A Giant Sucking Sound: a President Perot TL

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    Didn't saw that last time. It is so beautiful written. First I'm French like you two guys. Then everything bolded is personnal experience, too. So I'm touched. See Explorers in my signature: started ten years ago, 1600 pages of WORD so far. Covers 1972 to... I don't know when. 2017 or even beyond.
    The day I lost steam to wrote on the space program because real life tookover, I knew bad times were ahead. I had no idea, however, how bad it would get. And it got bad, and mad, until past the breaking point. Took me a year and a half to recover. Fuck 2014, that year should be thrown on the ash heap of history.
    But I made it through. Despite all those terror attacks. Don't let them cut into your morale. France survived 1.5 million dead and 10 million maimed and traumatized in WWI. We survived Vichy utter shame. We survived 16 000 dead in car wrecks in the year 1972 (and still 3000 annually these years). Fuck terrorism.
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    Jan 22, 2008
    By the way, I'm a former language student at a university, but not a LLCE: the other side, LEA, Langues Etrangeres Appliquées. We were good friends with the LLCEs.
    As far as I remember, you LLCEs were groomed as future teachers, hence you had to knew foreign literature, marvels like Don Qixote, Shakespeare, Goethe. We LEAs were to become translators, so we had to knew the mechanics of foreign languages, not their beauties.
    Do you plan to pull and ERASMUS foreign trip someday ? mine changed my life forever and for the best.
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    Thank you all for your very kind words, I always say that I'm grateful to AH.com to having inspire me to write this piece, have such implications and feedback.
    I thank you all, the election of Macron looks a bit like a Perot gone real too, but still, I'm perfectly fine, working, having a most excellent girlfriend and travelling around Europe.
    I will soon post you a poll asking you to choose what TL you would like me to undertake; I have so many ideas that I need your approval, and would prefer not to encounter the same failure than my 1914 TL.
    Also, if you want to write some stories about the Giant Sucking Sound TL (like in Rumsfeldia), or even undertake a reboot, please do ! I will only ask you to send me feedback.
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    The poll is now posted, fellows ! Please cast your vote !
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    I've spent the entire-day binge-reading all 68 pages of that TL and it is riveting. And prescient with that. Stormfront is OTL alt-right wet dream, with weapons. sickening. I like the way David Duke broke down miserably when he went to the electric chair. Pathetic moron until the very end.
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    Jan 13, 2015
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    Excellent interpretation and maps! Reminded me how insane and original, but plausible this story was.
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    Absolutely perfect and astounding :)
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    Das Kapital
    Hmm... a Ross Perot presidency? This doesn't sound so bad.
    I WAS WRONG!!!!!
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