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Alsace-Lorraine is the Galitzianer Free State. Germany is exactly coterminous with Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg.

The Nations of the European Union:
- Brusela, Free City of
- Canarian Republic
- Corsica, Kingdom of
- Crimean Khanate
- Czechosilesia
- Denmark, Republic of
- France, Kingdom of
- Galitzianer Free State
- Germany, Confederation of
- Monaco, Principality of
- Netherlands, Kingdom of the
- Orkney, Kingdom of
- Poland, Federal Republic of
- Romania, Empire of
- Scotland, Republic of
- Slovak Republic
- Spanish Realm
- United Kingdom (of Gibraltar, Malta, Ionia, Crete, and Cyprus)
- Wallonia, Republic of
- Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of

We all know America right (^)? Here's how we fix it:

So propose giving Earth all of Earth. So all the names r stats.
United States of America of Europe of Africa of South America of Antarca of ireland of America of Canda of IceGreenIceLandGreen of RUSSA of earth of America and also Earth also America and Earth also Ireland
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