And what about the region of Gothenland (Crimea)?

Crime is still part of Ukraine ITTL. Most German settlers returned to Germany following the Civil War.

>White supremacist
>just right-wing


I get a distinct impression that on a global scale, the world Huey made skews socially more to the right than ours does. The flip side of this is economically speaking the world overall looks to be to the left of ours, with more generous welfare states, powerful labor union and a more pro-regulation economic consensus existing even in the US.

It really makes you think what is far right in their world then

Bingo on @CapitalistHippie 's part.

As for the "right" or "far-right," it's a little more complex. National Socialism/Nazism would be considered "far right" by the standards of this timeline, much like ours. The reason why the National Party isn't considered far-right is a) Apartheid is closer to Jim Crow than an outright ideological system/method, since Verwoerd never became PM and ended up as ambassador to Nazi Germany throughout much of the 1940's and 50's (Incidentally, he was one of the more vocal voices to recognize the Namibian government as the legitimate government of Germany following the Civil War, though the SA government opted to recognize the restored Kaiserreich instead). B) "White supremacy" in this context means whites exclusively have the franchise as opposed to Africans. The National Party doesn't advocate for outright genocide (a low bar, I know), so it's not "far-right" in the sense that Nazi Germany was.

Edit: I also want to apologize for the lame logo that the NP has. That will definitely be revised in the future.


This is absolutely fascinating, as well as horrific in many cases. I hope we see more of how Nazi Namibia works, particularly in the modern day perhaps with it's current President.
Michael Sanchez, Mary McClintok
Michael Sanchez, Mary McClintok

Despite enjoying comfortable majorities in both houses of Congress, the Democrats are facing a crossroads. The economic slowdown of the past year has resulted in President Alec Reed and the Democratic congress facing steep decline in approval rating. With the Democrats on track for at least losing the House, a broader struggle within the party has emerged over its direction post-Reed. The sitting president has attempted to maintain power with a foot in both the moderate and Longist camps, pleasing neither. As the primaries shape up, two, relatively young candidates emerge on opposite ends of a widening chasm. Only time will tell if the victor leads the traditional party of power to success or simply manage the decline.


Michael Enrique Sanchez was born on June 12, 1969 in Fresno, California to an upcoming middle class hispanic family. In the late 1980's, he attended Stanford University, graduating with a bachelor's in political science. In the 1990's, he began teaching at a local community college in Sacramento while acting as a political activist for the California Democratic Party. In 2002, he became the youngest mayor in Sacramento's history, having won on a platform of making Sacramento a more business-friendly city and using new revenue to fund much needed social services. Despite the brevity of his term, he proved to be very popular, landing him the sixth congressional district seat for California in 2004. Having spent nearly a decade in Congress, he ran for governor, unseating the deeply unpopular Alliance governor Karl Schumer. He's proven to be very popular, attempting to maintain a delicate balance between business interests and a generous welfare state.

Sanchez hails from the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, a group which grew in strength following the popular presidency of Helen Marshall in the late 80's and early 90's. This group seeks to encourage economic growth and social liberalism, moving away from the more religious base that made up the Long coalition. As such, Sanchez's relationship with the Longist wing of the party has been strained at best. The Share Our Wealth Society notably declined to endorse him in his reelection bid in 2018, a move which proved embarrassing when Sanchez won in a landslide. His supporters have touted him as a consensus figure able to cross the aisle to achieve common sense solutions, as he has during his tenure as governor. However, Sanchez is not without his flaws. His relaxed style has led to a number of gaffs, including those of a sexual nature. While many of his supporters believe that Sanchez is still the most electorally viable candidate to go against the relatively popular Andrew Davis next year, his shrinking lead in the weeks leading up to next year's primary demonstrates the uphill battle that still lays ahead for him.


Mary Elinor Lind McClintok, born in 1980 in Waco Texas, has the potential of being the youngest elected President of the United States at forty-years of age. Like her main rival, McClintok enjoyed a rapid rise in prominence. Hailing from a devoutly Baptist (and Longist) household, she attended Baylor University, graduating with a degree pre-law before going on to graduate with a juris doctorate from Harvard. She served as a lawyer for the Share Our Wealth Society, which later saw her becoming Solicitor General for almost a year during Reed's first term in office. She left her position in order to run for the Senate to replace the old Alliance stalwart Bob Ewing, and enjoyed the full support of the Share Our Wealth Society. Recently, she has decline to run for another term, instead focusing on her campaign for president.

McClintok appeals mainly to the religious, diehard Longist wing of the Democratic Party which is skeptical of economic liberalism and opposes proposed privitzation schemes of the railroads or hospitals. Her passionate, and sometimes fiery oratory has often resulted in her speeches going viral on websites such as INTV and other social media sites. She has also amounted a sizable cult following among younger Share Our Wealth activists. However, this has also resulted in a fairly large "hate-following," being mocked by Alliance supporters. Some Democrats fear that her controversial methods may turn off potential swing voters. Nevertheless, she continues to appeal to a wing of the party that feels betrayed by the moderation of Reed and distrustful of the "wobbliness" of Sanchez. She finds herself catching up to Sanchez, and may even overtake him. Whether or not she is able to save both Longism AND the Democratic Party remains to be seen.
This is absolutely fascinating, as well as horrific in many cases. I hope we see more of how Nazi Namibia works, particularly in the modern day perhaps with it's current President.

I plan on doing some Namibia updates in the future. I want to put some work into that, so stay tuned.

Interesting. So it seems the Democrats are pretty big-tent. And consequently they are the dominant party.

Makes me curious what the Alliance coalition is like.

