, Wagadogo, Tenkodogo, Fada N'gourma. Mogo Naga Kimba rules Obritenga which I'm assuming would be the paramount Mossi state of Wagadogo
White: Akan States (Largely the Kingdom of Dagomba ruled by Ya-Na (King of Strength) Titugiri)
White: Oyo ruled by Alaffin Orompoto
White: Benin ruled by Oba Orhogbua Eweka
Steel Blue: the Kingdom of Kongo ruled by Manikongo Alfonso Kilukeni
Light Steel Blue: Kongolese vassals, with Portuguese influence in Ndongo in the South.

East Africa
Dark Gray: Sennar ruled by King Dakin
Royal Blue: Empire of Ethiopia ruled by Negas Negast Admas Sagad [5]
Dark Khaki: Harar Amirate ruled by Amir Isman Al-Hibashi Walashma
White: Sultanate of Warsangali ruled by Sultan Mohamud Warsangali
Dark Salmon: Kilwa ruled by Muhammad al Adil Mahdali
White The Kingdom of Mutapa ruled by King Negomo Chirisamhuru


The Middle East and Central Asia

The Kingdom of Imeriti ruled by King Georgi II Baragatoni (Ottoman Vassal, Shows more influence than he actually had)
Yellow-Green: The Sultanate of Iraq ruled by Bayezid III Osmanli [6]
Tan: The Imamate of Yemen ruled by Imam Al-Mutahar [7]
Midnight Blue: The Sultanate of Oman ruled by Abdullah bin Muhammad Nabhan
Khaki: The Safavid Empire ruled by Thamsap Safavid
Olive Drab: Khiva ruled by Khan Hadji Muhammad Arabshahid
Sandy Brown: Bukhara ruled by Khan Iskander Shaybanid
Chocolate: Kazakh Khanate ruled by Khan Khak Nazar
White: Nogai Khanate ruled by Khan Din Ahmad Ediguid
White: Sibir Khanate ruled by Khan Kuchum Shaybanyid

Indian Subcontinent

Northwest India

White: The Kingdom of Ladakh ruled by King Singye Namgyal
White: Sultanate of Kashmir ruled by Sultan Ali Shah Chacki
White: The Kingdom of Gharwhal ruled by King Sahaj Pal
White: Nepal (Technically divided into two Kingdoms of Kantipur and Bhaktapur ruled by Mahendra and Vishva Malla respectively)
Purple: The Mughals led by Mirza Muhammad Hakim Timurid [8] (Definity read this as the POD for this has plenty of knock-on effects)
Dark Salmon: Sultanate of Sind ruled by Sultan Mirza Muhammad Baqi Tarkan
Indian Red: Guarajat ruled by Muzzafar Shah III Muzzafarid
White: The Kingdom of Kutch ruled by Rao Khengarji Jadeja
White: The Kingdom of Nawanagar ruled by Jam Shahib Shiri Rwalji Jadeja
White: The Kingdom of Shihora ruled by Visoji Sartanji Gohil

Rosy Brown: Rajput Kingdoms from East to West
(Only for the Rajput states of what would be Rajputana, otherwise I could have used the same colors for the previous three states before this list and the one after, as they are ruled by Rajputs)
The Rajput Kingdom of Jaisalmer ruled by King Harraj Singh
The Rajput Kingdom of Marwar ruled King Chandrasen Rathore
The Rajput Kingdom of Mewar ruled by King Udai Singh II Sisodia
The Rajput Kingdom of Hadoti ruled by Surjan Singh Hada-Chauan

Northern Central and North East Indian Subcontinent
Cadet Blue: The Kingdom of Malwa ruled by Sultan Baz Bahadur Shuja'atid
Light Yellow: The Kingdom of Gondwana ruled by King Vir Narayana Raj Ghond
Light Khaki: The Kingdom of Gwarjar ruled by Raghunath Deo Nagavanshi
White: The Kingdom of Kokhra ruled by King Durjan Sal Nagavanshi
White: The Kingdom of Odisha ruled by King Mukunda Deva
White: The Kingdom of Orchha ruled by Madhukar Shah Bundela
Royal Blue: The Kingdom of Bengal ruled by Sultan Ghiyat al-din Jalal Suri
Navy Blue: The Kingdom of Assam ruled by King Sukhaampa Ahom

Southern Indian Subcontinent
Violet: The Deccan Sultanates of Ahmednagar, Berar, Bidar, Bijapur Golconda
Respectively ruled by Sultans Hussein Nizam Shah, Tufail Khan, Ali Barid Shahi, Ali Adil and Ibrahim Qutb Shah
Goldenrod: Vijayanagara Empire ruled by Sadasiva Raya Tuluva [9]
Gold: Mysore led by Chamaraja III Wodeyar (Vijayanagara Vassal)
Gold: Kingdom of Venad ruled by King Kesara Rama Varma II Perumal (Vijayanagara Vassal)
Gold: the Kingdom of Kochin ruled by Aditya Varma Cheraman (Vijayanagara Vassal)

White: Jaffa ruled by king Puviraja Pandaram Aryacakravarti
White: The Kingdom of Kotte ruled by King Dharmapala Sri Sanga Bo (Contests control of Ceylon with the Kingdom of Sitakawa)
White: The Kingdom of Sitakawa ruled by King Mayadune Sri Sanga Bo
White: The Kingdom of Kandy ruled by King Karaliyadde Sri Sanga Bo (Nominal vassal of Kotte)

East Asia

Turquoise: Imagawa Shogunate ruled by Shogun Imagawa Yoshimoto
Tan: Ming Dynasty led by Emperor Zhu Longqing
Blue-Violet: Kingdom of Joseon led by King Yi Seonjo
Northern Yuan Dynasty led by Tumen Zasagt Khan Borjigin
Pale Turquoise: the Kingdom of Guge ruled by Namkha Wangchuk
Silver: the Kingdom of Utsang ruled by Karma Tseten Tsangpa
Peach Puff: the Kingdom of Derge ruled by Namkha Derge
White: Oirats ruled by Khan Bataar Choros
Gray: Khanate of Yarkand ruled by Khan Abdul Karim Khan
Pale Violet: Dai Viet (Mac Dynasty usurpers) ruled by Mac Mao Hop
Moccasin: Nguyen-Trinh Alliance led by Nguyen Kim and Trinh Kiem(Self-interested supporters of the Le Dynasty of Dai Viet whose current Emperor is Le Anh Tong)
Coral: Lan Xiang ruled by Setthathirath Khun Lo
White: the Kingdom of Khmer ruled by King Barom Reachea
Lime Green: The Kingdom of Athyuhaiya ruled by King Maha Chakraphatt [10]
Dark Orange: The Kingdom of Lan Na ruled by Wisutthathewi Mangral (Vassal of Taungoo)
Cadet Blue: The Kingdom of Taungoo ruled by King Bayinnaung Taungoo
White: The Kingdom of Mrauk U ruled by King Sekkya

White: Sultanate of Pattani ruled by Sultan Manzur Shah Sri Wangsa
White: Sultanate of Kedah ruled by Sultan Muzdaffar Shah Kedah
White: Sultanate of Perak ruled by Sultan Mansur Shah Malaaca-Perak (When Malacca was conquered by the Portuguese, it's royal family split in two factions)
Cyan: Sultanate of Johor ruled by Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II Malacca-Johor
Saddle Brown: Sultanate of Ache ruled by Sultan Alauddin al-Kahar
Plum: Sultanate of Brunei ruled by Sultan Saiful Rijal Bolkiah
(The next two states get weird they trace their both lineage to Syarif Hidayatullah more famously known as Sunan Gunungjati who apparently lived from 1448 to 1568 as he founded both states, and apparently came from Egypt.)
Maroon: Sultanate of Banten ruled by Maulana Hasanuddin Azmatkhan (Hashemite)
Sienna: Sultanate of Cirebon ruled by Sultan Pangeran Maz Azmatkhan (Hashemite)
Navajo: Sultanate of Pajang ruled by Sultan Joko Tingur
White: the Kingdom of Blambagan ruled by King Satanguna
White: the Kingdom of Bali ruled by King Dalem Bekung
White: the Kingdom of Gowa ruled by Tuni Djallo (on Sulawesi)

[1] Francis II survives in this timeline, as a consequence Mary is still Queen of Scots.

[2] Eric XIV does not go insane and is not deposed by his brother John.

[3] I've given Sigismund August a legitimate child, which keeps Lithuania at least for now still separate from Poland.

[4] As a "Romanian" POD Moldavia was wracked by turmoil in the early 1560's, the Muscat dynasty was plagued by two usurpers, the second of which Stefan Tomsa faced in invasion by Petru of Wallachia whose mother was Moldovian princess. Here Petru succeeds, with the support of Suleman and later Selim II is allowed to keep Moldavia as Petru IV.

[5] Ethiopian Emperor Admas Segad known as Prince Menas manages to defeat his rebellious subjects and maintains his power, so he lives past 1563.

[6] Referenced earlier on, Prince Bayezid manages to not be killed by Shah Thamsap and returns to the Ottoman Empire to cause trouble with their help, taking the name Bayezid III.

[7] Yemen was hard to control for the Ottomans and for a long time were to reduced to being a nominal authority in the area, and almost driven out. Selim II writes Yemen as a loss, as he has bigger problems to deal with.

