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    I found this on my travels. What does everyone think? I love it personally.



    Mirror Universe World Mapby *Joshua-Sinclair

    Fan Art / Cartoons & Comics / Traditional / Miscellaneous©2011-2012 *Joshua-Sinclair

    Note: This map is now considered obsolete. I have posted a revised edition, using better graphics, larger map, and revised historical background. [link]

    Present day world map based on the Star Trek Mirror Universe. Everything that exists in our universe exists there, except history was much more violent.

    (Note: Not related to the Red Scare World Map)

    Major World Powers:

    Terra Nova Empire
    Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy

    German Empire
    Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy
    National Anthem: "Heil dir im Siegerkranz" [link]

    Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy
    National Anthem: "Hymn of Austria-Hungarian Empire" [link]

    New Roman Empire
    Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy

    Union of Soviet Stalinist Republics
    Type of Government: Stalinist Dictatorship
    National Anthem: "Hymn of the Soviet Union (Stalin Version)" [link]

    People's Republic of Japan
    Type of Government: Communist Dictatorship (Soviet Puppet State)

    Sino-Chosen Empire
    Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy

    New Mughal Empire
    Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy



    TERRA NOVA EMPIRE: Formed when de facto President MacArthur reorganized the United States of North America and its puppet regimes in South America and the Pacific into the Empire of Terra Nova. Japan and Britian have been occupied by the Empire since the end of the Second World War. The governement is ruled by an emperor who has total power. Emperors over time included Douglas MacArthur, Richard Nixon, George the First, and George the Second. The military acts as both the Empire's defense and as its police force. In 2010, a group of North American communists started a revolt, centering around Wisconsin. They demanded an end to the Emperor's rule and that Terra Nova open diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and the Sino-Korean Empire. The revolt ended very badly when Emperor George the Second sent the Imperial Army into Wisconsin to eliminate the revolutionaries. Hundreds of thousands of rebels and bystanders were killed. After the fighting had ended, by 2011, tens of thousands of captured rebels were either executed or sent to the infamous Imperial stockade centered in the Amazon Jungle.


    GERMAN EMPIRE: Imperial Germany is ruled by an Imperial Kaiser. Has been a very powerful friend and longtime ally of the United States of North America and later the Empire of Terra Nova. The two great powers fought against the British in both world wars. In November 2010 a 16 year old boy founded a group against the German Kaiser. They went to Köln (Cologne) to the Cologne cathedral and demonstrated. They wanted democracy, general suffrage and more rights. They also wanted the Kaiser to abdicate. But the 16 year old boy was arrested together with 40 other people. In prison the boy wrote a book about a democratic Germany which became quickly a bestseller. The Kaiser was afraid of it and promised to found a council. He didn't tell the people that the council doesn't have any rights to rule.

    AUSTRIA-HUNGARY: Chief ally of the German, Terra Nova, and New Roman Empires.

    NEW ROMAN EMPIRE: Fought alongside Kaiser Wilhelm lll of Imperial Germany during World War Two and had carved France in two.


    UNION OF SOVIET STALINIST REPUBLICS: Unlike OTL, destalinization never occured. Instead Stalin was praised more and more, especially after driving out invading forces from Britian. After Stalin's death in the mid-fifties, his successor war hero Georgy Zhukov who protected Stalingrad from British/Persian forces during the Great Patriotic War became the new leader of the Soviet Union. He was particularly more brutal then Stalin himself and started yet another purge. In 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev attempted to sell Moscow out to the Terra Nova Empire. He was promptly killed by Vladimir Putin of the NKVD who then set himself up as the new Soviet Leader.

    PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF JAPAN: As Terra Novan imperial troops landed in southern Japan, Stalin ordered the Red Army to mount in invasion of northern Japan. During the Cold War, as a propaganda move, Stalin granted the independence for the People's Republic of Japan. In truth, the Japanese government was a mere puppet of the Soviet Union. The Japanese Prime Minister reports to the Soviet "Ambassador".

