A Portuguese TL, So tem um Deus. Portugal Inherits. Burgundy...

The Empire (2)

After the Battle and the 3rd Expedition in the Northwest Passage

Filipe I altough he wanted to control the Strait of the Northwest Passage, trade is nearly impossible, as it was cold, and the secret route to crosses to strait was nearly blocked cause of Climate, Trade there was low and barely possible, and poeple would die there, the nobles suggested Filipe and especially his Advisor to abandon the idea of finding China. Which he agreed on, The year is 1500 and Vasco Da Gama discovered a new route to India, he got rewarded Vasco Da Gama by the king by giving him and aid, Burgundians were involved in it aswell.
The Advisors of Filipe I advised Filipe to stay focused on Expansion in Morocco for now, and order plans on making Burgundy a Colonial Empire aswell,
he orderd a naval expediton lead by the Governor of Silves, Coutinho Bombal to create a settlement in Southern Morocco, as Burgundys first ever Port. which was the Original Plan, the poeple were composed of Burgundians, Flemish, Portuguese, and italians that choose to live a new life in the Burgundian Colony, they came as a alliance.
They would found a fort called ¨Het Straal´ which ws a Flemish Settlement ,where they would live and settle and providing goods to Portugal but mostly Burgundy, Merchants would also like to settle and trade with the locals in the port, it produced alot of Grain and Fish, however The King promised that this would be Burgundys only Trading Post, and the Captain of The Settlement composed that the reason The Crown of Burgundy has a post in Morocco, it too support Portugal in battle by supplying Naval and a Army if the Portuguese Posession get attacked, there would also be the problem with the Locals, which were Muslims who tried to sack Het Straal, the failed 2 times in 1498 where they lost to the Governor of Straal, Jan Edelstoog. Jan Edelstoog sacked many Coastal Castles and Forts for Burgundy in Morocco, capturing valuable resources. and selling them.
Which was Supported by Portugal, and supervised by it aswell, The Viceroy of Flanders, Brabant, Hainaut, and Luxemburgo were involved in the Burgundian Raids aswell, on the coast. The Wattasids were a Power once, but they are declining, but soon a new foe will arrive...


Map of the Portuguese Monarchy in the Maghreb Region
Red: Burgundy
Green: Portugal

In same year The King launched a Expedition in order to expand the trade and land of Burgundy in Friesland, the siege happend in 1499 21 of November, where the Viceroy of Luxemburgo and Amstelveen launch the siege, succesfully the army consisted about 5,000 man mostly Flemish, the conquest would be easy and simple.
However the HRE would not be happy about this and told the King to give it back but refused so instead the King of Portugal paid 5000 ducats to the Holy Roman Emperor, and he accepted it without any harm, on a circumstance that Filipe can´t attack any HRE state for 12 Years, Meanwhile in Portugal, the improvement of the Economy would do better having Trading Partners like Savoy, Burgundy, England, Spain everything would be great for Portugal, and the Education of the Schools of Burgundy and Portugal were improved dramatically aswell. Burgundy would soon have the one of the most powerful navies in the World, altough still not as good as the Portuguese One still impressive nontheless.

in 1499 after the expedition in the Northwest Passage was sucessful but abanondend, Portugal reannounced their claim on the Strait. however they would still claim Terra de Cabo.
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