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I spotted some of those. Also _

Newfoundland is already part of Canada.
Buenos Aires apparently hasn't yet been founded.
Is that a French colony in southern Borneo?
Spain apparently owns North Borneo.

Various island-groups in the Arctic have become variously Norwegian or Russian earlier than IOTL. ("Basemap")
A Hope For A Better Middle East: A Map Showing Accurate Scientifically Proven Borders To Stablish An Stable Peace On The Region


Made it in like an hour. The Idea came from the /r/imaginarymaps discord. We were digging a guys deleted reddit account and there was a badly made map showing a """Better Europe""". And, so I decided to remake the middle east part while parodying the style of whatifalthist thumbnails for further comedy.
want to see this better europe map. for science
So... Anglo-Egyptian Ireland or Scotland instead of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan or?
IIRC Anglo-Egyptian Sudan hadn't been formally established at the point of the map I was messing with (1885), but I believe Egypto-English Scotland would be the appropriate next stage.
What if France maintained control over French Indochina?

If France maintained control of French Indochina, they would still be a power in Asia. With these troops they could put down the revolt in the Republic of Niger, so it wouldn't be independent in this timeline. Since France would share a border with Vietnam, they would be able to help the U.S. during the Vietnam War and make it a tie because no one can conquer Vietnam but the Vietnamese can't win a war on two fronts. With Vietnam being a draw, 1968 would be less awful for the Democrats so a Democrat would be in power when Watergate happened. This means Reagan would get elected earlier so the USSR collapses sooner. With the collapse of the USSR and France still having colonies, the US doesn't worry about Europe as much so the Argentinians are able to win the Falklands War, conquering Britain.