[8] A major POD for North India is that Akbar confronted his step-brother Adam Khan for killing an Uzbek rival, OTL Akbar met his excuses with a punch, here Adam Khan and Akbar get into a fight with Adam Khan killing him and the Mughal Empire is yet again thrown into chaos. The Sisodia and Rathore Rajput clans strike at Mughal controlled rivals, the Sisodia reclaim Ajmer and defeat the Kawacha Rajputs further north. Baz Bahadur reclaims Malwa as OTL but remains in power. The Suri dynasty of Bengal strikes West in the chaos and reclaims some of their former empire remaining in power in the process. Eventually, Akbar's younger brother comes of age and manages to reclaim parts of the Empire.

[9] The Vijayanagara Empire suffered a disaster at the battle of Talikota, here they manage to win, remaining a strong presence in Southern India.

[10] The alliance against Taungoo is formed by Athuyahya and Lan Xiang, and not ruined by Maha Chakraphatt's desire for a different princess.
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Part 26: The Red Seal Ships and the Alliance of Cadiz
Kyoto, Yamashiro Province

September 27th, 1570

Shogun Yoshimoto was waiting for news from his son Ujizane on the nations new established trade, as well as the chance to use their new Western-style ships to explore what seems to be a larger world than they realize.

"Father, the Red Seal ships have been deployed, and have begun trading with Joseon and the nations down in the southwest."

"Excellent, What about the plans for the embassies?" Yoshimoto had asked knowing it was a major plan in the making

"Several of the minor Kirishitan lords are considering sponsoring an embassy with the Nanban help, while Lord Yoshinaga has raised an idea to meet with the Ming Emperor, to restore relations."

"Hm, have we received any word on the foreigners in Ouchi employ, surely they must have information the traders do not intend to tell us?" Yoshimoto asked.

"Yes, one sailor says he comes from the city of Napuli. Upon further questioning his lord, This Rei Firipu of Ezpana, lords over many lands both to the west of us and even to the east. Another sailor served under the Rei Sebasutian of Porutogaru, they also have many distant lands. There is another sailor from Oranda who mentions some kind of religious conflict between the Kirishitan sects." [1]

The Shogun had absorbed the information with a curious look on his face. "Interesting, I would like to approve both, but I want both parties to meet with me first."

Very well, Father, I will inform them of your decision.

February 8th, 1571

A large assembly of lords and their retainers had gathered in front of Shogun Yoshimoto. Chief among them Ouchi Yoshinaga, Omura Sumitada, and Arima Harunobu

"Lord Yoshinaga, why are you interested in this venture?"

My Lord, I believe we ought to make this embassy a show of our strength and our prosperity. I believe the Shimazu could handle the mission to China, but we have managed without their help."

"I would argue we ought to know more about what these lands could bring to us, as well.”

"Then if you are looking to make a memorable first impression then what better way than to send emissaries of the Rei of Amanguchi himself.”

"That was what you were known to these foreigners as." asked Yoshimoto?

"Yes to them, many Daimyo would have been more equivalent to their Reis, strong independent authorities or at least so they say. Many of these foreigners had come to Yamaguchi, with their priests and traders had spread stories of my lands back to their own, and possibly to others. Harukata was always wary of their intentions then again, he was wary of everyone. The more information we have learned the more concerning it is, they take and enslave people from other lands, one such man had arrived in my lands. May I bring him in?" [2]

"Yes, send him in."

A young man had arrived in light gray armor but had black skin, drawing looks from almost all attended. The man kneeled in front of Yoshimoto "Lord Yoshimoto."

"What is your name, and how exactly did you end up here?" Yoshimoto had asked.

"I am called Yisake Sakaie in your language, I was captured and enslaved by these strange men as a child, you know them as the Portogaru, and forced me aboard one of their ships. I arrived here after the ship I was on crashed and eventually found my way into my lord's service." [3]

"Why did they enslave you, and how do you know of our language?" Ujizane asked.

"I was kept to serve one of the priests as a servant, but I've heard of others being sent off to work on plantations, in the lands far east of here. As for your language, I was helped by some of the others."

"I am deeply saddened to hear of your previous fate, I hope things have changed for the better here?"

"Indeed they have Lord Yoshimoto, I serve my Lord as a hatamoto it is far preferable to serving on that ship again."

"That is good to hear, you may return to your lord."

"That is concerning they want to infiltrate our society and spread their faith, but they no qualms about enslavement and violence. They are far from home, and we should remind them of that. We will keep these people from the distant lands at arm's length, I find this voyage acceptable, but I want you to ensure there are no diplomatic incidents, so bring your most trusted retainers."

"We still need time to plan this expedition, and to hear back from Ezpana."

The lords began to file out, leaving only Yoshimoto and Ujizane. "Father, even if we are to visit these lands what should we expect anything more than to be regarded as curiosities, or to be used in their local struggles?"

"No, it seems to be the way of this new world. So long as we are not the ones being used, we should be able to weather this wider world."

April 8th, 1571

Cadiz, Spain

Four groups of men sat in a secluded room in the Church of San Francisco.

"My majesty is glad you all could all attend, I am Antonio Perez on behalf of his majesty King Filipe II of Spain." [4]

"On behalf of his majesty Sebastiao of Portugal I am the Revered Enrique, Archbishop of Lisbon." [5]

"I am Brahim ibn Yahya, I serve Sultan Ahmad Ibn Muhhamad Bannu Hafs."

"I am Yakub ibn Muhammad, I am here on behalf of my master Sultan Abdullah Al-Ghalib Billiah Ibn Mohammad Bannu Saddi. [6]

"I hope Cadiz is to your liking gentlemen, it has seen better days as it is recovering from a recent fire." Antonio said.

"It is actually quite pleasant, it reminds me of Tunis." said Brahim in a calm tone.

"Hmph speak for yourself, this place has nothing on Marrakesh." Yakub said slightly irritated,

"I prefer Lisboa myself, but Cadiz has its charm." The Archbishop remarked with disintrerest. I suppose we were called for more than to just talking about our favorite cities, our lieges wished to talk of an alliance, yes?"

"Yes, Your Eminence. To get to the point, my King desires a larger alliance against the Turk, However, for a diverse group such as ourselves, it will not be easy."

"You are right. My Sultan's father may Allah have mercy on him, while he did not care for the Turks, however, he did drive out the Portuguese as well," Yakub said looking towards Enrique. "How can we trust that your King will not attack us again?"

"My King is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, he will fight whoever that God may will." Enrique replied sharply.

"Perhaps you two would be open to compromise? Brahim interceded with a question. "My Sultan wants those vultures removed by any means, and would be willing to put aside his dislike of this situation, as he does not have much in the way of luxury to pick and choose his friends. However be warned, we will not tolerate your King's mistreatment of our brethren be they religious or cultural, even if we are vassals to him." Brahim said, gesturing towards Antonio.

"The situation here is unfortunate, but I believe I can persuade My Liege to take a more lenient stance."

"So is your majesty to betray everything we are fighting for by show lenience towards heretics?" Enrique gave Antonio a harsh look.

"Your Eminence, does King Sabastian have to deal with widespread heretics, rebellious sons, and general affairs on the continent? If so he has my condolences. If not, how can a man who lives in the safety of relative isolation in a city, lecture the man who must deal with living near a busy plaza? They are sacrifices my King must make because there are some luxuries wealth cannot afford."

"He does not, so I see your point even if I do not approve of it," Enrique's tone softened. "It seems The Turkish Sultan's grasp does not discriminate, he had meddled in our affairs in the ocean of the Indies, while he makes trouble even at your doorsteps," Enrique said looking at both Yakub and Brahim. "Greed is a sin and one that must be repaid. I will see if My King is willing to accept those lost cities, as lost I am sure I can convince him of the value of this endeavor."

"Thank you." A small smile had graced Yakub's face before it turned solemn "My Sultan's father was poisoned by these bastards, and his uncles lie scheming in Istanbul waiting to take the throne, I will tell my Sultan the news and he should accept. If Selim wishes to act like a thief we shall take his hand as is the proper punishment,"

"That is too lenient Sadiq, the stump of a hand still may touch your land, I prefer we take the entire arm. We will accept as well." Brahim said.

An agreement that would be known as the Alliance of Cadiz would be formed from this church, as allies not by choice but convenience sought to halt and possibly repel Ottoman influence in their immediate area.

[1] More transliteration which should be obvious, Oranda in particular, is the Japanese term for Holland.

[2] The Europeans tended to see the Daimyo as kings, ie Otomo Yoshiaki was known as the Rei of Bungo. Here I'm using the inverse for Japan to make sense of the West

[3] An ATL version of Yasuke, the African Samurai in the employ of Oda Nobunaga. Yasuke's OTL origins are disputed some think he came from as far north as Sudan as one of the Dinka people due to his very dark skin color or Ethiopia with Yasuke or Yisake as a translation of Issac, or as far south as Mozambique, even with a theory he was a member of the Yao people, but that seems unlikely. Here Yasuke is a Somali man named Zacharias from the Somali clan Isaac

[4] Antonio Perez was a member of the Filipe II's government and a member of the faction that called a more federalized Spain, with more compromise in contrast to the Duke of Alba's harsher more centralization oriented faction.

[5] OTL the last Aviz King of Portugal, and uniquely a Cardinal-King at that, he helped champion Jesuit influence in Portuguese overseas. I was unsure who else to use to represent a Portuguese statesman.

[6] Both men are fictional.

