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Map produced by, I believe, the Two-tailed Dog Party. @danakontos2 @shearsforest
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How would the Mexican-American War have gone if America was destroyed?

I had a long day alright?
I can see a lot of mixed feelings here. On the one hand, God clearly thinks Mexico should not be invaded. On the other, he seems to believe in the American and Texan claim of the border being at the Rio Grande. They can’t help but feel a little snubbed.
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Did... did Germany switch the Dominions allegiance to the House of Hohenzollern and then make a giant liberated colony puppet fest? What do the colors mean?
All Britain and France's colonies became German Protectorates; the Dominions got switched to Germany as well. The Turks annexed Greece and Crimea. Japan (a member of the Entente) was driven out of Korea where a Communist puppet government was installed. Don't think too hard about any of this.