A New World: The 20th Century

December 7th
The Oval Office, Washington, D.C
December 7, 1941

The Oval Office was silent. Truman and several Secret Intelligence agents darted eyes and slight looks at each other.

Franklin D. Roosevelt rubbed his eyes in sheer tiredness and distress.

He finally spoke.

"Alright, Gentlemen. Status Report."

Turner Morris, an agent from the Secret Intelligence Branch stepped forward with photographic evidence.

"Well, a few hours earlier today, a group of now identified Japanese fighter planes, had done a military strike on the Pearl Harbor Naval Base, we--"

"Number of casualties?"

Roosevelt's stern question startled the agent.

"2,335 killed."

Roosevelt stood up, and slammed his fist down on his table, slightly knocking over some of photographs.

"Son of bitch! Who did this?! I want names! Now! Who's the bastard!--"

"T-This isn't only problem, Mr. President."

Roosevelt's tone calmed down. Preparing himself for the next news from Truman.

"...Okay, tell me."

"Churchill has been assassinated."

Roosevelt's eyes widened.

Roosevelt spoke up, once more.

"Any news regarding the Invasion of Britain?"

"The King has reportedly gone into hiding, some German naval ships have appeared of the coastlines of the United Kingdom, Canada has offered to send some aid to help for the war. We're not sure what could happen, next.."

Roosevelt turned and stared at the window of the Oval Office.

"Gentlemen. We seem to be dealing with a crisis on our hands. It seems the Germans are finally going through with their plans. I'll need every single one of you to remain calm about all of this, don't tell the Public about this little..crisis, just yet. Truman, schedule a flight for Moscow for me.

I need to talk to an old friend."

Hey everyone, and welcome to my first-ever Alternate History timeline! Except this one doesn't involve Superheroes or Talking Trains. This new TL will be exploring a world where Hitler went through the plan to invade and occupy Britain way later, causing Operation Barbarossa to happen at the right time and triggering events to far more different world then we know today. There will be several certain butterflies in this timeline until August 6, 1945, where the United States dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima. After that, it's no-holds-barred on the history as arguably the most biggest events and figures in history head into the Atomic Age and beyond.

Hope you all enjoy it!

- TheKennedyMachine
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The Deal
Dally's Diner, Queens, NY
December 9, 1941

Robert Oppenhiemer entered the small diner and sat down in one of the booths. He looked around eagerly, his 'contact' had arrived, and spotted Oppenhiemer., his contact quickly sat down in the same booth.

"You're late, pal," Oppenheimer mumbled, after eating half of his burger. He looked at New York Yankees Cap his contact had been wearing and he laughed. "Blending in as the enemy?"

"You never know," the man said, surpressing his anger. Oppenheimer's contact was Martin Bormann, Nazi Party Official and Hitler's private secretary. For two years, The Reichsforschungsrat was going through a scientific effort to research and create an Atomic Bomb for the Third Reich, and so far, attempts have been unsucessful. Until Oppenheimer came along. Oppenheimer, who had been blackmailed and bribed by several Nazi Party officials, had been forced to send his studies of atomic energy to the Third Reich to aid them in their creation of an atomic bomb.

"Let's get down to it," Oppenheimer said, "I've got 15 minutes before I leave back to New Mexico."

"You want to go over it again?" Bormann said.

"Hell no, Mr. Bormann," Oppenheimer said. "I want to see the money."

Bormann sighed and flipped the latch of his briefcase to open it a few inches. Oppenheimer glanced at it. "That's all of it?"

"Yep. 900,780 in US Dollars."

"Holy shit." Oppenheimer almost spat out his Coke. He then reached down and grabbed the file from his suitcase. Bormann opened it and grinned. "This is it? All of the plans, blueprints, and notes?"

"Uh huh. Everything you need is in there."

Bormann took a sip from his coffee.

"Well, thank you, Mr. Oppenheimer. Your cooperation is appreciated. But yet, enjoy your stay here."

Oppenheimer blinked.

"W-What?! You told me this would be it! You--"

"I'm sorry, but we can't risk any double crossers." Bormann got up from the booth. He left a tip for the waiter on the table.

"Y-You're telling me, I'm not leaving here?" Oppenheimer became more nervous.

