A Khanate of the Rus?

Is it possible for a unified Russian state to emerge out of a Mongol Khanate gone native? How would this change Russia’s interactions with the West and Central Asia, whether it converts to Orthodoxy or Islam?
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Not really, the Mongols themselves let the Rus be and lived how they wished, as long as they submitted or paid tribute, in fact, they even had one of the Rus Princes serve as first among equals over the other princes to collect taxes for them. The Ulus Jochi was kind of adverse to living with its Rus subjects, and assimilation would be unlikely by either group or groups on a major scale if at all.

To try and play the premise, let us say one Rus Principality goes the way of Bulgaria, and Tsar Chaka and ends up with a Mongol Ruler, and this principality somehow manages to unify the Rus. At best, it's a Russified Borjigin branch that practices Orthodox Christianity that might have a larger starting Russia supposing the Lithuanian invasions are stopped, but where it focuses on is difficult, depending on when the POD is.
OTL Muscovy/Russia rarely conquered westward outside of several wars with Lithuania over former parts of the Kievan Rus, with the Livonian War being a noticeable difference, however advancing to the East was also quite slow and limited for a time. But the thing is we haven't even touched on what this state's administration would be like and the fact of the matter is that the decline of the Kievan Rus saw numerous other cities and towns start to become prominent, and this is not factoring in the possible rise of other cities in Mongol controlled parts of the Golden Horde outside of Sarai like Kazan and Astrakhan.

But again it is really implausible or just difficult to go track unless you have enough knowledge of the period, and even then it might be very difficult.