    SINO-CHOSEN EMPIRE: After the defeat of the Japanese Empire in the early 50's, Korea and China formed the new Sino-Korean Empire.

    NEW MUGHAL EMPIRE: After the defeat of the British Empire, the British colony of India declared the restoration of the Mughal Empire. The New Mughal Empire absorbed several South-East Asian territories.
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    Anyone ,anyone? What do you Trekkers think?
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    As far as I knew the Terran Empire spanned the planet, per rule of cool it is alright but there seems to be a bit of Space Filling Empire a bit to be really interesting
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    I didnt see the forest for the trees :eek:

    Note: This map is now considered obsolete. I have posted a revised edition, using better graphics, larger map, and revised historical background. [link]-SEE BELOW

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Map of the World -- Mirror Universeby *Joshua-Sinclair

    Traditional Art / Miscellaneous©2012 *Joshua-Sinclair

    North American Empire
    Government: Absolute Imperial Monarchy
    Capital: Washington DC
    Anthem: Unknown [link]

    Second Roman Empire
    Government: Aristocracy
    Capital: Rome
    Anthem: cantate del legionario [link]

    Soviet Union
    Government: Communist/Stalinist Dictatorship
    Capital: Moscow
    Anthem: Hymn of the Soviet Union (Stalin Version) [link]

    Pan-Asian Empire
    Government: Constitutional Socialist Monarchy
    Capital: Beijing
    Anthem: Gunkan March [link]

    Scandinavian Union
    Government: Far-Right Nationalist/Fascist
    Capital: Oslo
    Anthem: Himno De Sweden: [link]

    Free Kingdom of Oceania
    Government: Constitutional Monarchy
    Capital: Canberra
    Anthem: God Save The Queen: [link]

    Brief History of the Mirror Universe (Suggestions for addition are more then welcome)

    -Alexander the Great expands his empire all the way to India. There, he meets with the kings of India to discuss terms of peace. However in a heated argument, Alexander slays all the kings and proclaims the Indian kingdoms part of his empire.

    -The Crusades had succeeded in helping prevent the Fall of the Byzantine Empire. Afterward, the Italian city-states joined together and reunited with the Byzantine Empire, bringing about the Restoration of the Roman Empire

    -The United States declared Independence in 1776 and defeated the British in the Revolutionary War in 1783. The Constitution was similar to that of OTL however the President of the United States had considerably more power

    -Great War of 1812: While Napoleon kept the British busy in Europe, the United States invaded Canada. The few British forces available invaded the United States in New Orleans and Washington DC, however the invasions ultimately failed. By 1815, the United States was victorious over the British once again. Canada became part of the United States while Napoleon ruled much of mainland Western Europe.

    -Mexican-American War: Between 1846 and 1848, an armed conflict occurred between the United States and Mexico. In 1948, the War ended when the Marines stormed the Halls of Montezuma and executed Emperor Santa Anna. Afterwards, the United States annexed all of Mexico.

    -American Civil War: Several Southern States seceded from the Union, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Sonora, Chihuahua, etc. This sparked the American Civil War. The North was victorious just as in OTL, however the Union forces were far more brutal. Very few prisoners were taken. At least twice as many people died on both sides, totally nearly a million dead. While President Lincoln presided over the execution of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln. After a few days of hiding in the South, Union forces eventually captured Booth and executed him by sentencing him to be "drawn and quartered" by being chained to four horses each running in different directions.

    From 1914-1921, World War One raged across much of Europe and parts of North America. On one side was Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Roman Empire and the United States (Central Powers). On the other was United Kingdom, the French-Spanish Empire, and Russian Empire(Triple Entente). The war ended with the victory of the Central Powers over the Triple Entente.

    -During the interwar years, the nations of the world worked hard to rebuild after the most devastating war in history at the time. At first the 1920's seemed like a period of prosperity... until the Stock Market Crash in 1929. This triggered a Great Depressions which soon haunted much of the western world. This resulted in US President Pershing, hero of the Great War, deciding not to rerun in 1932.