Both parties are rather "big tent," but of the two the Democrats are the more ideologically coherent with their commitment to the Longist welfare state. The Alliance is just that: an alliance of anti-Longists, ranging from New Dealists to Market Liberals. They've had the greater difficulty with ideological cohesion.
Great work as always! I do wonder what becomes of Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan ITTL by the present. And that's on top of how a restored Kaiserreich would influence Continental Europe.

Anywho, an advanced Happy New Year!
What are the top social media platforms that has been existed in this TTL analogous to OTL top social media platforms or companies?

INTV is a poorly named equivalent of YouTube: a portmanteau of "Internet" and "TV." I'm going to work on some more creative names for social media platforms and their analogies in the near future.

Great work as always! I do wonder what becomes of Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan ITTL by the present. And that's on top of how a restored Kaiserreich would influence Continental Europe.

Thank you very much. :happyblush

Italy's empire remained largely intact until the late 1990's, but that will be featured in a future update.

Japan continues its dominance over northern China, which, again, will be subject to a future update.

Germany was largely introspective in the decade following the fall of the Nazi regime, with the new pro-monarchist junta attempting to put the pieces back together. The Nazi Party was banned along with its successor groups. The political situation seems very similar to pre-WWI Germany with left and right wing blocks, with the old SPD being replaced with the Social Patriotic Party, a social democratic party that supports the monarchy and German nationalism. Again, I hope to feature that in a future update.

, an advanced Happy New Year!

To you as well, my friend.
Voices from A Perfect Democracy Part I
Voices from A Perfect Democracy
Part I:

"Q: Why is 'Namibia' called that?
The name 'Namibia' is derived from the Namib Desert that stretches along the country's coast. The name is used mostly by outsiders, and only rarely by native residents who usually prefer the term "German" or "Aryan." The official name of Namibia is 'Greater German Reich,' a name which it has retained since the SS and Nazi loyalists fled to the region in 1955."

- An excerpt from Adventures in Geography, an American seventh grade texbook published in 1999.


"What's the difference between a Nihonjin and a Manchujin? The Manchujin has two cars."

- A joke referring to the general economic prosperity enjoyed by most Japanese residents of Manchukuo, which became a land of opportunity for many living in the Home Islands. By the 1980's, nearly half of the Manchurian population was made up of ethnic Japanese. Despite the fact that Manchu and Mandarin are "official" languages of the Japanese puppet kingdom, Japanese is by far the lingua franca of Manchukuo.


"An American poet once wrote: 'Good fences make good neighbors.' Despite the fact that radical racial agitators are no longer as strong as they once were, the tension between whites and blacks is still present. Therefore, we need to build our own mending wall of sorts: I am talking about the creation of black states independent from South Africa. Only then can we begin the process of being good neighbors once again."

- A speech given by South African Prime Minister Celeste van Zyl on December 4, 2019.


"This is PBS: The Public Broadcasting System: a service for the people of the United States in the name of truth, honesty and decency."

- The first words said upon the launching of PBS in 1952 at the tail end of the Long Administration.


"I, Edward David Windsor[1], do solemnly swear to faithfully execute the office of president of the Commonwealth of England, Wales, and Ulster, to do justly by the laws of God and man, to serve the people, and to defend the Constitution with all its rights and statutes."

- The oath of office as taken by Edward Windsor, the first President of the Commonwealth and formerly Edward VIII of the United Kingdom.


"Die, you fucking Klingon!"

- An invective hurled by Hayley Fountain before fatally shooting then president Howard Baker outside the Griffith Observatory on October 18, 1987.


"For the good of the people of Rhodesia, as well as for the good of my family, I will step down as Prime Minister once my successor has been elected by my fellow party members. "

- Fmr. Rhodesian Prime Minister David Alexander MacDonald on November 21, 2019 announcing his resignation following allegations of sexual impropriety and declining poll numbers.


"With due apologies to G.K. Chesterton, it isn't that the principles of Henry George have been tried and found wanting, but that they've been tried and found too hard!"

- Centre Party leader Lilly Thomas at the Centre Party conference September 21, 2019 arguing for a more stringent Georgist position as part of the party platform.


"Laissez Nous Tranquille!"

- A Union Nationale poster from the late 1960's depicting a rural Quebecois family fending off encroachments from a caricature of Uncle Sam. Tensions had increased between the neighbors as the United States became a haven for anti-UN dissidents.

[1] Edward VIII's full name was, of course, Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David. However, in this scenario, he shortened it to this version in order to seem less pretentious in the new republican England.

This timeline is amazing! I have no idea how I somehow missed it until now.

Thank you for your kind words. I hope this lives up to your expectations!

Just a few words. First off, THIS THREAD IS NOT DEAD. I have been bogged down with a lot of school related stuff as well as some personal issues. I have not abandoned this thread by any means. I'll post an infobox to keep you guys satiated until next time, so stay tuned. I hope to add some more substantial content over the next couple of weeks once my schedule stabilizes a little bit.

Second, your feedback on this timeline has been the greatest encouragement to me. Thank you very much for it, and keep it up!

I hope you guys have a good rest of the month, and stay tuned for future updates!
This is a very interesting world. What does the world look like for the modern day?

Don't worry, I'm working on that. I am writing a series of mini-essays attempting to explain certain cultural trends that are prevalent in the United States, as well as the rest of the world to give you all an idea of what the present looks like. For example, I'm doing a writeup on transportation trends in this timeline. Who wants to take a guess what this means?

Oh my god the internet lumberjack has spot on congress god help us all. Perhaps his son Christopher is a successful comic book artist and is married with a wife and a daughter named Krystal in this universe lmao
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