Apologies if it has been a while, feel free to leave feedback.
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Part 27:The Longqing Embassy Takes Shape, The State of England, and The Birth of a Japanese Navy
Beijing, Beizhili Province, Ming Dynasty

April 28th, 1571

It was the fourth year of the reign of Longqing Emperor. Zuli Yizhao of the Ministry of Rites was with Yan Shifan, a longterm ally, and Hai Rui a Secretary within the Ministry of Revenue. They formed an informal faction of sorts, reluctantly in the case of Yan Shifan, both to encourage a more proactive stance in the world, and to act as a check against Gao Gong and Zhang Juzheng. On this rare occasion, both factions met to discuss an issue that concerned them all, the raids of Altan Khan. [1]

"This is preposterous, his majesty is the Son of Heaven, yet he wants to negotiate with barbarians? Why can we not drive them back to the steppes where they belong?" Yizhao was outraged, that this attack on the capital, was met with calls for peace.

"Our Majesty feels there are larger concerns, not that I disagree with you, for once. Speaking of barbarians, your people have sent word they wish to send an emissary to negotiate a trade agreement and possibly normalize relations again," Gong glared at Yizhao.

“Petty insults aside, we should be wary. Yizhao said in general but was staring back at Gao Gong. "This Mufu could be a much different state than the state ruled by my family,” [2]

“Do you believe they could be a threat?” Hai Rui said to break the tension.

“I do not know, if Mufu Yaoximoto has reigned in the clans, then it would not be a country only in name anymore,”

“Would that make them a threat?” Shifan asked

“If Barbarians that march on the capital and are not deemed a threat by bureaucrats, then I suppose neither would they,”

Gong's eyes narrowed. "I want a serious answer. Aside from pirates, or pirates who take your people's name, the Wa have hardly given us trouble. Yet now we've heard rumors of them preparing to send warriors off to fight as sellswords, they could be spies as a prelude to an invasion at worst, or occasional warriors on our enemies side at best.

"My home suffered non-stop warfare, it seems the new Mufu knows of this problem is giving them shall we say creative outlets for excess soldiery. What Yaoximoto intends to do is hard to say,"

"Perhaps we should accept their offer and send an embassy to go explore their lands?" Rui suggested.

"If that is so who do you wish to send?"

"Hm Meng Cong could do something useful since has the emperor's ear, and have him send Chen Lin here,"

Yan Shifan quickly moved towards Yizhao. "There is a young man I want you to summon a young man by the name of Gu Xiancheng, he is quite young but remarkably intelligent, make sure he goes along for the journey," [3]

London, England

May 6th, 1571

Elizabeth of England was in her own personal chambers, she was waiting for Lord Cecil to arrive, to discuss recent events on the continent, and the ever-present question of Ireland. These sacrifices have been most tiresome, to think he promised me petals of gold yet I see naught but blades of steel, I suppose this does take me from the burden other fruitless courtships, all of this to prevent England from being encircled, yet is to be bound with Sweden. A consequence of what appears to be a union between Scotland and France, and being afflicted with the pox. At least My Love had the decency to keep visiting even after the birth of Gustav, even after their fights over how he would be raised. [4]

Ah her little Gus, so lively and energetic, apparently he was much like his grandfather, much to the chagrin of one of his tutors Nils. Elizabeth wondered what her father might dislike more, the fate of her dynasty her being Queen included and the prospect of a union of England with that of Sweden, or that his grandson isn't an Edward or a Henry, or that England's fate rests on her cleaning up his mistakes. Elizabeth was stirred from her thoughts by the arrival of Lord Cecil.

"Your Majesty," Cecil said bowing.

"What news has the Lord Deputy sent from Ireland?"

"Our attempts to understand their local laws and create a series of compromise system between their system and ours has run into some problems. We have allowed for an elective inheritance of their newly added titles but with more formality to the elective system, and a ban on armed conflict to settle disputes. However, we have heard from Earl O'Neil himself about the actions taken against him," [5]

Elizabeth put her hand to her temple. "Is there any good news from this accursed island?"

"Yes, Baron Devlin has helped provide us with an understanding of the laws of the Irish, although I do not see why we should compromise with them, and their backward ways,"

"It is terrible enough that my Catholic subjects are not pleased with the concessions I've made, but at least they not rebelled. Gustav's birth has at least kept the peace, as putting my cousin on the throne would leave the Isles to the mercy of the French, and no one sees it fit to plot against me for that price. However, we cannot afford to make enemies of the Irish, it would be too easy to rally them against us, and would ruin any chance of pacifying the island without serious bloodshed," [6]

"I will send word to the Irish Parliament, to keep you appraised of any new developments, have you considered "King" Carlos's offer?"

"I am wary, he's rash but seems to have managed to gain the support of local nobles both Luthern and Papist. The prospect of dividing the Hapsburgs could at least keep us with a common cause with France and Scotland, for now," Elizabeth let out a sigh. "How does one make certainty out of uncertain times?"

Muromachi Palace, Kyoto

July 7th, 1571

Miyoshi Yoshitoki's plan for sending an expedition to the Southwest islands had caught the attention of the Shogun. To better streamline the process Yoshimoto had decided to consider the creation of a Ministry of the Navy. Various clans with prominent roles in trade, shipbuilding, and fighting piracy, or near strategic enough waterways where invited to Kyoto

All clans that hade thus far conducted trade with Joseon, Ming, and the Western Foreigners, were to have one designated port for trade, any other clan here may apply for a designated port. Piracy and supporting it for whatever reason were outlawed if any evidence is to emerge of it, those who also allowed it to happen were to be put to death. Diplomatic missions were to be approved only by the Shogun. All clans a part of the Ministry of the Navy where also expected to furnish the administrative support necessary to run the organization.

The Ministry itself would be further divided into a Deputy Left Minister and a Deputy Right Minister each would have separate responsibilities. The Shimazu, So, Ryuzoji, Otomo, Ouchi, Mori, and Kono, clans formed the Left Ministry. The Sogo, Asahina, Udono, Atagi, Miyoshi, Kuki, Oda, Matsudaira, Hojo, and Satomi, along with the Imagawa clan's lands in Suruga and Totomi were to form the Right Ministry.

The Left Naval Ministry was largely responsible for trade with Ming and Joseon, and any foreigners who would go to Yamaguchi. The Right Naval Ministry was focused on the possibility of exploration of the West, and possible traders from the West as well. However, both branches were expected to fight pirates, provide transportation for the newly established Red Seal Units, and approved colonial ventures.

To placate the smaller clans the ministers would be selected at the behest of the Shogun, for a fixed six-year term. The first Minister of the Navy was Mori Takamoto, with Shimazu Yoshihisa as Deputy Left Minister, and Kuki Yoshitaka as Deputy Right Minister.

Map of the Clans of the Ministry of the Navy 1571

[1] Zuli Yizhao is Ashikaga Yoshiaki, Yan Shifan is the son of Yan Song whose political career survived a little bit longer with Yoshiaki's help. Hai Rui was an official who protested the Jiajeng Emperor. Gao Gong and Zhang Juzheng were patrons of Ming Dynasty politician Xu Jie and politicians in their own right. I had to translate Japanese into Chinese by conversion of characters to the best of my knowledge.

[2] Mufu is Chinese for tent government, which is what the term Bakufu or shogunate means, but they were quite different from each other, the Mufu being for provincial administration from bureaucrats than the hereditary military governments in Japan.

[3] Chen Lin was the closest I could find to a Chinese naval commander of the Ming Dynasty, while Gu Xiangcheng would become a famous reformer bureaucrat.

[4] In OTL King Eric XIV of Sweden was one of Elizabeth's suitors, he had his brother John throw out petals of silver, with a note to Elizabeth saying he could give her petals of gold. TTL they actually marry and have a son.

[5] Ireland could be compared to the Sengoku Era of Japan in perhaps far too many ways to count. English control over Ireland was nominal outside of an area called the Pale. Real power laid with the Irish clan chiefs that ranged from the regional Lords who accepted Surrender and Regrant to more traditional clan heads, came to power via tanistry. Surrender and Regrant was an attempt to curb traditional Irish politics where succession was based on elections through a very large selection of family members, and the use English law over native Irish law. English control only really started to mean something after the Flight of the Earls in 1607.

Earl O'Neil, in this case, refers to Sean O'Neil who instead of both being refused the title of Earl of Ulster, and ending up killed in 1567, both is Earl and lives. Sean O'Neil was the firstborn son of Conn O'Neil who accepted the English title of Earl of Ulster from Henry VIII but had passed that title on to his recognized son Mathew. Sean has both consolidated his control in Ulster and is recognized as Earl O'Neil.

[6] Religion in England was difficult, Henry VIII broke England off of the Roman Catholic Church only in 1534, leaving the Church of England as basically Catholicism light that did not answer to the Pope, but not too reformed either. Under Edward VI from 1547-1553, the Church took on a more Reformist element, while from 1553-1558 it went back to Catholicism under Mary.

Since Francis II is not dead and as a consequence, his wife Mary Queen of Scots is Queen of France as well, Elizabeth is left without Mary being considered a realistic Catholic claimant lest France and the British isles sit with one head, having to navigate a political minefield of religion and political authority. Elizabeth having an heir means it is not a simple matter to just try and replace her with a Catholic anymore, at least without trying to kill Prince Gustav. I'm also using to butterfly away the Northern Rising, and Elizabeth's excommunication as a consequence. Granted now England has to deal with a union with Luthern Sweden.

As a question to anyone reading, is my recent emphasis on places outside of Japan, annoying, halfbaked, or anything of that sort?
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Part 28: Preparing the Tensho Expedition, The First Red Seal Unit Mobilizes
September 5th, 1571

Yamaguchi Palace Castle Town, Suo Province

Sue Harukata had made his way to a local tavern, he knew some of his future crew, and it was a good a time as any to meet them.
"Lord Harukata, you are drinking with us?"

