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    Jul 20, 2010
    Any one good at doing any dragon type ouroboros' or could point me in the direction of some good ones. Trying to do a probject but massively stuck. Or btter yet, anyone know anyone doing comissions or requests?
  2. PauL62 Well-Known Member

    Aug 2, 2019

    This a coat of arms of a Belgian Cuba
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    Mar 10, 2013

    The greater coat of arms of the Empire of America, as seen here.

    The estutcheon features the arms of the original ruling dynasty the House of Washington (having therefore become the arms of America itself) with an inestutcheon representing the current ruling House of Roosevelt, decorated with the Medal of Honor, above a bald eagle holding a sword and scepter and a scroll with the national motto, surrounded by the arms of the dominions of the American Commonwealth (left to right: the Philippines, Hawaii, Liberia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba), the imperial crown of America and two royal crowns (one for Hawaii, one for the other dominions), and the rose and oak floral badges.
  4. FriendlyGhost Haunting history for 45+ yrs

    Only just saw this post - what kind of ouroboros do you need? Something simple like this, or very detailed like this, or in between like this? What else do you need in the symbol/logo? I can't promise I can do what you'd like as I haven't done ouroboros before, but I might be able to.
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    Mar 10, 2013

    The War of the Five Kings and War of the Three Queens ended with the establishment of an elective monarchy in Westeros and the independence of the North, with Dorne and the Iron Islands following it in subsequent generations, leaving the remaining lands to further consolidate and centralize as the United Kingdoms of Westeros. Initially the arms of the United Kingdoms were simply the personal arms of the reigning king or queen at the time and changed at their death and the election of a new monarch, but this became increasingly unviable as the state administration grew and modernized, and as the position of monarch changed from a lifetime appointment to one with set term limits. Finally it was agreed that a permanent new coat of arms would have to be established.

    The arms of the United Kingdoms of Westeros consist of the quartered arms of the four official kingdoms, the Westerlands, the Vale, the Reach, and the Stormlands (much to the chagrin of the Riverlands, which remains excluded due to not being an official kingdom). Officially the inestutcheon should consist of the personal arms of the reigning monarch; otherwise the "default" inestutcheon is a red seven-pointed star on black (in honor of the Faith of the Seven, while the color scheme recalls that of House Targaryen) and this version is increasingly used de facto. The dragon supporters also recall the importance of House Targaryen in Westerosi history (actual Targaryen loyalists having long since ceased to be a threat) while the raven crest honors the Citadel and the importance of ravenry in Westerosi culture, and the collar is that of the Order of the Poor Fellows.
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    Mar 10, 2013

    Here's even more future GOT/ASOIAF heraldry, this time of the independent Kingdom of the North, still under House Stark (at least officially although in reality we're several cadet branches in by now): a direwolf running on a white field, supported by two more direwolves standing on a compartment of a snowy field of winter roses, crowned by a version of the Crown of Winter and still bearing the ancient motto of "Winter Is Coming".
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    Mar 10, 2013
    And even MORE modern Game of Thrones heraldry, here's the independent Principality of Dorne:

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  8. SpudNutimus General Secretary of the Furries

    Aug 28, 2018
    Here's my proposal for an EU coat of arms. It's my fist time doing heraldry, so please be gentle.
    "Azure, a dove displayed argent, beaked and membered gules, holding in its beak an olive branch vert, within an annulet of twelve mullets Or. The shield ensigned by a laurel wreath vert. Supporters: dexter, the maiden Europa proper, vested argent, crined gules; sinister, a bull rampant argent, armed and unguled gules. Motto: In varietate concordia." eurocon_coa.png
  9. XO Maenadicus neohellenism but unironically | they/them please!

    Aug 3, 2016
    Deepest darkest Northumberland
    A design for a personal coat of arms, because why not.


    The three mullets represent my three conflicting national identities: British, Dutch, and European.
    The stalk of grapes represents Dionysus, but also serves as a symbol for Neohellenism in general.

    I couldn't fit a scroll on without it looking a bit weird, but the motto would be "Nia estonto kuŝas inter la steloj" - Esperanto for "Our future lies amongst the stars".

    and the otters are there because it looked empty and my fursona is an otter
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  10. Chrispi Byzantine Logothete

    Feb 11, 2004
    Constantinople, Capital of the World
    Hi. I’m working on a design for an American Imperial Crown, and have the elements ready, but not the proportions yet.

    It consists of a mitre of gold-embroidered fabric shaped rather like an onion dome without any crease or division, with lappets of like fabric; and a gold bejeweled circlet surmounted by eight crosses shaped like octagrams (rather like those on a Lakota star quilt) and eight half-arches meeting at an orb surmounted by a golden jeweled cross fleury.

    Quite a mouthful, no? It resembles St. Edward’s Crown somewhat and weighs about the same. I’ll post a picture soon.
  11. ToxicStorm22 Long Live Teklistan!

    Dec 7, 2017
    COA of the Republic of Teklistan. The background is the flag with a slightly different shade of green and blue. The eagle represents the willingness to defend while the clasped hands represent peace between the Tekl, Kazakh, and Russian ethnic groups.
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    Jun 25, 2008
    Clockpunk Zemplín Kingdom / Franz Josef's Land
    Dream sky pirates CoA style airship crew emblems.png

    In this thread, I tend to post coats from more fantasy-style alternate worlds. This set of four coat of arms style emblems is based on the four emblems I can recall best from a dream I had in late September. It was a sky pirate themed dream (not my first one !), with zeppelin and other airship crews tramping around as cargo-transport freelancers or air-corsairs-for-hire. The first emblem, in the upper left corner, is the one I remember the best. It was the emblem used by the crew under the command of the in-dream version of myself. A kestrel flying above three mountain peaks, with the upper part argent (to indicate snow) and the lower part green (presumably for forests). In the dream, the kestrel charge was actually argent, but I couldn't find a good enough flying kestrel falcon (loads of sitting ones, few flying ones), so I went with the one I did. I think it actually fits all the better, because the crew's emblem in my dream had a sort of folk-made, embroidered quality to it (displayed on a tapestry in the airship's mess hall, no less). The other three are the ones I remember completely enough to reconstruct them. Given the steampunk tone and themes of the dream, the sun charge actually reminded me of something when I was recalling the dream and writing it down - though he is an aircraft aeronaut rather than an airship aeronaut, Jules Verne's Robur the Conqueror had a sun with a face charge on his banner. Clever hidden reference by my subconscious ?! You decide... :D
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    Nov 28, 2018
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    The coat of arms of the Republic of New Judea (Jewish Hainan), founded by the Spanish to get rid of their jews in the 1700s upload_2019-10-12_15-42-22.png

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