A entente victory in 1916: The results?

Let’s say everything went right for the entente, the first world war is over in 1916, the battle of tannenberg was a decisive Russian victory, the French offensive into Alsace was succeful, an earlier Jutland resulted in an crushing defeat for the German navy. And well generally all this winning resulted in a earlier defeat of the central powers. What would be the gains of the entente if every nation in Europe which joined the entente still joined the entente, and that every nation which joined the central powers still joined the cp.
If the British offensive in the Somme manages to be a complete victory (almost ASBish by then) as the Brusilov, then

Germany would lost all of its colonies like in OTL. Belgium would get Eupen-Malmédy and France would take A-L. In East Germany would lost parts of Schlesia, Danzig and parts of East Prussia. Germany woulnd't get so much of reparation payments and military restrictions wouldn't be so severe. German monarchy probably would survive but probably Wilhelm II has abdicate and Germany would become more parliamentary state. Economy would be much better in 1920's and Germany is not so badly humiliated so not rise of extreme movements.

Austria-Hungary has give Galicia to Russia, Italian speaking territories to Italy and Southern Slavic lands to Serbia/Yugoslavia. Future of the empire is unsure and it hardly would survive. But probably Habsburgs can keep Austrian throne and it might be allowed join to Germany if its people so wish. If Romania still joins, A-H would lost Transylvania.

Bulgaria would get same treatment as in OTL.

Ottoman Empire probably would lost Hejaz. Brits would take Mesopotamia and Russia Armenian territories. Probably OE can survive but this is not sure.
Entente terms would have been pretty harsh, A-H would have been broken up and Germany effectively neutered with the French expanding their border to the Rhein:

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I feel like the peace would be a bit more mild for some parties given that fewer people have died at this point and the Americans are not in the war at this point and it's my understanding that they were one of the primary drivers of national self-determination with things like the 14 points. I could see the Republic of German Austria being allowed to exist possibly even with the full inclusion of the Czech Republic and Slovenia alongside Hungary being given less harsh border changes. The ottomans might be able to keep mosal and kurdish Iraq and Syria but loss all arab lands. Bulgaria would be about the same. Germany probably is sadly the same or worse then otl on there western border but if Poland does not exist then Germany should be able to keep it's eastern border intact. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_German-Austria
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