"Yes, I suppose if I am going to be stuck with the "honor" of being ambassador to a bunch of foreigners, I should at least commiserate my miseries with the crew,"

"Yeah!," Several cheers and shouts came from the patrons, some of whom Harukata recognized as his soon to be crewmates.

Harukata was soon joined by an unexpected guest. A foreign priest by the name by name of Tomas. Harukata had cared little for the man's faith, but he was supposed to come along with a local monk by the name of Bansho.

"You are not the only one who does not want to go on this journey, 'friend'. My work here is far too important

"Ah Father, upset we will find worse things about your religion than that peculiar form of cannibalism you and your people practice?" Harukata remarked to the laughter of the establishment.

"The Blessed Sacraments of Our Lord and Savior, are not cannibalism!" Tomas's words drew more laughter. "To think I left my home to spread the word of the Lord, only to come back home to spread the word of a different Lord. I personally hate being presented as some kind of exotic ornament, hmph, this must be how my sister felt,"

"I'll assume your sister is a much more pleasant person to be around, and call it a grave tragedy. Noticing that many of the patrons found should we head somewhere else?"

"No, there is nothing sensitive to talk about with this damned journey. Any news on the preparations for this voyage from Lords Sumitada and Harunobu?"

"Yes they are not exactly happy of with my Lord's actions they wanted to only head to Ezpana and then to Roma, turning this embassy into a tour of the Western lands was not on their agenda at all, speaking of Ezpana what news from them? I take it they are not fond of us visiting heretics as well?"

"They find this whole expedition quite ambitious, but so long there are trade opportunities to be had, and no alliances are made with heretics, they will not try to stop us,"

"What exactly is the importance of this conflict against these heretics, and why is this Rei so afraid of them?"

"It is more than a conflict between states, it is a battle of faith that could see our very society broken. The Church has been the single most unifying power for guidance back home for centuries, and these heretics seek to destroy all that. There are both true believers convinced that what they do is correct, and those who embrace spiritual damnation for their own worldly power and fight their brothers in arms. The last thing the Rei of Ezpana needs is aid for his enemies from abroad"

"Hm if this catastrophe for society means this sect of yours loses power than you priests are quite humorous. You claim to be men of faith, yet are certainly pre-occupied with the world. Hypocrisy aside, we only care for trade, the merchants from your lands did not seem to care who they trade with, and neither shall we. However, how are we going to trade if we do not where we are going?"

"That is simple at least, we are to head through Akaparuko and head through Nueva Ezpana. From there we would need to travel again by ship to Europe, and plan our travels from there, but what about the crew are they ready? This is a diverse mission, and while I can attest to Antun, I do not trust Yisake," Before Tomas could continue Harukata raised an eyebrow. [1]

"You doubt my Lord's own Hatamoto? I find that the young man is rash but trustworthy, and I find enslaving potentially good warriors to be a waste," Tomas suspected there was more than indifference in Harukata's words. "What of the other foreigners?"

"I only know a few of the others from the shipwrecks, but they at least know the ship, I take it the rest of your men are preparing as well?

"Yes, most of the crew has experience with these vessels when they served in my Lord's navy, but I say we should keep some men on the Red Seal Ships so they are at least used to being outside of these waters,"

"At least we will not die of a lack of preparation, but hopefully we will have plenty of food?"

"Will, you and your people eat us if we do not?" Harukata asked in a false sense of curiosity.

No, I never knew you were planning to become court fool, Harukata Mr. Masaie, can you get me some of your best?" Tomas asked.

October 8th, 1571

Odawara Castle, Sagami Province

Two men stood at a local merchant quarter in Odawara's Castle town, one a local man, the other a man with light red skin that made him stand out.

"Ah hello my name is Juan, I come on behalf of my majesty to trade. I've heard this land has many things for sale and am interested to sew, what is here," The other merchant noticed something seemed odd with Juan's voice

"Well I am Haru, what exactly did you have in mind?"

"He might find these tea sets quite lovely, but warriors seem to be something my majesty could use,"

Haru's eyebrow rose slightly. "I will have to talk to my lord, but gathering an army will take some time,"

Haru had left, leaving Juan alone. As he was approached by another red skinned man.

"Ataw, can this scheme of yours actually work?" This new man asked.

"It might if Inti wills it so, Runtu. If we must leave soon tell the crew I intend to stay to gather aid against our King," Juan, or Ataw replied.

"I will do so. May Mama Qucha watch over us on our journey's back home," Runtu said before moving to embrace the man before he left.

Sometime later Haru had returned with armed guards. "My Lord demands that you meet with him immediately," Haru said with a worried look in his eyes.

Ataw had entered Odawara Castle, he noticed that it was as impressive on the inside as it was outside. He soon found himself bowing before the lord of the castle Hojo Ujimasa, and his advisors.

"So, you and your ruler wish to hire my countrymen as warriors, for what purpose?"

"To end a lengthy conflict over the ocean to the East of this Island. This land is far but, my lord is willing to provide payment for their service as soon as they meet with his representative there,"

"Your lord cannot end it himself?" Ujiyasu had heard conflicting reports of this Ezpana, one of a powerful lord yet beset by troubles by others.

"While I admit it is an interesting offer, I want to confer with my councilors on this matter, I cannot accept this offer in good faith, on my own. However you will have a response in the coming days,"

"Thank you Lord Ujimasa," Ataw had bowed and then left.

"We have the men and this would be a good chance for glory overseas," Hojo Tsunashige, Hojo Ujimasa's adopted brother military advisor said.

"We would need ships for travel and inform the Shogun of this offer. we would have to make sure we are not simply just sending people to their deaths. It appears this Won must wait," said Matsuda Norihide another advisor.

"I will send a rider towards Sunpu, if Yoshimoto is not there we will instruct him to head towards Kyoto. Surely the Shogun would want to if see this peculiar system of his could actually work,"

December 8th, 1571

Yamaguchi Palace, Suo Province

Ouchi Yoshinaga had gathered those who would be on the crew of the Ouchi-maru outside of the courtyard of the castle.

"I have unfortunate news. The Shogun intends to send the first Red Seal Unit along with our expedition," Yoshinaga could make out murmurs from the crowd, they were not pleased. "We are not left with much of an option, we along with the Mori are to even send the six ships along for the journey,"

"My lord are we to provide troops as well?" Yoshinaga could tell it seemed less like a question, and more like a statement.

"No, the Hojo came up with this 'wonderful' idea, so they are providing the troops,"

"Lord Yoshinaga, we must try and make contact with the local authorities to let them know, there are two missions heading to the East,"

February 12th, 1572

Lima, Viceroyalty of Peru

Viceroy Diego Lopez de Zuniga, Count of Nieva had received two crewmembers from the ship San Blas Captian Rodrigo de Olivido, and a converso named Felipe. Apparently, a converso who had become a merchant named Juan had made a request for soldiers from Hapon to assist with this rebellion.

"The damned heathens took Cusco and have stopped at San Juan de la Frontera. We have to teach this so-called king and his people a lesson. I will bring this information before the Audenica," Diego said before turning to an attendant. "I want you to see that these men are rewarded for this,"

"Yes Viceroy," the attendant had then left with both Rodrigo and Filipe behind him. Felipe smiled, not for the gold but for the fact, Ataw's plan was working right under the invader's noses.

[1] This was the starting route of the OTL 1613 expedition.

I have to admit I am still entirely unsure how to have this Red Seal Company play a significant force in Peru, in OTL the galleon used in the 1613 expedition had a crew of 180 all told even with 5 it would still be 620 proper soldiers at least even with a 2/3rd ratio.
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Part 29: War Brews in The Eastern Mediterranean, Gifts From The Shogun Are Sent
March 18th, 1572

Istanbul, Rumelia Eyalet

Selim II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, sighed deeply for he had inherited an empire stretched too thin, and it had shown. Perhaps his father was not as great as he had once believed. Yes, they held many lands, but only resulted in many headaches. The Eyalets in Mesopotamia were lost to his brother Bayezid, the so-called Sultan of Irak, and that was where the trouble started. the Habash and Yemen Eyalets had to be abandoned, as his forces were busy dealing with that traitor Bayezid. The Hapsburg infidels have managed to attract the desperate dogs of the Hasafid pretender Caliph and the Saddi sultan in Mauritania, who now use them to save themselves from righteous justice. [1]

Macaristan, in particular, had become had become a stalemate, Yanos has relinquished the crown to the Hapsburgs. That so-called Kayser up north had become a threat as well and could look to threaten their hold in Crimea. Still, there must be a way to gain leverage on the infidels. [2]

There was always Kibris. It was a Venedikli controlled island far too close for Selim's comfort, and it was always a goal of his to take it. His dear friend Yusef was supposed to become ruler of Kibris as well. The sultanate still had a powerful navy and the Venedikli could hardly stop them if they wanted to. Selim had sent for his Grand Vizier Sokollu Mehmet Pasha who had just arrived [3]

"My Sultan,"

"Mustafa I have need of your opinion. I intend to conquer Kibris, considering the fortunes of our sultanate as of late would this be wise?"

"It would keep the western seas in check, and remind the world of our strength, we are diminished, but not weak." The Grand Vizier had responded. Selim knew that Sokollu had wanted to take Kibris as well, but recent events had to be considered beforehand.

"I was of the same mind, ready the fleet and send an ultimatum to the Doge."

"As you wish." Mustafa had left to oversee raising an army.

