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That seems to be a uniquely American bugbear for some reason. Couldn't imagine why...

The original Man in the High Castle
Map of the Second American Civil War (also called the Great Square War) fought between the Quadrilaterals and Irregulars:

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Sorry for the crappy quality, this site does NOT like large images.
Concept for map from u/__-__-___--:noexpression:_:noexpression:-
Seems like quite a bit more of Iowa out to come along there. As well as many more counties in Indiana. The projection doesn’t show it correctly, but there are quite a few more quadrilaterals there in a “straight on” view.
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Sorry. I tried my best.
Oh, no. It’s not your fault; it’s the projection’s. You could even do two maps, opposing propaganda style, of quadrilaterals claiming more counties than they have (thanks to the projection) and irregulars claiming more counties than they have (due to a different projection).

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Even for a game mod based on, well, Spongebob characters running in 2008, this was an..interesting outcome. I ran as Spongebob/Gary (yeah...) and according to the game I won the subsequent contingent election (but the Senate did not vote in goddamn Gary the Snail as VP, and Mr. Krabs won instead).

Spongebob was Dem, Squidward Republican, and Patrick - Reform Party.

[this seemed the best thread to put this....]