"No one is going anywhere, Mr. Oppenheimer," Bormann said smiling. And then he turned, and walked out of diner.
One small correction in the OP: the British monarch at the time was King George VI, so unless I'm mistaken, surely Morris would have said 'The King has reportedly gone into hiding'?
Should be Henry Wallace in the Oval Office ... or you need an explanation why Truman is there 4 years early. Either way, interesting start! Looking forward to the next installment.
Well, in this alternate scenario, as opposed to Wallace becoming Vice President, Truman becomes Vice Pres. way earlier then expected, and Wallace instead ran for President , and as we see in this AU, he lost.
Moscow, 1941 New
Moscow, Russia
December 9, 1941

The frosted streets bathed the streets of Moscow, as snow and light hail, hammering onto the roof of the Lincoln K Limousine. Going to foreign countries, especially during wartime, was always a risk, especially if you were the President of the United States but thankfully, Secret Service was there. Roosevelt sighed, and stared out the window of the limo. From the car, he could barely see the destroyed structures of Russia from the Invasion or they slightly more calmer countryside, cloaked in sheets of snow. This wasn't what he had expected when he had come to the capital of the Soviet Union. Cordel Hull had expected a White Christmas that was calm and nice, instead he got a nearly desolated wasteland. Everything else for Roosevelt? fine, but the snow! The constant, unending snow!
Finally they arrived at the Kremlin, The Headquarters of the Soviet Union.

Roosevelt stepped into the lobby of the Kremlin Palace, accompanied by Hull and a few members of Secret Service, before heading up to Stalin's office. In front of the doors were two NKVD officers. Roosevelt spoke in Russian.

"Is he, uh, here?" Roosevelt asked.

"Yes, President Roosevelt, but, uh.." The NKVD officer trailed off.

"What?" Roosevelt raised his eyebrow.

"Supreme Leader is in a phone call, right now. He..doesn't exactly like being disturbed." The other NKVD officer spoke.

"I'm sure, I'll be fine." Roosevelt grinned.

The two NKVD officers stared at each other and shrugged, before opening the doors to an angry Stalin at his desk, who appears to be arguing with someone over the phone. Roosevelt and Howe looked at each other and snickered.

"Listen!-- Look, Kim-- LISTEN! You either deal with those impearlist bastards or I'm coming down there with the entire Russian Army myself!" Stalin shouted before slamming the phone back on the table. "Damn, Japanese.."

Stalin is put back into cheery mood when he spots Roosevelt and Howe.

"Frank! How are you, my old comrade!" Stalin gets up from his chair to shake Roosevelt's hand.

"Nice to see you again, as well, Joseph." Roosevelt smiled.

"Please, leave us." Stalin gestures to Roosevelt's Security.

"So, what brings you here to the Motherland, eh?" Stalin opens his pipe box, taking out his signature pipe in his mouth before offering Howe a cigarette.

"Sure." Howe takes out his lighter and lights the cigarette.

"..Stalin. There's, uh, something dire, we need to discuss with you." Roosevelt grin dropped into a neutral expression.

Stalin's expression darkened.

"Yes. I heard about Churchill, poor bastard. Blown to bits by a bomb in Westminster, he shall be missed." Stalin put his head down before looking up again. "Heard anything from the King?"

"Yes and no. Called me by phone at The Embassy, says he's gone into hiding some place in Canada with the Royal Family but his phone cut off before he could tell me his current location.." Roosevelt said.

"The whole world is going to hell." Stalin blowed some smoke from his pipe before putting it back in. "Britain is being invaded and is soon gonna be occupied by Germany, Korea is being held up by the Japanese, and worst of all, Hitler might be winning this damn war."

"..Yeah, holy shit." Roosevelt looked out the window before turning back to Stalin and Howe. "What do you suppose we do?"

"Gather up your troops, get whatever's left of Britain's and France's armies and take down those fucking socialist bastards before they take down all of us, we gotta let them know we're not going down without a fucking fight." Stalin said sternly.

"Damn, right." Roosevelt said with a grin.

Soon a knock from Stalin's door interuppted the meeting, and opened a NKVD officer.

"Supreme Leader, sorry to disturb you but, there's someone on the phone for Mr. Roosevelt.."

Roosevelt raised his eyebrow and spoke up. "Who?"

"Some guy called Howard Hughes? He said he wants to discuss something about the war, said something about collaboration project??"

Stalin, Roosevelt, and Howe all stared at each other and exchanged glances.
Hey, everyone! I just figured I'd let you guys know that the way I'm doing posts is gonna be the way I shall do it from now on. I've been attempting to go in chronological order for this whole thing, and I'm creating a sort of mini guide to this alternate WW2 world.

So, I'll be putting up more posts like this soon! and I might do a little mini post once and awhile. Anyways, That's all for now!

- TheKennedyMachine
Resistance and Triumph New
The War Room, Westminster, London.
December 11, 1941

People were shouting and screaming in the streets of London, sirens were blaring as people panicked out on the streets. Soldiers, Generals, and Volunteers hurried about The War Room attempting to attend and to take the most phone calls they can make. George Monins, a technical staff attempting reach phone calls from all of Britain's known allies, soon picked up a message on his phone line.

