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    What if New France became a great power?

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    Hello all! Some of you may have followed my previous timeline Another America, and those of you who did may have noticed that it's been inactive for quite some time. The reason for that is that I changed and retconned it so many times that the thread was already an incoherent mess, so when I found myself wanting to change even *more* I thought that I might as well just start from scratch entirely - so consider this thread the official reboot of Another America! As you can see from the map below it's broadly similar albeit with some important differences, most notably that Canada and Louisiana are joined together into a mega-French-country in North America, which will be the closest thing this timeline has to a main character (at least as I have it planned now, who knows how it'll morph as it goes on).

    There are several different PoDs starting from the 1600s, and the first big one is the Dutch fending off the English and retaining New Netherland, starting a general trend of English/British weakness relative to OTL - though in general I'll be favoring rule of cool over strict plausibility so expect this thread to be something of a butterfly graveyard full of historical figures that shouldn't strictly have been born in this timeline and the like. As for retcons, well, I certainly can't promise *none* of them, especially at this early stage when it'll be easier to change things without throwing everything else off, but I'll do my best to keep them to a minimum compared my last attempt.

    Thanks for reading and bon appétit!
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    Provinces of Canada
  • The flags are subject to change and the area measurements are very approximate (read: incorrect) but here we have it, the provinces of Canada; autonomous regions and territories upcoming.
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