April 6th, 1572

Sunpu Palace, Suruga Province

Sue Harukata and Saigo Sumitaka had arrived at Sunpu Palace their ships were moored at Kanbara Castle. Ujizane had wanted to prepare some gifts to send the various rulers in the west. Among these gifts where various sets of ceremonial weapons and armor, including finely crafted swords and bows, tea sets and due to Yoshimoto's insistence several Kemari balls. This would be the last stop before receiving the Hojo clan's warriors and finally proceeding towards their journey westward.

[1] Eyalets where Ottoman administrative units. Habash, in particular, was little more than the port of Massawa in Ethiopia, with worse Ottoman fortunes that area has been abandoned.

[2] As in OTL, Janos Zapolaya gave up the crown of Hungary. While Crimea is under close watch and did not sack Moscow due to Russia not being distracted by the Livonian War.

[3] Kibris or the Venetian held island of Cyprus was a tempting for the Ottomans to seize. However TTL, the invasion plans are two years later, due to troubles in the Ottoman Empire.
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Part 30: Arrival to the New World
August 19th, 1572 [1]

Acapulco, Viceroyalty of New Spain

Mayor Hernando de Cadiz had received news of six ships sighted off the coast and had arrived toward the port. Gathering a small guard Hernando arrived to see who they were and had sent word to the Viceroy to see if they were hostile. The ships themselves were a mix of both familiar and foreign design, which raised even more questions, and they flew flags that showed either a line and three dots beneath them or an odd-shaped cross.

A ship had immediately docked and out came a man clad in armor, with two swords at his waist, and at his sides stood three men one who appeared to be a priest, and two other men clad in armor, one who looked like one of them, the other one who looked Portuguese.

The group of four had stopped, with the priest moving forward. "Greetings, I am Tomas, I am interpreter on behalf of Imahawa Yoximoto, the King of Hapon who rules in the name of the Emperor Ogimachi. These men are Suay Harucata who owes his service to the Duke of Amanguchi Ouchi Yochinaha and Saigo Sumetaca in service of the Count of Hinoe Arema Sumetada. We are here to conduct trade with and visit the King of Spain himself, along with other nearby lands. The five other vessels are to head towards Lima, on behalf of the viceroy there." The priest had said in fluent Spanish.

"I am Hernando de Cadiz, mayor of this town. I had heard that there would visitors but I did not expect anything this large. I will provide what I can, but I want your guests to be on their best behavior."

"The mayor wants everyone to not cause any trouble for the people." Tomas had said to Harukata.

"Very well, but I hope the rather wealthy looking townspeople will do more than just staring at us." [2]

"That I do not know, hopefully, we not have to stay here long." Tomas had said his dislike of the place was clear, and Harukata noticed.

"What seems so bad about this place?"

"I would rather be back in Ezpana in real civilization, not this poor imitation."

September 12th, 1572

Lima, Viceroyalty of Peru

The Oe Maru was heading towards the port of Lima. Its captain was Hojo Ujinori 3rd son of Hojo Ujiyasu. Next to Ujiyasu was the merchant who had asked for their help in the first place Juan.

"Are you certain the authorities know we are coming?" Ujinori had asked.

"Yes, Lord."

A small armed force stood at the docks and there stood its leader, a man with a thick beard and mustache, with a small smile on his face. Jaun had taken the lead and started to talk. "Viceroy, I have managed to bring some warriors from the Far East, they come from the land of Hapon. Their leader is Prince Ouhenore of the House of Hoho." As a look of surprise crossed Diego's face, unexpected to have received this kind of help.

"A prince?" Diego had said aloud before his smile broke out into a grin. "Ha, we will have this so-called emperor defeated soon and order restored! Please tell the Prince I am Diego Lopez de Zuniga, Count of Nieva and Viceroy of this colony in the name of his majesty King Felipe, and it is an unexpected honor to receive him. I can only hope Lima will be to his liking before he sets out to face the heathens. Tell he him and his men to stay a few days before they depart." Diego's voice not once losing mirth.

"My lord, Governor Diego is pleased to see you here and hopes the city is to you accommodation and wants to enjoy a few days here before you should march to confront this enemy." Juan said in a hardly enthusiastic tone.

"Tell him we are honored I inform my brothers and the rest of the crew." [2]

Ujinori had waited for the rest of warriors to gather before explaining their situation, to face this as of yet unknown foe.

[1] The OTL 1613 expedition had taken roughly little more than 3 months to leave from a much northward location in Japan to arrive in the same place. I figured a little more than four months would be fine.

[2] Hojo Ujinori was the 3rd son of Hojo Ujiyasu, at least who was still alive, his 4th and 5th sons were Ujitada and Ujimitsu, who have also come along with him
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Part 31: A Consideration of Colonies, The Sapa Inca Makes His Move
September 17th, 1572

Mexico, Viceroyalty of New Spain

The Tensho embassy had arrived in Mexico only a few days ago. Harukata and Sumitaka where discussing their impressions of this colony. [1]

"I cannot say I see the point in a colony this large, and so distant that it relies on administrators from afar. What from what we know back home, the Kakizaki seem just fine in the middle of nowhere." Harukata remarked unimpressed by how this colony was run.

"Yes, but this colony was established over the remains of a conquered people who could be resentful, it would be unfair to make such a comparison. A centralized authority seems prudent enough this far away, or else what would stop far off governors from acting independently?”
Sumitaka countered.

“The fact that they are going off to distant lands with little to no support. Regardless of what we use for a model for these new lands, it should not be based on this system. This governing council seems to be at odds with the Rei's appointed official. There are even stories the Rei is busy with issues elsewhere. Lord Yoshimoto and more importantly Lord Ujizane will not be as distracted, they would never agree to such conflicting styles of governing.”

"It seems likely Lord Ujizane would be mistrustful. When are we head out to Beracruzu?" Sumitaka replied. [2]

"Hopefully by tomorrow, this city seems quite beautiful, but we are wasting our time here."

August 2nd, 1572

Ayachuco, Viceroyalty of Peru

Hojo Ujinori was encamped with his brothers. Apparently, the one known as the Saipa Inka was leading this army himself. The one named Won was their guide and they were to ambush the Inka.

Two Hours Later

Hojo Ujimitsu was leading the vanguard of the Hojo forces with Won in tow.

“Are you sure this is the right path?” Ujimitsu asked Won.

“Yes, I am certain of that.” Ataw replied.

Hojo Ujinori’s force was surrounded by a force of warriors armed dressed in corse tunics with both guns and horses. Won had kept on moving, before being stopped by Hojo Ujimitsu. [3]

“Are you mad?” Ujimitsu screamed.

“No, I can get us out of this situation.” Ataw said with little fear.

Ataw moved toward the army. He was stopped by a man with a headdress.

“Are you Ataw? The Sapa Inca himself had received word you would be arriving with foreigners from across the ocean.” The man stated.

“Yes, these are the warriors I had mentioned. They do not know the real reason I had brought them here." Ataw replied.

"Very well. inform them of the arrangement, and that we will attack if they refuse." The man's voice did not change.

As Ataw had made his back to the Hojo forces, Ujimitsu signaled for his forces to remain ready.

"So you return unharmed? Why do I have a feeling the reason why will be bad news?" Ujimitsu asked.

"You are right to be suspicious, please send for Lord Ujinori, this is more serious than you may realize. I am not Won, but Ataw agent of the Saipa Inka." Ataw explained.

"Damn it, this is far more than a mere uprising, and we are the pawns." Ataw and Ujimitsu did not have to go far, Ujinori had already made his way toward them.

"Brother, you look like this situation has gotten much worse, but surely that cannot be possible?" Ujinori asked.

"My lord, it has, I did not hire you to fight this rebellion but to fight on behalf of it and the Saipa Inka. The soldiers are there to escort you to him." Ujinori only drew his sword in response making Ataw nervous. "My Lord you must believe me, I would not go through all of this trouble to decieve you into fighting My Lord's enemies, to end up having you killed." Ataw said still remaining nervous remaining nervous.

"Ujimitsu, inform the men we are to continue marching, these warriors are no threat, for now. I do not have an idea what this Saipa Inka expects from us with so few men." Ujimitsu explained.

"That is an answer we will both find out, arranging for your countrymen to come here was my idea I had back in Sagami. The governor did not know of my true allegiances." Ataw's answer was met by Ujinori's stern face.

"So you sent us into a situation that you do know the outcome of!" Ujimistu shouted.

"Brother we are to remain on full alert, perhaps this meeting with the Saipa Inka will not be so bad."

Not far from Ayachuco the Hojo forces arrived at where the Sapa Inca was encamped, where they found themselves stared at with unintelligible whispers breaking out.

The Hojo forces what led to a camp with a force of guards with red cloaks out in front of the tent out stepped a man wearing a headdress with two feathers a multi-colored tunic and on it was a sun. The man also wore a slightly bejeweled cape. Everyone else in the camp bowed before the man, as he started inspecting the Hojo forces. [4]

“You are the one known as Ataw correct?” the man asked.

"Yes, Sapa Inca." The man was the Sapa Inca himself.

"These are the warriors you arrange to travel here? Why are there so few of them?" The Saipa Inka asked

"Yes, it took quite a bit of deception on my end. I had given them the impression they were to put down a small rebellion. In their land of Yapanku the country was divided as various nobles had waged war with each other. The Supreme Commander, who protects the Emperor, has pacified the land and is the real power in the country. The Supreme Commander has allowed his countrymen to fight overseas as hired warriors, so they do not cause trouble back home. The three men in front of you are brothers and sons of the noble house of Hoyo." Ataw explaining as best he could the land and politics of these foreign warriors.

“Do they know who I am?” The Sapa Inca asked.