"..Ksh-- German-- Ksh-- Bomber!--" The loud voice crackled in distorted manner through his phone.

"Corporal, could you repeat that? Your line is--" Monins was cut off by the loud voice on the other end once more.

"German Bomber, 20 miles away! Tell the General!"

Monins soon passed the word onto General Hugh Dowding, one of generals attempting to thrawt Germany's attack since 1940.

"Bloody hell. Where are those damn fighter pilots! Call control!" Dowding ordered.

One of the communications officers attempt to radio in, no answer.

"Communications are going down across London, there's like some sort of system disabling it.." Monins said.

"...Jesus christ.." Dowding rubbed his eyes. "Can someone tell what in the blazes--"

Dowding was cut off by a large boom, to only feel the ground vibrate and shake beneath.

"Holy shit!" One of soldiers shouted at the top of their lungs.

"Quick! Hold onto something!" Dowding shouted.

And soon, as if the Earth was spinning, the crumbling and shaking was gone.

"...Bollocks.." Monins gasped for air.

A voice crackled through the radio in the War Room.

"My fellow people of the United Kingdom. I really wish I could have words of comfort for all of you. Like the warm winds these..awful people have sent down on us from above. But from me? You will not get comfort, I can only give all of you, the cold agonizing truth and the truth is..?

This country. This great nation, has been destoryed and pillaged by the greatest enemies of our time. They want us to sell our liberty, to purchase our saftey, they want us kneel to this new world..
but not us, we will not back down. We will not submit. My fellow people! We were born in God's Country! We fought dictators of old and broke them!

So tonight? I ask all of you group up, brandish your weapons, your fists. We want nothing from these Nazis..

So, we don't CARE if you drop the power of an atomic fire down on us!

Today, we show that those who want to sow the wind? The whirlwind of God's Country!"
The United States Of America (1942) New
Hello! Welcome to my first mini Atlas biography for a New World, this map represents the countries and continents of 1942. These new biography posts will usually happen over the weekend, so the first country we'll be looking at is the myth, the legend, and world's largest oil colonizer, The United States!

The United States Of America


Capital: Washington, D.C
Major Cities: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Incumbent: Franklin D. Roosevelt

The United States of America, more commonly known as America by Foreign Countries, is country that compromises of nearly 51 states, a Federal District, and various 'puppet' territories. The Great Depression greatly effected America during the 20's and 30's, which eventually lead to economic collapse and social unrest, these events eventually lead to a rebuild of the American Society, with America becoming a rather futuristic society, with bright minds such as Howard Hughes, America became global monopoly, with it's biggest economy being Manufacturing. Thanks to contributions to America's best and brightest members, the USA has retained a retro futuristic charm to it's various mega cities and industrial ports. It has been greatly rumored, as of 1942, that America's best efforts have been investing into creating an Atomic Bomb, although the rumors are pretty scarce.

After the Spanish-American War, Cuba was annexed and eventually became a US State, Cuba, by the 1930's and early 1940's, became the local vacation spot of many American families. Cuba has a major Naval port which became subject to the attacks of Japanese in the Battle for Cuba (1941)

As of 1942, The United States are one of out 5 countries in the Allied Forces, being the main supplier for other countries regarding warfare and technological advancements.
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Any specifics on the invasion of the UK and its logistics?
The Invasion of the United Kingdom is hard to explain as it spoils the next Atlas Biography but to keep things known spoilery. So, to keep things, non spoilery, London was essentially attacked from within, that being assassinating Churchill, forcing the King out of the UK, and then the eventually dropping of an Atomic Bomb, but that's all I will say.
The Washington Project: Part One New
The Washington Project

The Washington Project was a joint research and development project in World War II, focused on producing an Atomic Bomb, in wake of the Fall of London incident. After one of the head scientists, Robert Opppenheimer, mysteriously had been murdered in December 1941, The project eventually became a collaboration project between the United States, Canada, and the Soviet Union. All three of these countries brightest innovators, scientists, and engineers helped on the project. Howard Hughes, American Philanthropist and Aerospace Innovator, had been main driving force behind the project.
Hughes' company began getting into weapons manufacturing business for The Allied Forces, and soon got to work at mining out uranium to help complete the project.

Wernher Von Braun, a former Nazi Scientist, had fled to the US after he created and worked on the Uranverein, The Third Reich's first Atomic Bomb. Wernher went on to assist the creation of The Washington, America's own atomic weapon in World War II. Several testings were carried out in the three countries. The first, recorded testing of The Washington, is in June 1942, near Greenland.