A Few Different Austro-Prussian War PODs

Hey Guys,

Lately I've been getting much more interested in German and Italian history around after the Napoleonic Wars. A war I've become rather interested in is the 'Austro-Prussian War'. I've become fascinated with the German states (and Italy) during the war and thus am going to put 4 PODs forward and would like to know how each one would affect the outcome of the war. (they don't all happen in the same scenario, they are separate scenarios).

POD 1: If there never was a Queen Victoria and instead there was a male king (either a Victor or some other male Hanoverian) and they kept the Kingdom of Hanover neutral, then how would this affect the war? Would Oldenburg almost be forced to declare neutrality due to only small pieces of land being bordered with allies/enemies? Would other 'on-the-fence' states keep out of the conflict rather than join in the fight?

POD 2: What if Liechtenstein or Luxembourg in fact declared war on Prussia for some reason? Would they be annexed after the war and if so then would would the reactions around Europe be for this?

POD 3: What if more German states allied with the Prussians? Would this mean a stronger Prussia after the war? Or maybe a weaker one if we see less annexations occur after the war. Would Pan-Germanism be larger and thus maybe in the end a larger German Empire?

POD 4: What if less German states allied themselves with Prussia and either were neutral or went against Prussia? Would the unification of Germany be prolonged and maybe in the end we may see a smaller German Empire? Might we even see the Prussians lose the war if they lack enough help? If so how would this affect the future of Germany? Would Austria annex/set up their own 'South German Confederation' at some point that encompasses the Southern German States and Austria?