“No Sapa Inca.” Ataw replied to see a small smile cross the Sapa Inca's face.

"Then announce me to them and that I welcome them here."

"Lord Ujinori, you stand before the Sapa Inca and descendant of the Sun God, Titu Cusi,”

“Tell his majesty, we would have brought gifts had we known we were visiting divine royalty.” Ujinori's remark was sharper than the words suggested. Ataw said the words back to the causing the Sapa Inca to slightly chuckle, who understood there must be a difference in their words even if he could not understand them.

“There is a gift they can give me, the city of Lima. The Governor wants these men to be heroes, he shall have them.

[1] Mexico is what would be known as Mexico City, as that was what Tenochtitlan was renamed to.

[2] Veracruz which is where they would head to Europe from.

[3] It was recorded that the Inca had managed to eventually adapt both guns and horses, Sapa Inca Manco Inca himself was skilled enough to ride a horse into battle.

[4] The dress of the Sapa Inca's tended to be very ornate, with his clothing being made by specialized weavers, and the Sapa Inca never wore the same clothes twice having them burnt after use. The current Sapa Inca is Titu Cusi, one of the sons of Manco Inca who instead of signing peace has kept fighting back against a more poorly run Viceroyalty of Peru.
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Part 32: The Longqing Embassy Enters Kyoto, Treachery Seizes Lima, The Tensho Embassy Arrives in Portugal
February 8th, 1572

Muromachi Palace, Kyoto

Shogun Yoshimoto was faced with a rather surprising envoy. The Ming had decided to send an emissary to Japan.

"Lord, I am Chen Lin, I bring a message from the Son Of Heaven himself. The relationship between our peoples has been quite difficult. Piracy and trade disputes that have turned violent have been a problem, and now we are finding out while your country has recently found peace it sends its own warriors off fighting other's wars. The Emperor wishes to inquire what you are country plans to do as he is a peace-loving man who will not tolerate your attempts to stir up trouble if that is your intention?" Chen said sternly.

"No, while there are many of my countrymen who wish to still fight, I would not start a conflict of our own making, I have no desire for land, nor has my people been wronged in any that force would be necessary. These warriors are sent out with a contract to fight for whoever hires them, and no one else. I am aware of that the relationship between our nation's has not been the most peaceful, I want to restore relations, but on our own terms." Yoshimoto said clarifying his intentions.

"I see, the Emperor may not approve of your tone, but at least will be relieved to know you do not intend violence. If we may, can we continue this tomorrow." Chen Lin said formally bowing.

"Yes, I do hope you enjoy your stay in Jingdu." Yoshimoto said in a cordial tone. [1]

"It is a beautiful city." replied Chen, but eager to leave.

Chen Lin was with Gu Xiangchen planning what do next.

"The nerve of this Barbarian, with nothing more than a bunch of so-called cities that are just towns built around fancy piles of firewood they call castles, they would dare to negotiate with the Son of Heaven himself?" Chen said shouting in Gu's direction.

"Calm down, at the very least we know the Wa will not be a threat, but we must inform the Emperor to keep a close eye on them. They are clearly not content with just their islands." Gu said, annoyed at Chen callousness.

"I apologize, I have hated traveling in this land." Chen said apologizing.

"You did say, we would be returning tomorrow, so let us come up with something in the meantime. We have a clarified position which is more than what we had before." Gu explained.

September 1st, 1572

Lima, Viceroyalty of Peru

A Celebration had broken out in Lima, the foreign warriors had managed drive off an attack by the Sapa Inca and had arrived as heroes. Hojo Ujinori was feasting with his brothers in the main hall they had stuck to trying to cut up several pieces of meat and eat whatever they could with what the Spanish had seen as a pair of sticks. When they were interrupted by their guide Juan, whispering in Ujinori's ear.

"It is time,"

"Very well tell them to proceed."

"Juan why is the prince being interrupted surely you have thought of things to do I'm sorry governor but several of his men more concerned about what they would do next and wanted me to send him a message.

"Hmph fine."

The gates of Lima were patrolled by a few men but they were soon reinforced by the foreigners most unexpectedly.

"Hey Ruiz, when your shift is over do you want to try your luck with the serving wenches?"

"Perhaps, What do these Haponese want with us?” The foreign warriors stood quietly with grim expressions on their faces. After a brief silence, the foreigners drew their weapons and cut the guards down. Screams and the sounds of violence rang throughout Lima as an Indian army suddenly began to enter Lima.

A messenger ran into the hall where Viceroy and his guests where eating

"Viceroy, Viceroy. The Indians are in Lima!" an exhausted messenger said with little time to catch his breath.

Viceroy de Nieta and most of the guests panicked

"Juan tell the foreigners we are under attack." However, Juan remained silent. "Juan, what in God's name are you doing?"

"Unfortunately Viceroy, I did not hire these foreigners for you."

"You bastard! You-." but as the Viceroy began to Shout Ujinori drew his sword causing the Viceroy to panicked and fall to his knees. several hours have passed and Lima was firmly in Incan hands. the nobles were still kept in the guest hall when the Sapa Inca Titi Cusi arrived.

“Count how are you. I take it the food is quite good even if the reason to celebrate was not quite what you imagined?" The Sapa Inca said with a mocking smile. "Hm is there still anything left to eat, and possibly some wine left, it would be a shame, to arrive at a feast to celebrate my victory with nothing to show for it." Titu Cusi asked one of the servants.

"Yes, yes your highness." one of the terrified servants said before leaving.

"Watch that one." the Sapa Inca said to two guards who responded with a quick nod.

"What do you want, you are not here just to eat." Diego said mustering up the courage to speak.

The Sapa Inca’s smile disappeared. “My country back, and you are going to help. I will allow you to live and you will send a message to your king that I am the Sovereign of these lands and no one else."

December 20th, 1572

Lisboa, Portugal

A ship arrived in the docks bearing a stylized a black cross. Out stepped several foreign men Bearing arms and armor and even including a priest. One of the men himself was native to Lisboa and informed that they were emissaries. This news had reached Sabastiao, the King of Portugal himself who demanded that the representatives of these strangers explain themselves to him.

The strangers were presented in front of the king.

"Your majesty, I am Tomas a priest who is apart of this Embassy on behalf of Imahawa Yoshimoto King of Japon who rules in the name of the Emperor Ohemache. The leader of this Expedition is the Duke Harucata the house of Suay."

the King's gaze remained fixed on the guard that looked like someone from his land or close to it. The guard wore a symbol on the flag on his back that took the shape of five crosses in the form of another cross. I want to know who this man is and why does she wear such a familiar symbol on his armor.

"Your Highness if I may explain myself." the guard said in Sebastiao's language surprising everyone at court.

"You, may."

"I am Antonio a sailor from Lisboa, or Anton Yamaguchi in the language of the foreigners who I now serve. The ship I had served on had crashed in the lands of My Lord Ouchi Yoxinaga, who was a powerful king that allowed Christians to practice their faith. I and the other survivors ended up in his service when I eventually became a knight or something close to it."

"You mentioned lord was a king, what had happened to him?"

"Lord Yoxinaga was eventually engaged in war with King Yoximoto who gained almost full control over Japon after he was defeated, My King accepted being a Duke under his rule. However, King Yoximoto having found out about our people and our neighbors had wanted to send an expedition to visit them the entrusted this task to my liege, who had sent me along to help see that this expedition would be successful." Antonio

"Then what is the purpose of this expedition?" Sabastiao asked.

"I'm afraid Your Highness I cannot say, I shall leave that to the Duke to address."

Tomas repeated this to Harukata.

"Then tell this Rei, that Lord Yoximoto had sent to this expedition for exploration and diplomacy. Harukata had told Tomas.

"The Duke says that King Yoximoto only sent this expedition for the purposes of trade and exploration." Tomas said to the king.

"What gifts does His majesty bring to my court?"

The embassy had sent out sent gifts from the Shogun, including a set of ornate armor, a sword, a tea set and a ball that was made from deerskin with fur facing inside.

"What is the purpose of this strange ball?"

"Your majesty, the king is an avid player of a sport called Quemari, and sent this over to spread it to these new lands."

Several members of the King's court had joined for a demonstration, but the rest of the meeting was quite uneventful.

Later that two Portuguese men were walking side, one young, and the other older.

"Luis I had heard of the Lusiads, and have not yet had the chance to read them, but to think His Majesty would send me along with someone as esteemed as you to record this embassy is something I would have never suspected."

"Please, Diogo there is no need for formality. I'm a simple survivor with a passion to see the life and beauty in all of God's wonders on this earth. Besides, even if his Majesty has provided me a pension, I'd like to think I'm the same man you knew in Goa, besides this 'esteemed' man would not be here without your help." [2]

The two men shared a laugh before they started to pack for their long journey with this strange embassy.

[1] Chinese for Kyoto

[2] These men are Luis de Camoes, a renowned Portuguese Poet, and Diogo de Couto a historian and friend of Luis. Both men had served in Goa in Portuguese India.
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Part 33: The Calm Before the Storm
March 29th, 1573

Istanbul, Rumelia Elayet, Ottoman Empire

Sultan Selim had just received a messenger regarding the island of Kibris.

"My Sultan, I bring good news the island of Kibris has mostly fallen, what are the next orders for the fleet?"

"The Vendeliki, will not be alone have the fleet prepare themselves for them, and their allies." The Sultan ordered.

April 3rd, 1573

Madrid, Spain

King Felipe was in his private chamber he was reading a letter, a letter he had read several times over the last hour. It was sent by his son Carlos, the so-called king Karel of the Low Countries.