    -By the 1930's, many major countries were ruled by dictators. In the United States, Al Capone became President and used the Great Depression as an excuse to expand his powers with the help of the FBI. In the Soviet Union, Stalin used the NKVD to execute or exile countless people he considered a threat to his power. When Austria-Hungary merged with Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II made Adolf Hitler his Prime Minister. After the Kaiser died in the Reichstag Bombing, Hitler assumed full control of Germany and began speaking out against the Russians and Latins, considering them inferior to the German people.

    -World War Two was fought between 1938-1952. On one side were the Axis Powers, consisting of Germany, the United Kingdom, Persia, and the Japanese Empire. On the other side were the Allied Powers, consisting of the Roman & French-Spanish Empires, the Soviet Union, and later, the United States. The war was at its darkest point from 1942-1944 when the Axis powers were at the height of their advance. The Germans, British, and Persians were fighting in Moscow. Rome and Paris were under German occupation. Much of the Western United States was occupied by the Japanese. However in the mid to late 1940's, the Axis powers were gradually pushed back by the determined Allied powers.

    -In 1947, after the Japanese had all but been driven from the United States, President J. Edgar Hoover proclaimed that the United States had become the North American Empire and that he (Hoover) was now Emperor. At gunpoint from US Marines and Rangers, the members of Congress ratified the new Emperor's declaration and resigned.

    -After World War Two ended, the Axis Powers suffered greatly. Germany and the UK was divided in three between the Roman Empire, the North American Empire, and the Soviet Union. (France-Spain merged with the Roman Empire) After ten years, the American and Roman occupation zones in Germany and the British Isles were annexed by the Roman Empire. The Soviet zone in East Germany became the Prussian SSR while the Soviet Zone in the UK became the Scottish People's Republic, a puppet regime under Soviet control.

    -The Japanese Islands were occupied by the North American Empire. Emperor J. Edgar Hoover made a point in paying the Japanese back for Pearl Harbor as well as devastating invasion of the United States. Many Japanese-Americans were deported from North America to Japan. The occupying forces were extremely cruel to the Japanese people. For decades, the Japanese people suffered under the brutal North American Occupation. Many Japanese who were loyal to America sent petitions to Washington for membership in the North American Empire. However since J. Edgar Hoover had a strong hatred for the Japanese, all requests were disregarded without second thought. After Hoover's death in 1972, Richard Nixon became the new North American Emperor. Nixon was quick to accept the occupied Japanese Islands into the Empire and to declare the Japanese people citizens of the Empire.

    -With the fall of the British Empire and the merger of France-Spain with Rome, many of their former colonies were claimed by the Roman and North American Empires. However several became Soviet puppet states. In Oceania, several colonies formed the Free Kingdom of Oceania.

    -In northern Europe, several countries that had overthrown their Nazi occupiers in the last year of the war had formed the Scandinavian Union, a federation which sought to bring back the glory of the Vikings.

    -In Asia, China and Korea brought several countries in Eastern Asia under their control. They are the most powerful ally of the Soviet Union.

    -The superpowers are currently in a Cold War with each other. On one side is the Imperial Treaty Organization (ITO), consisting of the North American and Roman Empires, as well as the puppet regimes of both empires. On the other is the Eastern Coalition of Nations (ECON), consisting of the Soviet Union, Pan-Asian Empire, and the Soviet puppet regimes. The only thing preventing World War Three is the due to the large number of nuclear weapons which could wipe out the entire Terran race in short notice.
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    Do you like the second one better :) BTW I believe they are intended to be current -ie early 2000's- Mirror Universe World Maps-not in the time of Star Trek just yet.
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    Oh god...all those dead, mutilated butterflies...their colorful wings torn and trampled into the mud...their little bodies burst open...eauuggh...

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    Ahh just the man whose version of this I'd love to see :D
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    So whats your life like or not like in this world?