A Grander World: A Collaborative TL

February 15, 1999: Four days after the show's season finale premieres, ABC renews Cupid for a second season.

May 3, 1999: ABC renewed High Incident for a fifth season, after four successful seasons on the air, and entered weekly syndication.
May 8, 2000: ABC is renewing the hit comedy Sports Night for a third season.

November 9, 2000: The WB is premiering Million Dollar Catch Phrase, a reboot of the 1980s game show hosted by Bil Dwyer and announced by Randy West. It was produced by Passetta Productions in association with Action Time, Carlton America and Michigan J. Frog Productions.
February 1, 2000: NBC ordered to keep Suddenly Susan and Veronica's Closet for their respective fourth and third seasons.

February 16, 2000: CBS decided that they would keep the new Wink Martindale-hosted game show Winning Lines.

April 6, 2000: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch moves to The WB after four seasons leading ABC.

April 8, 2000: In response to Sabrina's massive move to The WB, it was ordered to axe Zoe... and shifted to ABC.

May 2, 2000: NBC renewed Jesse for a third season.

May 11, 2000: CBS aired the first annual Winning Lines Tournament of Champions, and it broke massive ratings records.
June 8, 1999: The LDS Church made an offer they can't refuse and forced to sell Bonneville International to Clear Channel Communications for $1.5 billion.

October 2, 2000: Street Smarts made its debut in syndication.
September 26, 1999: Snoops made its debut on ABC stars Gina Gershon, Jessalyn Gilsig, Danny Nucci, Paula Jai Parker and Edward Kerr.

December 2, 2000: The game show You Don't Say was revived on Fox after not being aired for 21 years since its 1979 cancellation. It was hosted by Dick Clark and announced by Mark Thompson, and produced by Mike Fleiss (Next Entertainment) and Mark Phillips (Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision), and the panelists were Debra Messing (of Prey), Christopher Titus (of Titus), Calista Flockhart (of Ally McBeal) and Bryan Cranston (of Malcolm in the Middle).
June 20, 2003: Universal Pictures’ Hulk, starring Billy Crudup as Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Hulk, is released in theaters. It becomes one of the highest grossing films of the year and triggers the start of Universal Pictures’ Marvel Cinematic Universe, which would span nearly 20 years and feature more Marvel superheroes. A sequel is released in 2008 (at the expense of OTL’s The Incredible Hulk).
July 14, 1999: The Blair Witch Project was released in theaters.

November 19, 1999: Contestant John Carpenter became the first ever millionaire to be won on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
May 10, 2000: Battlefield Earth was released to theaters (TTL the film was polished, making it more faithful to the book).

October 9, 2000: Nikki made its debut on The WB.
March 12, 1999: The Deep End of the Ocean was released to movie theaters (TTL it retained the sad ending from the film).

September 26, 1999: Jack & Jill, starring Ivan Sergei and Amanda Peet, made its debut on The WB.
June 13, 2001: The Los Angeles Lakers sweep the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA Finals, finishing a 15-0 postseason record, the first and so far only undefeated NBA postseason in history. (OTL the Lakers lost Game 1).
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December 4, 2000: Fox announced that they would end Prey after four seasons.

February 28, 2002: Leap of Faith (TTL it starred Debra Messing) made its debut on NBC.
January 12, 1997: The Jacksonville Jaguars stun the world by defeating the New England Patriots to advance to the Super Bowl in just their 2nd season. Meanwhile, their fellow expansion team, the Carolina Panthers, defeat the Green Bay Packers to advance to the Super Bowl. This makes the quickest time an expansion team has advanced to the Super Bowl.