I’ve heard you have been blessed with twins it must make my disinheritance from the throne easier. You had promised me the Low Countries and I went there with that fool the Duke of Alba. The Duke had tried to kill me, and I was forced to defend myself. I have found many allies among the Flemish and Dutch. They, unlike you, have faith in my abilities to handle responsibilities expected of a prince, and of a king. [1]

I will be King of the Low Countries if you do not believe I can not become King of Spain. The French and English will support me as. I do wish to resort to fighting my own father, but I will do so if I must, for I shall not relent.

Felipe was going to read the letter again, but he was interrupted.

"Your Majesty I'm sorry to interrupt but I have grave news, Don Antonio, has just received news a catastrophe has happened in Peru it involves the foreigners who have recently arrived here they apparently helped the Indians take over Lima."

Felipe did not show shock but simply sighed.

'Another grain of sand in the endless desert of disaster.' he thought.

Felipe had left to see Antonio.

"What do we know of this situation?" Felipe asked curtly.

"Not much My King. We only know that the viceroy of Peru had let a converso bring in mercenaries from Hapon, why they helped the Indians attack and seize Lima we do not know, but we do know the Sapa Inca of their lands wants us out of his country." Antonio replied, only for Felipe to fur his brow.

"These Haponese asked to travel towards the Mediterranean sea, near our fleet under my brother. I do not care how just get a message over there about what has happened if nothing else they must have answers as to why they brought mercenaries along with them." [2]

"Yes, my King." Antonio said leaving Felipe alone again.

[1] Don Carlos did not like being given positions with little responsibility, I've tried to use this to best add to his grievances.

[2] King Felipe's brother is John of Austria.

I thought I would make a short update to ring out the New Year.
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Part 34: the Battle of the Gulf of Patras
August 13th, 1573

The Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Patras

A large battle had broken out in the Gulf of Patras, a large Ottoman fleet was facing off against a combined fleet from Spain, Venice, Genoa and various other powers in the Mediterranean. The Fortunado had arrived in the middle of the battle trying to observe what could be called a safe distance near the Geonese wing of the fleet. The Fortunado had largely shadowed the fleet staying in ports such as Naples or Palmero. [1]

The Fortunado

Tomas was talking with Antonio, as the Fortunado was approaching the fleet.

"I can't believe Harucata would do this to us, he wants us to sail towards the fleets of the Holy League and the Turk?" Tomas complained.

"Well, it would not be like any other part of this journey is dangerous." Antonio deadpanned.

"Sailing the oceans is one thing, sailing towards the Turks is another, and we are better off taking our own lives than ending up as slaves!" Tomas exclaimed fearing the worst.

"If the Turks are not slain trying to do so, we are warriors, not merchants. They will find us more difficult than their usual prey."

"Hmph a sailor that considers himself a warrior like the rest of these men, you had better be right about this," Tomas said trying to steel himself.

Diogo and Luis were discussing their recent time with the Tensho embassy.

"This religion of theirs is inspiring, at least in the artistic sense, It reminds me of the Divine Comedy, with its vividness. I must speak more with this Bancho." Luis remarked.

"I've talked to Antonio he has told me of the Duke Harucata. With the Duke's permission and a translator I want to write a biography or possibly several others of their land, maybe I can visit their King Yoximoto. The world out there must be fascinating, even the common soldiers are interesting." Diogo said eagerly about his recent role.

However, Luis's thoughts turned to an unspoken worry, "Do you believe we will have to fight?"

"God willing, we will not." Diogo replied, but sounded more unsure than Luis.

However, the Fortunado's crew would not be observing the battle from afar.

"Captain, I want you to take us closer this cluster of ships looks to be away from the main force we should not be in any serious Danger.

Ulic Ali was aboard his ship, he had thus far kept the defense against the Cenvikli, and was prepared to engage the main Holy League fleet again if need be. [2]

"Captain we've sighted alone ship the side of the enemy navy it's flag bears a stylized cross." Yakub one of his sailors had said to him.

"Damn it, more of enemy and stragglers at that. Send my orders for two ships to break off from our force and proceeded to attack, we need to be able to retreat. Keep the fleet ready to attack. The old man said with some trace of an accent.

Two ships from the Ottoman left-wing sail towards the Fortunado.

"Priest, get over here now, are these Turuko you have spoken of our enemies?"

"No, but they do not look like they are here for a friendly visit. Of all the things you had to do, it was sailing us here, it will be a miracle from God if we are not taken as slaves if we are not killed." Tomas frantic pleas where given little acknowledgment by Harukata.

"Hmph, alert the crew have the cannoneers and arquebusiers ready to fire and make sure their ready fight these Turuko back."

The Fortunado positioned itself to fire on one of the galleys sinking the other, leaving the other one free to board the Fortunado. The crew had started to fire both bow and arquebus at the enemy who was armed with only bows. several volleys where exchanged, before the Ottomans started to board the ship.

Lightly armored warriors began to scale towards the ship, with the crew picking up short spears and drawing swords to repel the Ottoman borders. The borders wore cloth and some armor and were armed with curved short swords and maces. Both sides clashed with the crew of the Fortunado cutting down most of the borders.

Giovanni Andrea Doria had seen the stranger's ship face down two Turkish galley's, and it galvanized the Left wing of Holy League to press onwards. [3]

"Captian Pasha, the battle seems lost, are we to retreat?" Yakub asked unsure of what his captain would do in what looked to be a lost battle.

Ulic Ali paused for a few moments "Yes, we will gain nothing by dying here. send out orders for the fleet to begin retreating." Ulic noticed that the lone ship had fired another volley, with one cannonball striking the bow of one of the galleys.

"Damn them, they more than a nuisance, we may have to face these strangers ourselves. The Turkish fleet began to retreat out of the Gulf of Patras, towards safer waters.

The Fortunado was approached by the side by a galley baring a white flag with a red cross. The crew was given curious looks by the sailors before the ship rammed into a Turuko galley trying to attack from the port side.

"Have we lost anyone in the attack?" Harukata asked

"A few men have been injured at least three men are dead, Lord," Bansho reported, himself wearing armor and wielding his naginata.

"Captian, we have an enemy ship on our starboard side, they are going to board," The crew of the Fortunado rushed to repel the borders as more Turuko warriors had arrived and chief among was them an old man, with a slightly lighter complexion with a large turban and a long white beard.

In the confusion of battle, Harukata found himself face to face with the old man, who attacked with a curved sword. The old man's blade had more weight to it, but Harukata still had mobility and armor on his side, and after several clashes with the old man, cut him across the arm, before stabbing him in the chest. The fighting continued, as the enemy galley was attacked by another ship with a red cross on its sails. Faced with an attack on both sides the Turuko ship was overrun and had been its galley slaves freed.

After the attack, the ship was approached by another ship bearing a red cross and looked more ornate than the other ships they had seen so far.

A man with black facial hair in slightly blemished armor had met stood across Harukata along with his guards, Harukata had his own guards with him.

"Priest, tell me, who is this man," Harukata asked.

"Honored Sir, My lord wishes know who you are?" Tomas shouted across to the other ship, his friendly tone was met by the man's sharp glare.

"Is your "lord", some kind of a madman?" Don Giovanni nearly shouted. "How in the name of the Almighty does your Lord expect this meeting to go, thank you for arriving from God knows were to help us? Damn it, do you realize I have to bring you, your lord and his followers in front of the rest of the league."

"I am more than aware, I told him this was insanity, but he believed we could fight them off," Tomas replied in an equally irritated tone, Don Giovanni gave a thoughtful pause.

"Hmm, I suppose he was not wrong, especially if he killed that bastard Occhaili. If he must know, I am Don Giovanni Andrea Doria, but who is this lord of yours?" Don Giovanni replied in a calmer tone.

"He is Duke Suay Harucata from the far off land of Hapon, we were an embassy in the name of their King,"

Don Giovanni raised an eyebrow. "What kind of embassy brings this many armed men with them?"

"An embassy that intends to visit as far north as Inghilitierra."

"An embassy of lunatics, and brave ones at that."

"Hmph and here I might be the biggest lunatic of them all," Tomas said causing both men to laugh.

"Preist, that seems to be a long conversation for just one question," Harukata said irritated he had to wait for an answer.

"He is Doria Janandorea, a key figured in this Scared Ikki, and they wish to meet us."

August 14th, 1573

Sami, Cephalonia, Republic of Venice

The Fortunado had made it back with the rest of the Holy League fleet. However, Tomas approached by another man in armor flanked by guards.

"Father, you are the interpreter for these men?" the man had asked.

"Yes, Don?" Tomas replied hoping for an introduction.

"Don Juan of Austria. My brother, his majesty the King of the Spains and the Two Sicilies. Had warned me about you, apparently, a bunch of warriors you dropped off in Peru had helped the Indians seize or "reconquer" as they liked to call it Peru. Don Juan had said to Tomas's shock. My King demands you and your ship return to Cadiz to see the King, but I will at least send word that your help has seen all of the enemy's admirals killed.

"Thank you, but I do not know how to explain this to the crew."

"You must know I need to send you with an escort." Don Juan said with a remorseful tone.

"I understand," Tomas replied. All I wanted was a quiet life as a man of God, instead, I am thrown into wars and sailing the world. Tomas thought before going off to find Harukata.

[1] As this is ATL Lepanto. The participants are the same, save the Fortunado and Tensho Embassy. The Holy League was a coalition of Christian powers that set out to oppose Ottoman control of the Mediterranean.

