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>Ireland has a colonial empire spanning half the world
>still doesn't get Ulster

UK: “Alright, we consent to you having the whole island, but we need to get the population’s input, what do you say, Northern Irish?”


UK: “Okay I guess that isn’t happening. Anything else you want in lieu of these counties to make up for it?”

Ireland: “Hm... India.”

UK: “What?!”

Ireland: “Yeah, and may as well include Burma and Ceylon as well. And Hong Kong. Well we’re at it, may as well take all your territories in Asia. And Africa. Caribbean too. And the Pacific. And do you really need all those dominions? Because we sure do.”

UK: “This is outrageous! You can’t just demand everything we have and-“

Ireland: “Give it or we’ll start bombing you again.”

UK: “...Fine, you win”

Northern Ireland: “It’s worth it! You get to keep me now!”

UK: “Ulster. Why are you the way that you are?”

From a thread on /b. I don't know what the context of it was since it was unrelated to the actual thread so take from that what you will lmao

map of the Union of Roman People's Republics, and some of the separatist states (kingdom of Britain, republic of Germany, and the kingdom of Pontus)