A slower re-union of Germany?

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  1. Euroman1981 Member

    May 25, 2019
    Some of the issues in the former GDR today like unemployment, rising political extremism etc. This is by some attributed to that re-union of the two Germanies went to so fast, that some especially those who weren't well educated couldn't find their footing in the new re-united Germany.

    So my question is there any to either slow down unification? Or change it so the effect on those who were depent on the State in the GDR are less effected?
  2. Zurirach Adankar Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2015
    After the end of SED-rule, preventing reunification is impossible. Delaying it by a few years is maybe possible.
    Change the results of the 1990 Volkskammerwahl. In OTL the CDU won, while the SPD lost. If the SPD wins this election, we would properly see a unification delayed by 2-3 years.
    Maybe proposals of creating an entirely new constitution of the re-unificated Germany have more success. In OTL the GDR joined the BRD, in ATL crafting a new constitution could take some time.
    In the few years until reunification, the GDR would be de jure independent but heavily dependent on BRD support.
    Then slow down the economic transformation of the GDR.