[2] Ulic Ali or Occhiali was an Ottoman admiral and notably the only high ranking survivor of Lepanto. He was formerly a slave captured from Italy, hence the skin color and accent.

[3] Giovanni Andrea Doria leader of the left wing of the Holy League fleet, not to be confused with his Grand Uncle and adoptive father the famed admiral Andrea Doria.
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Part 35: The Spanish Strike Back, Repercussions of the Battle of the Gulf of Patras
September 20th, 1572

Lima, Peru

Hojo Ujinori along with his brothers were seated in front of Titu Cusi in the former Viceregal Palace, with Ataw there to interpret

"I take it my messengers have given you the new duties I require of you?"

"Yes Sapa Inca, I am most honored but I admit I was only a humble courier, are you sure I am to be your voice in their land of Yapanku?"

"Yes, while I am Sapa Inca like my predecessors before me, the world I live in is different from the world that they knew and so our Empire must change along with it. There are many lands beyond the great seas, some that are not so different from our own. You said this land of Yapanku, was a land filled with mountains like our own, and even stranger still they too have a ruler who claims to be descended from a Sun deity."

"Yes, Sapa Inca."

The Yapanmanta have given us many gifts even if they do not know it. I can only imagine what they could provide us with if they were allies, it is why I am considering marrying three of my daughters to these princes. Do you now realize why I want you to be my ambassador to these people?”

“Yes, I understand Sapa Inca, but what of these three daughters, Will they accept marrying these three princes?”

These are to be like any other marriages if they are found wanting by my daughters, I want to arrange their transportation back here. However, I have faith that from what you describe of these three men they are honorable and noble in action as well as blood.

Ataw had given Ujinori and his brothers a nervous look.

"The Sapa Inca is honored by your help and would like to form an alliance with your people." Ataw said flatly.

"Why do I believe there is news I am not going to like?"

"The Sapa Inca wants a marriage between you and your brothers and three of his daughters."

Ujinori gave a quick smile "Tell the Saipa Inka my brothers and are honored he would consider us matches for his daughters. We are going to have a talk after this, ambassador. This lie of yours has done damage in ways you cannot begin to know." Ujinori's harsh tone did not betray the smile he had on his face.

An Incan messenger had arrived.

"Sapa Inca, we have news the Espanakyu are preparing to launch a counter-attack." Ataw's eyes grew wide, as he told Ujinori of this message. [1]

"Tell the Saipa Inca we shall fight them again."

The Hojo would gather their soldiers and march out once more.

August 20th, 1573

Cadiz, Spain

Harukata, Tomas and several high-ranking members of the Tensho embassy stood before King Felipe.

“What does the Rei want to know? We were only sent to deliver them to Lima they were guided by this man with redskin.”

Tomas had figured as much it was an Indio trick but was unsure.

"Your Majesty, my lord was not apart of that mission, it was sent by another noble family."

"What does that mean, what would be the difference between one family or the other?" The king's words were translated to Harukata.

"Does he know that our land is divided into great lords and that they have their own armies. These armies were sent by the Hojo who made a contract with one of the king's representatives. What the Hojo had told me is that sent to put down a rebellion, and were guided by a man with red skin, who had managed this contract."

"Your Majesty, the Duke offers an explanation. The lords of his land have sent their armies out to become soldiers for hire, those soldiers were not from his lord, but another. From what the Duke tells me the forces of the Hogo family where hired by an Indian on the Viceroy's behalf.

"So, you truly do not know what happened, but that this was apparently not the intention of either expedition? This does not make things any easier, what would your King say if these men were to die?"

Felipe heard Tomas and the Duke speaking, and their tones seemed curt with each other.

"Your Majesty, he said they knew the risks by choosing to stay. The Duke would like to know what you would do with their expedition, namely if you would try to stop them?"

"No, it would make things worse, and I have heard that you did help drive the Turks back, and kill the infamous corsair Uchalli. If my brother is willing to attest to your actions, I am willing to at least consider you brave men."

"The King is willing to let us leave." Tomas said to Harukata.

"Then let us do so, the sooner we can start to head back home the better." Harukata said after bowing to the king.

November 6th, 1573

Istanbul, Rumelia Elayet

Sokollu Mehmed Pasha was with Sultan Selim.

"My Sultan, please reconsider we can always strike back and end the blockade around Kibris."

"I'm uncertain if we could raise a fleet to end the blockade, those treasonous bastards in the Maghreb have dared to ally themselves with our enemies. My brother is still a bigger a threat, and they have merely wounded my arm. However, I have a plan to save face. What information do we have on Yusuf's support among the people of Kibris?"

“Yusuf has made many concessions to the Dhimmi more than what the Vendeliki offered, however some of our own are quite wary of him.”

"It is as good as we can hope for. Yusuf is a friend of mine he wanted to be Sultan of Kibris and so a Sultan he shall be.” [2]

“You wish to make this man an ally and make this kingdom independent?”

“yes, we have little choice. If my brother chooses to break his leash we cannot afford to be cut off by the seas. Eventually, we shall have our revenge, but for now, we must accept Cezayir and the lands around Tunis, as lost.” [3]

"If you say, so my Sultan. I will present our position on peace talks with the enemy. We can only hope they will accept."

[1] The Quecha term for Spanish.

[2] Yusuf, in this case, is Yusuf Nasi a Portuguese Jew and friend of the Sultan, this was an actual plan by Sultan Selim but it never got off the ground.

[3] The Turkish term for Algiers.

I hope no one minds if I am focusing too much on what is happening outside of Japan I want to bring part of that focus back next chapter.
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Part 36: A Family Matter
October 8th, 1573

Muromachi Palace, Kyoto

Yoshimoto had looked over the reports supposedly the Southwestern Islands had many chiefs called Datu’s, and It was advised they should send expeditions to Tandeya and Sanrasaru. However Yoshimoto had bigger concerns He was hoping for good news from the men were sent out westward, But a more pressing concern would soon become into his Chambers. [1]

In stepped his son Ujizane wearing a light blue robe adorned with the Imagawa mon.

“Father, you wished to see me?”

“Yes my son, it is about that young Oda woman who gave you a son. A few years ago” Yoshimoto said showing no sign of emotion.

“I intend to keep her as a concubine, that is not a problem is it?” Ujizane said, showing irritation.

“You know I did not approve of your dalliances with her, especially since her brother will be head of the Oda when he comes of age. Especially what that might have done with Lady Hayakawa and her family.” Yoshimoto's tone was firm.

“I would have heard protests from Ujimasa, and Lady Hayakawa and Oichi have gotten along fine.” [2]

“That is only because Lady Hayakawa has not given you a son. I had to kill my own brother, your uncle to become head of this clan. He was older than me and the son of a concubine. What happens if Lady Hayakawa has a son, is their generation supposed to repeat the mistakes of mine?" Yoshimoto responded as his voice had risen slightly.

"What should I do merely determine the succession order of the clan? That seems far too simple."

"No, you must do more than that. you must make sure the days of uncertain succession are in the past. Your grandfather had six sons by the time he died, the succession should have been safe. Not more than ten years later half of them are dead, and I, the second youngest son who had no more than 17 springs in my lifetime was now the head of this clan." Yoshimoto had started to look exhausted recalling the past, as Ujizane softened.

"A question that haunts me is what will happen when you and I are dead?" Yoshimoto had said in a grim tone. "I can maintain this shogunate by force of arms and recently cowed lords, but what will happen if my grandson finds himself where he and his generation cannot recall the past struggles that we have endured to see peace brought to this land?"

"Then perhaps you should write about your experiences for future generations." Ujizane said trying to bring his father to look towards the future instead of the past. Ujizane eyes shifted for a second "Has Uncle Ujitoyo decided to marry?"

"Yes, he says he has found a woman that completes him more than any Renga poem, why?" Yoshimoto was curious at this unexpected question.

"I feel that we should have collateral lines, provided they know their place." Ujizane responded, as it like both a good idea and a way to keep his father from remembering the past too much. [3]

"Hm, I must visit Ujitoyo and talk to him about this. Truth be told my bigger concern is the Emperor. His Majesty owes everything to us, but as time passes, the Imperial line may grow resentful."

"Then what should we do about them now?" Ujizane asked.

"For now, we should leave the Emperor be." Yoshimoto stated.

[1] References to what would be the OTL Philippines. Datu's where the chiefs of the several of the islands of the pre-colonial Phillippines. Tandeya is what would be modern-day Leyte, and Sanrasaru is modern day Samar.

[2] Oichi was a Daughter of Oda Nobuhide and sister to Nobunaga. She was famous for being married off to Azai Nagamasa and dying with her other husband Shibata Katsuie, and having three daughters who would become important in their own right.

[3] This was something practiced by the Tokugawa and would eventually bear fruit as the male line under Ieyasu had died out. Ujitoyo's fate was lost to history after being tricked by Oda Nobuhide since he is definitely surviving, I feel it might be time to give some importance aside from Yoshimoto's younger brother.
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Are there any particular areas of interest anyone would like for me to cover before my next update deals with the Hojo in Peru and the Tensho Embassy?
Well, I think the Japanese in Peru might be interested in some of the local agriculture like terraced farming and llamas. Japan's pretty mountainous, so some of the ways the Incas managed to traverse and farm the mountains could come in handy back home.
Well, I think the Japanese in Peru might be interested in some of the local agriculture like terraced farming and llamas. Japan's pretty mountainous, so some of the ways the Incas managed to traverse and farm the mountains could come in handy back home.
I would save for when the Japanese arrive under much better circumstances, although I do want to see some Incan styled fashion arise in Japan as well.